Eyeshadow Primer

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Great buy!

This eye primer works! I bought it because it was very cheap. The formula is really thick and difficult to blend on top of powder so make sure to apply it before applying face powder over the whole face. When applied correctly, it really does its purpose and makes my eyeshadow stay put, even overnight!

9 months ago
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Great steal for an eyeshadow primer for only 180 pesos! Aways love Detail products because they give a pretty decent product quality for extremely low prices!! It is sticky and tacky as eyeshadow primers should in order for the eyeshadow to adhere to the skin. I got the skin tone, which is slightly too light but its okay since it does get covered by eyeshadow. A little really really goes a long way like one little dollop is enough for both eyes. It stays all day, even on my super oily eyelids so it really works!!!

11 months ago
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Great Steal!

I've never tried eyeshadow primers before and I also have oily eyelids that make my eyeshadow disappear in no time. I'm really happy I got to try this primer. One, its claim to fame of intensifing the eyeshadow pigmentation is true. Two, it did help my eyeshadow stay put for about 8-9 hours. Three, it's not expensive. There was a bit of creasing though within 4 hours, but it wasn't as terrible as without a primer. Also, make sure to apply only a teeny amount and apply as soon as possible because it dries out fast.

6 months ago

So freaking good

First time im using an eyeshadow primer since i've always used concealer before and let me tell you: I understand the difference now. I bought this primer in the shade Skin Tone and i find that it corrects discoloration on my lids pretty effin well. Though it's lighter than my skin, i remedied that by setting it with powder that's closer to my skin tone. This is also quite tacky even after setting it with a little powder which i think is great for pigment to adhere to. The longevity of this thing is INSANE and i love using it to make my eyeshadow pop even more.

12 months ago
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Never knew I needed this

Primer is a kind of thing you'd think you don't need unless you'll try it. I was able to use this once from a friend of mine, who swore by it. And I was so amazed at that point since the color really was enhanced and my eyeshadow lasted long and even my eyeliner. So everything was still in place and I had to buy one the next day ❤️

12 months ago
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Its ok

Pressing the product out is very difficult, i feel like i made a bad decision of buying this, i have to cut half of its mouth in order for the producr to come out, i was also shock how thick the product is, it is also hard to blend. But when i apply the eye shadow wow it works the eye shadow stick, less fall out and the eyeshadow it became more vabriant and i suggest one shadow only for this primer.

8 days ago
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Bought Two.

For a primer it is very affordable. I bought eyeshadow primers before that are two to three times higher than its price. It does keep your eyeshadow last for almost the whole day. You just have to apply a little bit on your lid. I use the silky white variation to make the colors pop and the skin tone if i want a softer color.

9 days ago
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This stuff is the bomb!

I have always been an eyeshadow primer snob until I tried Urban Decay and realized that it takes my eyeshadow game to another level. I have oily lids and didn't want to spend too much on buying UD so I tried searching for a dupe and heard about this stuff! Wanted to try it for at least three times before I write a review. And I gotta tell yeah, my eyeshadow stayed glued to my eyelids the whole day. A little goes a looooong way so proceed with caution. Props to Detail for nailing a product like this.

27 days ago
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Wonderful eye primer!

Got mine in the shade Silky white. Since then, I am not used in putting eyeshadow primer before making my eyeshadow look. But then Ive heard that eyeshadows will even last longer when using a primer and that the colors would be really define and highlighted as well. One of the cheapest eyeshadow primers in town. Space friendly as well, on the go make up prep on a tube.

