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Feels like beach day every day

I have naturally curly hair and usually stray away from salt sprays, but this is the only one that didn’t make my strands look like a frizzy mess. I always use this on damp hair and let it air-dry. Afterwards, my curls are more noticeable and they don’t go limp at the end of the day. Love it! Feels like beach day every day

Kim 3 days ago

Best bronzer ever!

This is the first bronzer I've ever worn in my life and I love it. the bronzer gives an all natural sun-kissed glow to my face. .the powder is super fine it blends perfectly well. Definitely better than any powder I've tried. Its Maui shade gives a nice blush on my cheeks.

Glenda 3 days ago

If only I could give more than 5 stars, I would definitely do it! :)

As a makeup enthusiast who loves experimenting, I was in search for the perfect foundation palette since i don't want to spend lots of money buying single foundations that are out on the market. Plus, I find this more practical than buying different shades of foundation and just end up with few and limited shades. You just need to save up for a little while for this especially when you're on a budget. Also, if you're a freelancer or a pro makeup artist, this is a must have!! You got all the foundation shades that you need in one palette! You can also use this as a highlighter, concealer, and contour. No need to carry loads of products on your makeup gig! From the packaging up to its pigmentation--- 100%! :)

Mina 4 days ago
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