Eyeshadow Primer

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Great steal for an eyeshadow primer for only 180 pesos! Aways love Detail products because they give a pretty decent product quality for extremely low prices!! It is sticky and tacky as eyeshadow primers should in order for the eyeshadow to adhere to the skin. I got the skin tone, which is slightly too light but its okay since it does get covered by eyeshadow. A little really really goes a long way like one little dollop is enough for both eyes. It stays all day, even on my super oily eyelids so it really works!!!

4 months ago

Great buy!

This eye primer works! I bought it because it was very cheap. The formula is really thick and difficult to blend on top of powder so make sure to apply it before applying face powder over the whole face. When applied correctly, it really does its purpose and makes my eyeshadow stay put, even overnight!

about 2 months ago

So freaking good

First time im using an eyeshadow primer since i've always used concealer before and let me tell you: I understand the difference now. I bought this primer in the shade Skin Tone and i find that it corrects discoloration on my lids pretty effin well. Though it's lighter than my skin, i remedied that by setting it with powder that's closer to my skin tone. This is also quite tacky even after setting it with a little powder which i think is great for pigment to adhere to. The longevity of this thing is INSANE and i love using it to make my eyeshadow pop even more.

4 months ago
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Never knew I needed this

Primer is a kind of thing you'd think you don't need unless you'll try it. I was able to use this once from a friend of mine, who swore by it. And I was so amazed at that point since the color really was enhanced and my eyeshadow lasted long and even my eyeliner. So everything was still in place and I had to buy one the next day ❤️

5 months ago

Super love!

A good steal!!! It's my first time to buy an eye shadow primer and I'm really happy about the outcome of my eye make up. I love it! My eye shadow lasts longer! The color is a bit lighter than my skin tone but I tried applying less of the product and just spreads it evenly. Super love it! I rarely put eye shadows in my everyday make up cause I feel that it's not noticeable. I dunno, but my friend told me to get an eye shadow primer. Good thing this baby is on sale!

3 days ago

u need to buy it 👁👍🏻

First time using an eyeshadow primer and realized that I need it . My eyeshadow lasts the whole day, no need for retouch plus it gives the needed lightning on my eye skin and makes it look my eye make up brighter. It's bot that expensive and yet it has a good quality that u will love 💕

19 days ago


It's actually my first time to use eyeshadow primer and I find it very effective. This primer from Detail really helps the eyeshadow makes more vivid and it also helps the eye makeup last longer. It didn't give me any oily feeling on my eyelids which I get a lot when putting eyeshadow alone. However, the consistency is very thick that I had a hard time blending it but the quality is excellent!

about 1 month ago

Game changer that really works... and it's cheap!

My first eye primer so i can't really compare it with other brands BUT what can i say? The previous reviews here were right, it was a game changer! My eyeshadow stayed on the whole day and it also enhanced the colors of my eye makeup! With its price, it's not a bad deal since you won't be needing a lot of product per use. One small dot is good for both eyelids.

about 1 month ago


THIS CEMENTED MY EYESHADOW OMG. My shadows did not budge one bit!!! Put little, in dots though (learned the hard way) and BLENDDD to get the best out of this primer. If you don't own one yet, YOU ARE MISSING 1/2 OF YOUR LIVES you need this lol I swear what a life-changer. The skintone shade was still too light for my lids tho, so be sure to layer on a skin-matching eyeshadow first.

about 2 months ago
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So I disregarded everything about using an eyeshadow primer but upon seeing this with its affordable price, I thought why not? Upon trying, I was shookt haha it made my eye makeup look a lot flawless and slayin! I have this in skin tone so it would as well work as a concealer! A must and very sulit! 👌🏼

2 months ago


Tried it once with my sister’s graduation and it is good! The package comes in a small handy tube. The consistency is quite sticky but I guess that’s how eyeshadow primers really are. The eyeshadow visibly lasts longer compared to not using a primer at all. Overall, the product is good and I will repurchase!

