Intensive Argan Oil Hair Mask by Be Organic Bath & Body

Intensive Argan Oil Hair Mask

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Deeply nourishing and intensely reparative, this organic hair mask contains a luxurious blend of Argan Oil, Silk Amino Protein, Jojoba Oil and Panthenol to penetrate deep into each strand, repairing, hydrating, strengthening and softening for healthier, more enhanced locks with each wash.

Net Weight:

Shelf Life:
1 - 1/2 years

After shampooing, apply on towel-dried hair, massage and leave for 5-10 minutes. Rinse well.

Use weekly or as often as needed.

It’s time you hopped onto the all-natural trend with Be Organic Bath & Body, a brand dedicated to providing only the finest only quality ingredients, all as close to the earth as possible. Handmade soaps, fine skin creams, and their ever-popular Argan Oil products are only a few of the beauty wonders they have in their roster. Your new organic skincare routine for flawlessly beautiful skin is just a few clicks away.

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Certified Buyer

HOT-OIL Finish!!!

I love it!!! Although the process takes time, the effect is like you went to a salon for hot oil (very soft and flowy finish). This is good for once a week application, preferably on weekends when you're not rushing to work or school. This is definitely recommended because argan oil is a truly good ingredient.

15 days ago
Top Reviewer

must have to rescue dry hair

Because of hair treatments, my hair is currently very very dry. The Intensive Argan Oil Hair Mask by BE ORGANIC BATH & BODY definitely helps in getting my hair its much needed moisture. It's very intense, like a deeply penetrating conditioner whose effect does not diminish after washing it off.

about 2 months ago
Certified Buyer

My favorite

I love this argan oil hair mask. I use this every other day and it makes my damaged hair really smooth and soft. I also feel like this argan oil hair mask is helping my thin hair become thicker. So far, this is the best hair mask I've used.

9 months ago
Top Reviewer

Very moisturizing!

I used this every once in a while (perhaps once or twice a week) and it really deeply hydrates my lifeless hair in one application. I like that it feels so rich and buttery creamy that it clings to my hair so good. It makes my hair really soft and silky after every wash.

11 months ago
Top Reviewer


It repaired my damaged hair and made my locks super shiny and soft.

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

really moisturizes

i got this because my hair has become too dry and frizzy. The first thing I noticed is the smell. It's quite strong - not a usual for a clean/natural product. But if you can get past that, this moisturizes really good. I used this as a treatment post hair color, left it on for about an hour. It has made my hair really soft. I also sometimes use this as a conditioner (esp after clarifying shampoo). I agree with another reviewer that this doesn't really contribute to alleviating frizz much. But I think if you use it often enough, your hair will no longer be as dry. And with an improvement in moisture from within, the improvement in texture will shortly follow.

4 months ago
Certified Buyer

Like this!

I like this argan oil hair mask. I use this every week and it makes my dry hair softer. I love that this product has safe natural ingredients. My hair was easier to comb after showering and using this product. The fact that it's organic doesn't hurt too! The smell is ok too.

4 months ago
Certified Buyer

Better than the usual hair masks

Maybe it's just my hair being a lost cause coz it's pretty much dead from all the bleaching, coloring, perming, and rebonding but this hair mask does a decent job of making my hair feel a little.. undead haha. After shower, I let my hair air dry and it does its job of making it feel soft and a little less rough, it still looks frizzy but that's just prolly coz my hair's dead.

9 months ago
Certified Buyer

so-so hair mask

I didn't really notice anything really drastic with this hair mask, though I've pretty much gone through the whole tub. Maybe because I wasn't using it on a regular basis, but yeah, I dunno, perhaps it just wasn't for me haha My hair got softer, but it didn't seem like it got any thicker over time. I found that it would sometimes irritate my scalp, but my scalp does react to a lot of things, so this may not happen to other people. Overall, I don't think I would repurchase it.

8 months ago
Certified Buyer

It's... just OK

I tried a lot of different products from Be Organic since I liked the first few things I tried. I've been on the organic bandwagon for a while now and their products are some of the most affordable in the market. Unfortunately this is one of the few things that didn't really work well. My hair was easier to comb after shower but it felt stiff after drying. It smells ok but if I have to take time to use a hair mask I was expecting some positive changes.

5 months ago
Certified Buyer

Makes hair more manageable

I bought this with the argan oil shampoo and conditioner from Be Organic. The former didn't really do a lot for me, but this hair mask worked fairly better. I actually ended up using it as a regular conditioner than the actual conditioner. Did it transform my buhaghag hair? No, it didn't, but it actually made it a little bit softer and more manageable with the help of the blowdryer.

7 months ago