Volume Fullness Dry Shampoo by Dove

Dove Hair Therapy Dry Shampoo Refresh+Care Volume & Fullness (5oz)

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CLAIM TO FAME: A volumizing dry shampoo that cleanses the scalp and adds body to hair

FAST FACTS: Refreshes and revives your mane by absorbing excess oil in between washes; adds fullness and volume to lifeless strands; works to prolong your blowout; nourishing weightless formula comes in a handy spray; store it in your gym or work bag for instantly healthy-looking hair

PERFECT FOR: Fine, flat hair

Better than my previous favorite!
March 29, 2017
”Dare I say I like this better than my expensive dry shampoo??? I think I do! I think I’ve found a new favorite. It actually absorbs the oil unlike other cheap dry shampoos. It doesn’t leave an over powering odor (or any odor at all). This does turn your hair white until you rub it in, but I feel like all the GOOD dry shampoos do. I just brush it in, and it’s all better.”
–Anne (from amazon.com)

My new favorite dry shampoo
March 13, 2017
”My new favorite dry shampoo! I have a very sensitive scalf and everytime I try dry shampoos they give me dandruff. This did not dry my scalf it actually made my hair look fresh all day for 4 days, smells good, voluminous. It did not made my hair oily. I love it! I will re purchase!”
–MIMI (from amazon.com)

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Dove Hair Therapy Dry Shampoo Refresh+Care Volume & Fullness

Real Beauty from Real Care, that is the Dove philosophy. For years, Dove has been helping women embrace their natural beauty by producing some of the best personal care products on the market. Just try them out and you’ll realize, it’s no wonder why real women all over the world trust Dove.

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Certified Buyer

Value for money

This is basically the same as the original Dove dry shampoo, they just changed the packaging. The product works really well at absorbing scalp oiliness, and it smells wonderful as well. It's hard to get this one in the department stores, always out of stock. So if you see this available here, don't hesitate and reserve a bottle, or maybe even two.

4 months ago

yay!!! ❤️

To be honest, I am really lazy to wash my hair even if it smells but thanks to this product it made my hair smell so good and fresh and it removed my excess oil on my hair. By the way, I am a first time user of dry shampoo and I am really satisfied with this product and I don't regret buying and trying out Dove's dry shampoo.

7 days ago
Certified Buyer

Hair saving product!

About to finish a bottle and it has done a great job! I don’t have to wash my hair every day, thanks to this product. This is convenient because you just have to spray it on and you’re on your way. The smell is a bit strong on the first few seconds then it goes away, so that doesn’t bother me. It would sometimes leave a white cast on your hair (like sunblock on your skin) but a little combing here and there would do the trick.

19 days ago

Another Dove Product Worth Having

I've been searching for a dry shampoo that works, is affordable, smells good, etc. and all my extensive research has led to this product. When I finally got my hands on it, I can see why everyone raves about it. Aside from smelling good, it does not leave a white cast on your scalp. And it really does its job of absorbing oil and odor from your hair. This is especially useful if you don't like washing your hair that often, or when you're in a hurry.

3 months ago
Certified Buyer

Lazy/Hectic days

Perfect for those days na late ka ng gising, or even in the middle of the day. It does weigh your hair down at all, and leaves it smelling clean fresh (no chemical-y smells here). Having really fine hair, flat and oily hair is the absolute worst. This was the best, AND the cheapest dry shampoo I've tried!

3 months ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

Favorite Dry Shampoo!

I've tried so many dry shampoo brands/variants and formats... and After just one use, I already love this one by Dove. First, the price is too good to be true. Second, and my favorite part, is that it doesnt make my hair feel dirtier, waxy nor heavy. I used to like the texture of other dry shampoos that really give the hair a dry-powdery feel, like there's spray net or something... But sometimes, I just like my hair to feel like my hair... Get what I mean? Third, this stuff smells soooo good. I just can't help but feel so fresh. It has that dove-scent but better. Like I've got hair perfume on and the scent lasts, so if you aren't into that, just take note. And of course, this product works. It really justs my third day hair that life, bounce and clean-feel that we all look for in a good dry shampoo. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND AND WILL DEFINITELY STICK TO THIS ONE!

4 months ago