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Cherry Bomb 🍒

I bought this on a whim cause I wanted to have a last hoorah before I dyed my bleached hair back to it's natural color and I have to say I looooove it! This color treatment actually left my hair in a better state after I used it. It smells sooo good and was super easy to use as well.

Alyanna Marie 4 days ago

Overnight solution for my painfully cracked lips

I once had something urgent to attend to that I had no time to take care of my skin and was brought back to reality by my hurting lips. They were so dry and chapped I have not experienced it in my 20 years of existence. I tried this product from my sister (she uses this daily) and I was amazed at the fast acting solution to my dillema!

Silvia 4 days ago

My College BFF

I used to love a no-makeup make up look and this was the most essential part of my routine! This BB Cream, and my only BB Cream at that, does the job well in giving me smooth and even skin. It does a pretty nice job at making my pimple marks appear unnoticeable and it was really sensitive skin-friendly as I was able to use it for 4 years and not have breakouts because of it. I was lucky I tried this from my mom and I instantly fell in love. It feels light on the skin and it sticks and settles like a second skin. Set it with some powder and there you'll have your baby face look.

Silvia 4 days ago
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