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UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF50+ PA++++

" Holy grail sunscreen!!! "

One of the best sunscreen for face.. it is very lightweight and the best of all it has no whitecast.. no wa...

laika about 2 years ago

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Cleansing Oil

" Lovely product!! "

Like they say oil dissolves oil and if you love make up like me, you definitely have to give oil cleansing ...

Bianca 10 months ago

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Micellar Water

" Works perfectly! "

I am a huge user of Bioderma Micellar water to cleanse my make up off before proceeding with my usual skin ...

Marina about 2 years ago

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UV Perfect Face Milk SPF50+ PA++++

" HG sunscreen for oily-sensitive skin "

This is my ride-or-die sunscreen and always preach this on the comments section of beauty websites like Int...

Rozza almost 2 years ago

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Cleansing Oil Facial Cotton Sheets (Handy Pack)

" Convenient! "

I use this when I'm on hospital duty in the middle of my 30 hour shift and I want my skin to be able to bre...

Angelica Rose about 1 year ago

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UV Perfect Bright Face Milk SPF50+ PA++++

" Very light on the face. Great for Oily to Combination skin. "

I've been using Bioré products - particularly their facial wash and nose pore strips ever since I was in my...

Nicole Therese over 1 year ago

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Uru Uru 2 in 1 Cleanser

" Affordable; double cleansing "

I like this because it really is instant foaming, no need to lather it up, and it is double cleansing so yo...

Maricel Fatima about 2 years ago

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UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel

" Best sunscreen out there!!! "

A few months ago, I thought that nothing could ever beat Biore UV Watery Essence. However, this one proved ...

Pardau Laarnie 9 months ago

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UV Perfect Spray

" Beach Essential "

This is my very first sunscreen in spray form. It is colorless and won't leave any residue on face. No whit...

Donna 10 months ago

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Cleansing Oil Facial Cotton Sheets with Case

" convenient first cleansing step "

i was surprised they called this cleansing oil as it does not resemble oil in any way. i think this is more...

Ces over 1 year ago

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Micellar Cleansing Water: Oil Control

" Miracle water indeed! "

Love love love this product!!! I use it at night to cleanse my face and to get rid of all the dirt and prod...

Jasmin 9 months ago

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Biore UV Perfect Milk

" I adore this sunscreen!! "

Although I've only tried a few sunscreen brands in my life, I can honestly say that this product would go d...

Keyna 15 days ago

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UV Body Care Serum Intensive White

" Sunscreen is not enough! Your skin needs this! "

Sunscreen is not enough! While it dies protect your skin, other measures must be taken. UV is no joke. It w...

Anna 25 days ago

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Micellar Cleansing Water: Moist Up

" A must! "

Micellar water is like an oil cleanse. I prefer it much more though as it doesn't give your skin a sticky f...

Anna 20 days ago

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UV Body Care Serum Extra Moist

" In favor and In love <3 "

Super love the product. True to it's word non-sticky and it weighs nothing compared to other brands. What i...

Emmie Lucille 7 days ago

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UV Aqua Rich Watery BB Cream 3D Effect

" No-make-up Makeup! "

This product is a steal! You get a lightweight non-greasy BB cream slash sunblock slash primer. I recommend...

Divina Joy about 2 years ago

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UV Aqua Rich Whitening Cream

" Good for everyday use. "

I can use this alone on my tamad days. Just moisturizer and this sunscreen, plus baby powder, looks so natu...

Dianne 6 days ago

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