3 months ago

Cheap and effective!

I got the skin tone shade and I thought Its too light for me. However it does the trick of lighthening my eyelids. I also noticed that its easier to achieve a flawless eyeshadow and the make up really sticks and had a long lasting effect. Its quite lightweight though but i think you just need a liitle amount in order for it to do the job

4 months ago

Does the trick!

This is a good eye primer, price-wise. What I do is put a tiny bit (I mean real tiny) on top of my index finger and rub it gently with my thumb then apply a thin coat on my lids. It's real sticky (like Elmer's glue) and dries super fast so make sure to apply small amounts only and spread as quickly as you can. I don't use it when I have dry patches on my lids as they only appear cakey/bumpy. I got the shade "skin tone" and although it has color in it, it does not affect the color of eyeshadow. I am acidic, and my makeup oxidizes after a while, but this primer helps my eyeshadow last all day. Good buy!

about 1 month ago

Eyeshadow Primer For Less

I'm a make-up newbie and this does just the job of an eyeshadow primer. It gives my eyeshadow a little more boost in pigmentation. It does feel a little sticky but I think that's how eyeshadow primers should be. A tiny little blob will cover for both eyes so a tube would last you more than a month. I say it's a steal!

about 1 month ago

Better than concealer..

I like it because my eyeshadow sticks but it's hard to blend. Once you apply it, you have to blend it right away; otherwise you'll have patchy eyelid. And put very small amount only. I used to use concealer as eyelid primer​ and this primer makes a difference. Better, actually.

2 months ago
Certified Buyer

Worth it!

I bought the shade skin tone and it was a bit lighter than my actual tone. The product is thicker than the other products that I have tried but it surely does the trick! My eye makeup stays on longer and makes the colors pop. A tiny dot is just right for both lids. It's affordable and very effective, I would definitely repurchase!

2 months ago
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Would Buy Again

I'd buy this again, as the price is very reasonable and it does help extend the colour of my eye shadow. I was skeptical at first, as I have always applied face primer to my lids and thought that was enough, but with the eye shadow primer, my eye shadow noticeably stays on for longer even if it admittedly fades a bit over the hours. I would still call that a success. I bought silky white, but I think I'll try the Skin Tone version next time.

3 months ago

Works well with my oily and hooded lids!

I haven't tried any eyeshadow primers before so I really can't compare this to other brands. However, it works! When I saw that this was only 180 pesos, I bought the skin tone one immediately. The consistency and thickness of it is very much like a concealer so a little dot goes a long way! The color is a lot lighter than I expected but its fine since I set it with a matte skintone eyeshadow. I wore my make up the whole day and my eyeshadow was still intact and bright at the end of the day!

6 months ago


I got this as a gift from a friend last Christmas, and got surprised actually that it is here in Beauty Manila. She got the one in shade of white for the reason of popping grandeur colors more than anything else for that smokey eye project I was working on, but for someone who loves make up but is kind of suffering from a tight budget, it is really not that necessary. Your concealer works the same as how this works, but if you have the extra budget, you may purchase this. I recommend white because it did not in any way affected the tint or hue of the eye shadow I used. No significant effect that I can remember though, maybe it's just the proper primer. But if you do have a little more, Mac in the shade of Ocre works very very good for any type of eye make up.

5 months ago

Ok product for the price

I was looking for a cheaper alternative to Urban Decay eyeshadow primer, which is my holy grail lifesaver for my extremely oily lids. So far, I haven't found anything worthy of being called an excellent alternative to UD, but Detail's eyeshadow primer is good enough for the price. I got the skintone shade, and a tiny drop is enough to cover an entire lid. It gets clumpy in the tube and I would normally have to poke the tip with a safety pin so that the product would come out. On the application, it's a bit more opaque than I would prefer. It does the job of keeping my lid less Oily, but my eyeliner would still crease by the end of the day. It's so cheap anyway so its flaws are easily forgivable. Better this than nothing!

3 months ago