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Not special but I love it.

This is a good balm for its price. It might not seem much with its flimsy cheap packaging but the all-natural homemade formula feels good on the lips, making it plump and soft. It also tastes very good and I have to restrain myself barely from chewing from it. That said, just know that this is not an instant miracle product like how the others here have described. It might prevent chapped lips over time through constant use but it won't do it overnight. The lip scrub aspect that the sugar in the formula provides is not really spread evenly either? So, other times, it feels rather rough and then sometimes, you can hardly feel the exfoliation. Those are minor setbacks though and I do like it. Probably would repurchase.

Camille 1 day ago

Smells fantastic but doesn't last

The scent is light, crisp and clean - utterly fantastic for my tastes. However, there isn't much to say about its longevity. In my case it typically goes away after 1-2 hours, which is a crushing disappointment. Plus, the packaging isn't the best. Not sure if it was just me but the spray head is leaky, so I have to spray the bottle upright at all times.

Lois 1 day ago


At first I was hesitant to eat this one, because looking at the name itself it has cinnamon, vanilla, almond and butter!!! Looks weird right?? And its my first time to order this product. Even my friends doesnt want to taste it haha! I super like the taste! It tastes like peanutbutter with cinnamon! My other friend joined me eating this with bread ofcourse. We loved and enjoyed it!

Kathlea Ivy 1 day ago
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