Snowberry Cream by Skinpotions

Snowberry Cream

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CLAIM TO FAME: A multi-benefit cream that targets acne, spots, scars, and stretch marks

FAST FACTS: Lightens to minimize the look of dark spots and hyperpigmentation; helps treat acne to banish breakouts; smoothens and reduces the appearance of stretch marks; soothes insect bites; can also be used as a makeup primer and pore minimizer; protects with SPF45; formulated with papaya extract, bearberry extract, licorice extract, snail filtrate, whitenol extract (mix of potent natural whitening oils), acerola cherry extract, rice bran oil, titanium dioxide and essential oils; leaves a matte finish

PERFECT FOR: Smoother, fairer skin on the face and body

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Snowberry Cream

In the morning, apply a thin layer of cream onto clean skin before makeup. Apply a thicker layer before bed.

Skinpotions is a Filipino beauty brand that offers organic skincare and cosmetics at wallet-friendly prices. Made with natural ingredients, each Skinpotions product aims to enhance your skin and care for your complexion. Expect a soft, radiant, and flawless look.

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Pinkish dewy skin anyone?

📄Use: Been applying it at the last part of my night-time routine, three minutes after my eye cream.

The first night, I put on a not so thick layer of this on my face. The product consistency was thick and it was difficult to spread around. I had to tap it on the other areas, so the layers were uneven. Skinpotions instead advised me to apply thinly, if I don't have severe acne.
🌈Realization: It worked better with the Tomato Serum (which I started the 2nd day), it glided smoothly, even with just a small amount.
Woke up with brightened facial skin and I looked stress-free! 'Til now, I always wake up to glowing, healthy skin✨
🚨Watch out: Do not to leave it on from the night time application 'til the whole day next day. [Cause I did that the day after, #majorblooper. My skin acted up, having really small bumps on it, that were not zits, just bumps I was not familiar with. Good thing they're gone as well the day after that.] Just simply wash it off with lukewarm water in the morning [shared by @themakeupworm] and skin stays supple. Then you can continue with your morning routine for going out. Or also leave your face bare the whole day, to let it breathe.
👍Why try it: Effective, with consistent results! Read on the Active Ingredients above - snail, aloe, tomato, rice, lemon - all goodies for the skin!
After three weeks almost, it helped lighten my acne scars, control new acne and rid of skin dullness.
Plus, it'a local brand!


about 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

My new holy grail!

I've been using this cream for almost a week and I'm seeing a great improvement on my hideous, dark acne spots. I religiously apply a thick layer on my face before bed time and I always wake up with a brighter face after washing my face in the morning. I also apply a thin layer on my face as a base before I do my makeup routine and it feels so light in the face. It did help lightening my dark spots and I wish this will be the product that will erase all those flaws I got from my recent break out. This is cheap compared to other high end products which do almost the same wonders.

11 months ago

Perfect for dark spots!

I love this product! I've only been using it for a week but it really lightened my dark spots! It also really helps with my acne. Besides that, my cheeks are super soft because of this! And I really love the smell; it smells so good. My skin isn't completely clear yet though, since it's probably going to be more difficult since I'm going through puberty, but it really has improved my skin so far and it met my expectations!

12 months ago
Top Reviewer

Sweeter the second time around

My first experience with this product is a bit of a horror story. I experienced major breakout for a month that I could stand it that's why I started using it once a week. After a month I incorporate it again with my night time routine together with my jojoba oil and boy, they works well together. My skin is lighter now and well nourished because of this product.

3 months ago
Certified Buyer

Helped me gain victories in my battle against dark marks!

Throughout my teenage years and my early 20s, I was one of the lucky ones--I never got acne breakouts, and if I get one pimple occassionally, it would leave a dark spot which would fade with my usual drugstore whitening cream and my trusty toner. As I grew older, I noticed that my skin has become more prone to breakouts and those cosmetics that used to not cause me any acne would make my skin breakout like crazy! To make things worse, my pores were starting to show, and my skin now became more dull and littered with dark marks even if I don't prick any of my pimples. I didn't have time to go back to my derma every so often for pricking and check-ups so this became a big issue for me, and of course, it was a big blow to my confidence. My acne cleared eventually, after months of spending a lot on Clinique Anti-acne solutions, but the marks and the skin dryness and dullness from the anti-acne medication were still there to grapple with. I got tired of wearing make-up and concealer to hide the occasional pimple that would appear every so often and the dark spots left behind by the most severe breakout in my entire life. My cousin recommended that I use Skinpotions' products since they're cheap and really effective. I was skeptical at first, since my skin has already changed so much from when I could literally just use anything and nothing will make me break out. I'm glad I took a risk and followed my cousin's advice! It's been 4 weeks since I bought my first tub of Snowberry cream and I have noticed a change in my skin's texture, suppleness and appearance of my dark spots. They haven't disappeared completely yet, but I know they have lightened significantly because I noticed that I don't use much make-up to cover them anymore. One layer of foundation was enough to make them less noticeable unlike before when I needed to pile up on the gunk to hide them. I also purchased the tomato serum and White Topical Injection by Skin Potions and I must say that they all worked together to give me brighter, more refined skin with little to no acne. I use this only at night as a sleeping mask because I found the cream's texture to be too heavy for me to use as a daytime moisturizer. I would also advise putting on a thin layer, just enough to cover the face and see the white sheen cover the skin. You don't have to make it really thick, since a little goes a long way for this product, at least for me. I would highly recommend this product, and I think this will be an indispensible part of my skin care routine now. Support local products, you won't be disappointed!

6 months ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

My second tub already!!!

It's my second tub already and I still love this. Usually after I finish 1 tub/container of product, I will buy another product to try something new. But when I tried this, I never switched to another sleeping mask. I always woke up to a fresh and blooming me whenever I apply this in the evening. Hihi

9 months ago