30 days ago
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makes a difference in eye make up

it's my first time to use a primer that's specific to the eye area and i really noticed it makes a difference in terms of vibrancy of makeup shadows and its staying power. a little amount of the product goes a long way too so it is really a bargain at this price. you know what? i even like to use it for no makeup look. it brightens my eye area which improves my overall appearance.

about 2 months ago
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What a steal! ♥

This eye shadow primer is really thick in formula. You should blend it as you apply it because it will set and will be harder to blend if it sat long on your lids. Then set it with a skintone colored powder and apply shadows on top of it. This works great with either mattes, shimmers or chunky glitters!! Made my oily lids less oily and held my eye look for hours longer!

about 2 months ago
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Highlights my eyeshadow

This is very cheap and so affordable. The must buy eyeshadow primer very thick and the best thing about this is it highlight my light palette eyeshadow. The difference of applying with and without primer has a big difference so grab one of this in your list. A small tube but worth the price.

2 months ago
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You know those make up guru doing stuff in youtube saying you need to put primer before you even put eye shadow??? YES THIS ONE IS IT! This is definitely one eye primer to look out for. It has great quality and my eye shadow stays put for hours! The formula at first can be think but with blending, it will be no sweat! Not only it helps your eye shadow to stay for longer hours but it also helps brighten eyes. It can also be used if your eyes are a bit dark, and you want to look alive even without eye shadow. Your eyes will definitely pop out (it a nice way)!!!

3 months ago
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Okay siya for me. Though this is the first time i'm using eyeshadow primer. I don't get satisfied with the color of the palette kasi kaya i tried getting myself something that can boost the color. And naka promo siya ng buy1 take1 so why not give it a shot. I bought the skin tone shade to be safe.. baka kasi mahirapan ako iblend kapag yung white ang kinuha ko. So far. So good. Since first timer ako di ko pa gaano gamay paano tamang gamit pero on my pov, mabilis talaga siya matuyo kaya dapat mabilis ka magblend. Mejo sticky ng konti pero keri lang kasi grabe ang ganda niya sa mata. As in umaangat yung totoong kulay ng palette. Long lasting pati yung effect. Mas nagiging pigmented yung eyeshadow kaya kudos to this one!

4 months ago
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I never thought that I will love this primer. Bought it just because its on sale. I love how it makes my eyeshadow last longer. However, it does affect the blendability of some shadows so you must apply it correctly on the lids. You should set it properly so you can maximize its use.

5 months ago
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Pawis-proof, stress-proof!

I can't say it is better than other brands or that this is a dupe of the more expensive brands as this is my first time buying an eye primer but I can say this: THIS BABY HOLDS THEM EYE SHADOW WELL! Used this under my Colourpop Jenne Ne Sais Quad and my my my, it lasted from 4am until I got home around dinner time. Pak na pak pa din mga beshie! Pawis-proof and stress-proof!

6 months ago

Super love!

A good steal!!! It's my first time to buy an eye shadow primer and I'm really happy about the outcome of my eye make up. I love it! My eye shadow lasts longer! The color is a bit lighter than my skin tone but I tried applying less of the product and just spreads it evenly. Super love it! I rarely put eye shadows in my everyday make up cause I feel that it's not noticeable. I dunno, but my friend told me to get an eye shadow primer. Good thing this baby is on sale!

7 months ago
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u need to buy it 👁👍🏻

First time using an eyeshadow primer and realized that I need it . My eyeshadow lasts the whole day, no need for retouch plus it gives the needed lightning on my eye skin and makes it look my eye make up brighter. It's bot that expensive and yet it has a good quality that u will love 💕

8 months ago
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It's actually my first time to use eyeshadow primer and I find it very effective. This primer from Detail really helps the eyeshadow makes more vivid and it also helps the eye makeup last longer. It didn't give me any oily feeling on my eyelids which I get a lot when putting eyeshadow alone. However, the consistency is very thick that I had a hard time blending it but the quality is excellent!

8 months ago
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Game changer that really works... and it's cheap!

My first eye primer so i can't really compare it with other brands BUT what can i say? The previous reviews here were right, it was a game changer! My eyeshadow stayed on the whole day and it also enhanced the colors of my eye makeup! With its price, it's not a bad deal since you won't be needing a lot of product per use. One small dot is good for both eyelids.

8 months ago