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Contour and Blush

" Satisfied buyer here! "

The product is big. The pods are big. The product is very pigmented and it suits my skin tone perfectly. It...

Cie over 1 year ago

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Baked Highlighter

" Peach pie is the bomb! "

I got mine in peach pie and i love it to bits! It gave me a pinky glow (not really a peachy one, but that's...

Sheree 12 months ago

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Oval Brush for Foundation

" Soft and comfortable to use "

I have one foundation oval brush from Brushworks and I was satisfied with it as it easily blends my cream f...

ChocoLoco over 1 year ago

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Detail MakeBrow Eyebrow Palette

" Worth more than the price tag! "

MakeBrow Eyebrow Palette in #1 is the light version of the two palettes. I was kind of surprised about the ...

Juvy Ann over 1 year ago

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Duo Eyebrow Brush

" Perfect kilay anytime anywhere "

A very handy tool for kilay-obsessed ladies! Spoolie end grooms brows in place and also blends out eyebrow ...

Veronica about 1 year ago

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Mineral Pressed Powder

" perfect for everyday "

I use this whenever I feel lazy to wear bb creams which is almost everyday 😂 It has a very natural finish ...

Rona about 1 year ago

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Bloom Matte Blush

" Worth it! "

I got this out of curiosity because it was on the new arrivals page and it was very cheap. As a blush hoard...

Angela about 1 year ago

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Bamboo Stick Powder Brush

" soft and cute!! "

The first thing that caught my eye with this product was its very affordable price, and the second thing wa...

Donna 18 days ago

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Bamboo Stick Blush Brush

" Soft as a cloud "

It's not as dense as the powder brush, but it's definitely just as soft! The bamboo design also makes it ea...

Christine 6 months ago

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Autumn Eyeshadow Palette

" Lovely! "

I'm in love with anything neutral or earthy colors so I was so excited when I first tried this. The warm co...

HANNAH 12 days ago

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Bamboo Stick Foundation Brush

" So much love for the Detail brushes! "

When this was first launched here in BeautyMNL, i immediately purchased it together with the powder brush a...

Sheree 11 months ago

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Oval Brush for Powder

" A great buy! "

I've wanted to try brushes like this, but the ones I saw are so expensive. So when I saw the ones from Deta...

Krysha 12 months ago

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Ecru Squad Palette

" Impressive pigmentation "

For a Filipino brand, this is impressive! I was lucky enough to buy this together with the Autumn Eyeshadow...

Catherine Zoe 2 months ago

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Precision Blender

" A Must Have!!! ❤️❤️❤️ "

Detail Precision Blender is a quality product at an affordable price. It also comes in a nice packaging. It...

Joanne Lorraine 8 months ago

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Detail Pouch

" Good travel buddy "

A beauty kit like this is really good for travel as it makes backpacking less of a hassle for me. But then,...

Anj 8 months ago

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Matte Finish Liquid Foundation

" Worth a try! "

I got this when it was on sale last month,it was B1T1. I made a little research and passed upon good review...

Clarissa Mae 3 months ago

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Matte In Detail Liquid Lipstick

" Worth the price! "

This was such an impulse buy. I was ready to give this away instantly because really, 160 pesos for a good ...

Ysabel over 1 year ago

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Lip Scrub

" soft and moisturized lips for 99 pesos! "

"A hydrating scrub that softens and smoothens lips" and for trying it out for a month, I can totally say na...

Claire Angieline 4 months ago

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Stannic Matte Lipstick

" Amazing! Even for my dry lips "

I got Pleades. I've tried the Detail matte lipsticks but wasn't too crazy over them so I was really doubtin...

Ysabel over 1 year ago

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Simply Matte

" Best shade of brown for my Morena skin "

I have always been on the hunt for the chocolate brown lippie shade that would compliment my skin tone and ...

Pauline over 1 year ago

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