Coffee & Seaweed Soap by Be Organic Bath & Body

Detoxifying Coffee & Seaweed Soap

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This killer combination of caffeine and seaweed extract detoxifies, tones and firms your skin, leaving only the good stuff to make it look fresh and clean. The infusion of caffeine reduces the appearance of cellulite, while seaweed extract helps lessen the accumulation of fat and water retention. Light, smooth and flawlessly beautiful skin is just a lather away.

Note: Each soap is lovingly handcrafted individually with the use of natural ingredients, so each one may vary in size, color and shape.

Net Weight:

Shelf Life:
1 - 1/2 years

Rub soap in hands until it lathers then spread evenly across skin. Rinse off.

It’s time you hopped onto the all-natural trend with Be Organic Bath & Body, a brand dedicated to providing only the finest only quality ingredients, all as close to the earth as possible. Handmade soaps, fine skin creams, and their ever-popular Argan Oil products are only a few of the beauty wonders they have in their roster. Your new organic skincare routine for flawlessly beautiful skin is just a few clicks away.

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Certified Buyer

Bye-Bye Cellulite, Hello Smooth & Firm Skin

Coffee and Seaweed in one heaven-sent organic soap, no harmful chemicals! I've been using it for 2 weeks now and results are already visible to me. My skin really felt smoother and feels like my skin becomes tighter right after taking a bath. Will recommend this to my friends!

9 months ago
Certified Buyer

Budget-friendly yet very effective

Before purchasing this product, I've used some other "cellulite-eliminating" soaps but no soap has ever worked on me like this one. I noticed that my skin became smoother and firmer. Also, I noticed that it did brighten my complexion a bit. The coffee aroma of the soap is really relaxing and makes taking a bath enjoyable. The only downer is that it melts kinda easily, but overall this soap is definitely a steal at such a budget-friendly price. I'll certainly repurchase.

2 months ago

Worth it! Best Coffee Seaweed Soap

I usually check product reviews before buying something. And eventually, the product reviews of this soap got me so intrigued. I mean for around P80 coffee and seaweed, with scrubs added, who won't be convinced right? I have tried other seaweed soaps that are around P100-200 but Im not sure of their effectiveness. So I wanted to try other brands. When I finally got the chance to try the soap, I am surprised with how the coffee grounds are very intense. So what I do, is just rub the soap on my body as a scrub. But on my face, I just lather on my hands and put the bubbles on my face so that I wont get hurt by the intense coffee scrubs. The smell is like coffee with a hint of peppermint. It didnt irritate my sensitive skin. I feel clean and refreshed after using it. im not sure if it is working yet on my chubby cheeks but for now, I am satisfied. Definitely, a brand worth trying. Im happy I finally did. 💖

16 days ago


I first tried using it on my body for a couple of days . The tiny bits in this soap really exfoliates and removes my dead skin cells without making my skin dry! In terms of reducing cellulite, I haven't noticed any changes yet but nonetheless this still gives my skin that refreshing look after shower.

about 2 months ago
Certified Buyer


I SHOULD'VE BOUGHT 3 OF THIS NA! :( I loved it so much. After showering, it makes me feel that I am supeeerrr fresh and clean. It leaves my skin soft. I feel like all the dirt, dead skin cells and such have totally been removed by this soap. It really acts as a soap and scrub, but in my case I lather it super gently.

2 months ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

Got me back into shape!

I've been using this soap for about a week now and I am pretty much satisfied. I felt like my face is kinda puffy and I am really concerned about losing my v-face. I tried this and I think this made my face less chubby. I also noticed that this made my arms and thighs firmer. I am loving this soap!

3 months ago