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HG Alert!!!

I’ve been getting these random, dry patches the past few weeks that even my daily moisturizer can’t soothe over. A friend recommended this honey mask to me and I swear, this has made all the difference! After using this a couple of times, not only did my dry patches disappear, my skin has gotten super soft and radiant. Definitely stocking up!

Denisse 13 minutes ago

good product

not my first time to use coco aminos. i'm a fan but it's not very easy for me to find a good brand. i'm so glad i stumbled upon this one here at beautymnl. it's sweet, not too salty,which is good. i've used it for cooking and as a dip.

Karyl Zshamaine about 3 hours ago

Organic way to sweeten your day =)

I have been looking for an organic way to jumpstart my day. I love drinking tea every day and it made me feel guilty every time I put a regular white table sugar in it. I have been trying to maintain or lose weight a little bit more and a regular sachet of white sugar is not helping. So when I saw this at a billboard somewhere, I have been hunting this baby down. I saw from that ad that it is 100% organic and is a great substitute to table sugar without the guilt and calories added. So happy that it is available here. The taste is really similar to sugar, sweet but not very overpowering like some alternatives do. It does not have an artificial after taste. Will definitely repurchase this forever. =)

carmela about 7 hours ago
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