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Bam Balm

Beach Born
" From chapped, dry lips to soft, plump lips! "

After being intrigued about Beach Born's Bam Balm for how many months now, I finally got myself one when I ...

Mara about 1 year ago

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Sunset Spray

Beach Born
" No breakouts even when my hair is untied! "

I have really frizzy wavy hair and this product works wonders to reduce the frizz! This product goes best w...

Ann Clarisse 11 months ago

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Healing Toner

Beach Born
" Invigorating for a Wake Me Up! "

This toner and facial mist is perfect for both morning and evening as it refreshes your senses! I also foun...

Ayesha 6 months ago

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Witch Hazel Extract

Beach Born
" Best for Acne Prone Skin! "

Used this right after micro needling and I saw immediate results! All of my active acne (didn't use my roll...

Alyssa 2 months ago

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Bath and Body Oil

Beach Born
" Amazing! "

This stuff is amazing!I’m usually too lazy to put on lotion and was looking for a alternative to my more ex...

Danielle about 2 months ago

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Beach Born Sea Salt Spray

Beach Born
" My little secret! "

I really love this product! Been using this for 3 months already! I got this first from Nava Boutique in Gr...

Marie almost 2 years ago

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Beach Born Dry Shampoo

Beach Born
" Perfect for tamad girls like me 😝 "

Great for oily and sticky hair. I don't wash my hair daily so i decided for the first time to buy a hair pr...

Aby 10 months ago

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Beach Born
" True to its Namesake "

I've been using plain cold-pressed castor oil since last year and It was effective in lengthening my lashes...

Ingrid 4 months ago

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Witch Hazel Wash

Beach Born
" Holy grail - both as a facial cleanser and a feminine wash! ♡ "

I've been using this for a week now and I love it! I use 2 pumps each time I use this cleanser on the face ...

Jea 3 months ago

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Sun Balm

Beach Born
" Bye dry lips, Hello kissable lips! "

Got this as part of my first order here last Thursday so I've only been using this for 2 days and the diffe...

Ace 11 months ago

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