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Skincare gaming level 9999

This is the first product I ordered on beautymnl as well as the first korean product that I use. This product is a game changer for me. After the first application, I felt that my skin is so clean, smooth and refreshed. I love the cooling sensation that I felt. I used this 3 times a week. Every single time I used this, it felt like my skin is glowing. This product is one of my weekly beauty rituals. Definitely a good buy!

Mara Ivy 1 day ago


I've bought this twice already! Taste great with asian dishes like Pad Thai, or cooked into any type of curry. Do not follow the 7 min cook time if you enjoy pasta with a bite (try cooking to 4 mins only). What I do is I cook this directly into the sauce of whatever I'm making. Pay close attention to it as it cooks quickly and continues sucking up whatever is around it.

Denise 2 days ago

Strawberry Freshness

Scorned as I am to admit it, I have a bacne problem. I got this product hoping to see if I'd have any improvement and after my first use I noticed immediately that my skin felt softer all over even before I applied their Decadent Body Butter, the dirt and dead skin building up on my bacne was effectively sloughed off. The next day they definitely appeared smaller. I use this product 3 times a week, and by the end of my first week using this body scrub--my bacne has reduced greatly, I only see very very small bumps that are fading away. The smell of Strawberry and Green Tea is a big plus! The apricot seed can be a bit rough on your skin so exfoliate with care. As for me, I haven't had any issue with skin irritation. I'm definitely going to try out the other variants when I'm finished with the jar I have.

Leanna 2 days ago
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