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Great for its price!!

I love how gentle it is yet I feel na it cleanses my face very much. The smell is perfect and it doesn't dry your skin considering it's a balancing toner. I think if I don't use any face products after using it, the oil is controlled for up to 3-4 hours - not really bad. Recommended for sensitive and oily skin type. Great for its price!!

Alleli about 9 hours ago

my first serum 😍

i am just curious about how this serum works so i decided to buy.😁 i have been watching good reviews about this on Youtube. dear klairs has only 5% vitamin c content compared to other serums cointaning 20-30%. which i think is not recommended for beginners like me. i am using it for a week now, applying it before i go to bed and the good news is, it did not break me out. i think my skin/face is happy. 🤗

claire dianne about 9 hours ago

Longer lashes and more brows!

I bought this because of the good reviews, and this is indeed effective― the other women's testimonies here are true! It really curls your lashes and after a month of using it, I noticed my lashes are now longer! I've also noticed new hairs on my brows― still not Dua Lipa brow goals― but it's really something for just P150! It's a steal! Just one thing though: it kind of irritates my eyes no matter how thin I apply them on my lashes. My eyes feel heavy, and sometimes it hurts a bit (just sometimes). So I just opt to skip my lashes and only apply this to my brows. But I'm also stubborn and still put some on my lashes every now and then because it's so good! I feel like it helps in hair regrowth (RIP unavoidable lash removals after wearing mascara all day). TL;DR: It works; the best P150 I've ever spent!

Mariel about 10 hours ago
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