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Liked it!

Just tried this product since I am looking for a moisturizer and it caught my attention since it has many benefits in just one. I am using it for almost 3 weeks and totally love the effects. It really absorbs into your skin and I feel really young after applying. I just use it at night since I feel greasy in the morning and I usually sweat. Will surely recomend and buy again.

Veronica 4 days ago


Super amazed on this product!! At first I was hesitant to try because it's just a mist. But this is my first mist and my forever mist! Really in love with this. I can see the effect on first try. It minimize my pores, my acne can immediately heal and it brightens my face and my day. I am using it day and night together with Be Organic EMU cream. Will surely buy again

Veronica 4 days ago

Smells Amazing!

This smells sooo good that I've been using it as a room spray daily. My nose is very sensitive to perfumes and scents but the mix if vanilla with essential oils is non-irritating and very pleasant. It does work effectively as a toilet spray but I love using it as a room spray as well because the scent seems to "stick" and linger longer. Very handy size for your purse as well!

Andrea 4 days ago
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