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Clean It Zero (Classic)

Banila Co.
" Economical and Efficient "

I just got my Beauty MNL package today with the Clean It Zero (Classic) cleanser inside and I couldn't wait...

Janice almost 2 years ago

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Clean It Zero Super Size

Banila Co.

So I just received this product and tried it right away, like after signing the paper i went directly to my...

hannah mae almost 2 years ago

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Prime Primer (Classic)

Banila Co.
" My Favorite Primer "

The Banila Co Prime Primer was the first primer I ever used and is still my favorite primer till now. it is...

Romina 12 months ago

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White Wedding Dream Cream

Banila Co.
" Highly recommended! "

Highly recommended! I tried this product for more than a week before i decided to make a review, so that my...

Christine almost 2 years ago

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Clean It Zero Purity

Banila Co.
" HG! but follow the steps properly "

After reading how many people loved this cleanser, I decided to try out the gentlest type. The first week, ...

Candice 8 months ago

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Prime Primer Finish Powder

Banila Co.
" This is my forever! "

"Okay, a thousand bucks for a primer with only 12g of product content? Uhhh, let me rethink, okay? This is ...

Hanna almost 2 years ago

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Clean It Zero Resveratrol

Banila Co.
" A cleansing staple! "

This is my first time using an oil-based cleanser. Before, I thought that having a shiny, tight skin after ...

Anne Michelle about 1 year ago

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The Blacks Cooling Clay Mask (Ice)

Banila Co.
" Refreshing "

I guess this one is perfect for this summer season cause it has a cooling sensation effect when using this....

Lyn 9 months ago

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Clean It Zero Foam Cleanser

Banila Co.
" Worth the splurge! "

I double cleanse whenever I have makeup on the entire day and this product is a huge help in that. A pea-si...

Yuhanne Joy 12 days ago

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Prime Primer Hydrating Finish Powder

Banila Co.
" One Of The Best! "

I am in the hunt for a new finishing powder because I have been trying "baking" my under eye concealer late...

Victoria almost 2 years ago

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White Wedding Sleeping Essence

Banila Co.
" Woke up like this. ;) "

My old skin care routine consisted of just cleansing, toning and moisturizing. I thought that was enough, b...

Grazielle about 1 year ago

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The Blacks Hydrating Gel Mask (Bamboo)

Banila Co.
" Buy it if you want baby soft skin! "

I sooooo love this product! I use it twice a week and the effect is aaaahmaaaazing!!! It gives me baby soft...

Arianne about 1 year ago

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So Strobing Pen

Banila Co.
" Perfect for strobing AND highlighting "

Love using this! This gives my skin the healthy glow as my skin is kinda dull looking. It's perfect for any...

Karina about 1 year ago

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Prime Primer Sun

Banila Co.
" a 2- in- 1 product! Saves money and time. "

I was looking for a primer that also can be a sunscreen. This does both. I love how it comes with a pump. ...

Ernest about 1 year ago

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Clean It Zero Radiance

Banila Co.
" Best cleanser! "

I loooove this. Aside from effectively cleaning/melting the make-up and gunk (including pollutants, sunbloc...

Tina over 1 year ago

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It Radiant CC Sun Base SPF50+ PA+++

Banila Co.
" no make up look "

I diverted from using heavy make ups like foundations and the like. Specially how it makes my face so stick...

mitch 11 months ago

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B. by Banila Cheer Water Cheek

Banila Co.
" Three cheers for cheer water cheek! "

Currently my favorite daytime blush <3 I got mine in Coral Water. Very easy to use, I just dot 3 little dro...

Marla about 2 months ago

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Dear Hydration Boosting Cream

Banila Co.
" Cold Season Must Have! "

This is definitely a must have for the cold season, especially if you're spending autumn/winter abroad! Bef...

Alec Heindra about 1 month ago

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The Blacks Essential Mask Sheet: Moisture Care Berry

Banila Co.
" Great for dry and sensitive skin! "

This was my first time to try a black/charcoal mask and I really liked it. It definitely moisturized my dry...

Erika about 2 months ago

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The Blacks Essential Mask Sheet: Hydrating Bamboo

Banila Co.
" good for dry skin, just ok for sensitive skin "

Just like the Moisture Care Berry variant (also Banila Co.), I really liked this sheet mask because it had ...

Erika about 2 months ago

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