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CLAIM TO FAME: A brow gel that delivers semi-permanent color for full, polished brows in an instant

FAST FACTS: Easily fills in and defines brows; natural-looking shades last for days; unique formula features an exclusive blend of hair-like fibers and specially treated pigments; infused with Permafix Technology that helps the Hair Fiber Complex lock onto strands; creates perfect brows in less than two minutes

PERFECT FOR: Patchy brows with sparse areas

Wunderbrow Is The Best
March 8, 2017
”Tried all the rest, at 58 I had given up hope of finding something that naturally disguised the over plucking that women of my age did in their teens. This is not permanent yet stays on for a couple of days. I did buy the remover which was good when I made my initial mistakes getting used to the product, but I quickly got much better (two days) and pleased with results. I have always worn makeup and been pretty good at it but my brows were frustrating me tip Winderbrow 2. Quick delivery, loads in container (you only use a little) instructions very clear - love it! I’m dark brunette (yes still, no dyes) and went for the Brunette x”
–Jenny Taylor (from wunder2.eu)

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Wunderbrow

STEP 1: Apply to clean, dry brows. Start filling in sparse spots with short, feathery strokes or apply over entire brow for a more defined look. Apply in direction of hair growth.
STEP 2: Once desired shape is achieved, soften and distribute by grooming brow upwards and outwards with spoolie applicator. Reapply product if more coverage is needed.
STEP 3: For removal apply an oil-based cleanser or oil directly over where WUNDERBROW was applied. Massage then gently swipe away with a cotton pad or swab.

With today’s hectic and fast-paced lifestyles, women’s beauty needs have changed. Nowadays, on-the-go gals need makeup that is comfortable, fresh, and flawless and stays in place all day. Luckily, Wunder2 has created extremely long-lasting formulas using cutting edge technology that help you look naturally beautiful and radiant while taking less than 2 minutes to apply and set!

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Certified Buyer


When I saw the reviews on Instagram and Youtube by beauty bloggers, especially with their "smudge-proof" claim, I knew I had to buy it! I got the Black-Brown shade, and it's perfect for my brows! It's also buildable it you want a darker shade. After cleansing, using a thin brow brush, i dabbed a small amount onto my brows and it was able to cover my entire brow. I let it dry for a minute or two, then i tried smudging it with my index finger, and voila! No smudged edges, and no residue on my finger. Bonus, it comes with a free spoolie! I'll definitely repurchase! I hope BeautyMNL would restock their Jet Black! I give this a 5/5!

10 months ago
Certified Buyer

Perfect fleek

I'm so freaking IN LOVE WITH THIS! hail to the new QUEEN of Fleeks! Believe me! Tried all kinds of brow products... Anastasia,Benefit,mac,Tarte,UD Etc.. those who claims that they're waterproof or just smudgeproof. Bruh!!! It didn't! Well anastasia on the other hand, gave smudgeproof whenever you used the 3 prods. It is nice and fleek but it is also expensive. I mean, aside from expensive it also consumes me alot of time to put. Not adviseable if you're in a hurry. But my first love goes with anastasia. The first time I saw this baby I was so suspicious. People in yt or ig literally smudge water ketchup or whatever to their face and hella brows still intact and fleek! Like WHOW! I'VE GOT TO HAVE IT. Thank god! This site carries them! So I ordered mine in black/brown but I had this battle inside weather to order or not but man! I gave up when I have watched Anne Cluts review so yup I nevah get dissapointed with this.. the only change here is how you do yawr brow in a fast phase since this dry in about a min. Or 2. Ya have to be so get used to it and have those techniques that I've found so tricky. My advised is to buy liquid product type like this even the fake one in divi though I am not promoting but hey! Practise takes a lot of time so better start with 100 than 1000 it is very different. Practical saying. When u get used to it then congratulations you gotta get on with this. 5 star for me and HELL YEAH MY VERY FAVORITE. Tried it under the pool beneath the ocean's surface. Jog with this and commute every hella day from makati to cavite. This never knocks down even oily. Range of longetivity 12hrs for me without touching it 9hrs with full intact even you swipe and swipe yawr fingers. No blotting transfer. Love,cece 💋

6 months ago
Certified Buyer

Eyebrows for days!!

This product really does what it claims. It will give you perfect brows for days! I usually wear it when Im doing site visits, ‘cause girls it is literally sweat and waterproof!! It’s perfect for travelling, too! Cause you dont need to bring other brow products to set it. I prefer using it with my milani brush or if I want a more precise work, I use it with my ABH #14 brush. But I dont use it everyday, cause I find it a bit harsh for my brows. Removing it is a struggle, you really have to use a good oil-based remover and press it on. But still, I love this product! Perfect for the summer or if youre like me, oily and sweaty most of the time, this is the product for you.

10 days ago
Certified Buyer

No other like it!

This is the real deal! Lives up to all its claims! It really is smudgeproof and waterproof!❤ Before coming to know this i was using k-palette, but then it didn't survive my dip into the pool. This one on the other hand is perfect for all our summer swimmin and beach getaways! You'll never have to worry about your brows missing! And unlike eyebrow pomades, this has that fiber effect that creates a fuller more natural looking brows, that lasts!

17 days ago
Certified Buyer


After numerous youtube videos and research via Google, I have finally invested on this brow product! I got the BRUNETTE one and definitely this has more of a natural look for my light brown to mahogany red hair color. Being a girl with little-to-no eyebrows, this has definitely been a lifesaver! I have tried using the Tony Moly 7 day eyebrow tattoo, and definitely the Wunderbrow is far better! Definitely budge-proof all day, even after washing my face. Although, I have noticed after applying my moisturizing oils at night, the product usually fades. In terms of application, you may definitely need to allot a little more time in your beauty routine for your eyebrows. Not that it is hard to use but due to wanting your brows to look perfect because of the fact that it wont fade all day! It is definitely waterproof, so it would be your best friend for those swimming/beach getaways!

about 2 months ago


Does what it claim! I've been using this eyebrow gel for 7 months up to now. And I'm still loving it and sharing it to my beautiful friends. Compared to other eyebrow gel, this one is SUPER WATERPROOF! I have no worries during and after my gym session because the brow gel is still intact.

about 2 months ago