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Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Serum

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CLAIM TO FAME: A vitamin C-enriched serum that won’t irritate delicate complexions

FAST FACTS: Gentle antioxidant-rich formula brightens and evens out skin tone; fades the look of dark spots; helps prevent pigmentation; minimizes the look of fine lines; nourishes and firms skin

PERFECT FOR: Treating hyperpigmentation

Best Buy so far :)
December 30, 2016
”This serum works for everybody! Has cleared up my skin and just three weeks! Finally found something for my pigmentation :)”
–Kayshla G. (from Sokoglam.com)

Love this!
December 27, 2016
”It feels really good on my skin, and I think I can see a brighter complexion already. I would definitely recommend.”
–Mechelle B. (from Sokoglam.com)

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Serum
NET WEIGHT: 1.18 fl.oz.

Klairs applies the principles of minimalism to its products. It perfects basic skincare with high quality products that are highly effective—nothing more, nothing less. Klairs puts a premium on ethical, cruelty-free production and does not use any harmful chemicals in its products, sticking only with known safe and hypoallergenic ingredients. Klairs also prides itself on its 80% customer repurchase rate—proof not only of its incredibly loyal fanbase but also of its effective product formulas.

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I cannot rave about this product enough! I had a severe acne episode last year and after going through treatment from the dermatologist, all the zits were gone but I was left with a very dry, scarred face. I was looking for a serum to transform my skin, effective but mild enough to not trigger another acne episode. And this was perfect! After using this nightly for about 3 months, my skin has become incredibly smooth and dewy and my scars have lightened (not completely disappeared just yet). But the most unbelievable effect: I NO LONGER GET NEW PIMPLES. NO JOKE. Mind you, I had always gotten pesky zits during my period and whenever I lack sleep, but after using this I don't even remember the last time I had a legit pimple. During my period, now, I only get the tiiiiiiiiniest of bumps in the periphery of my face that go away after a day or two. I'm so amazed! It's also great that the Vitamin C here is already stabilized so it's not a hassle to maintain the integrity of this serum. I just keep it inside its box after using to protect it from light. I already got my money's worth and I'm not even halfway through my bottle yet. I'm telling you—this stuff is magic. <3

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Gentle and effective

I deal with old and new acne scars and this product is amazing! I have sensitive skin but this serum did not break me out or irritated my acne. Some said they had pimples after application but my acne prone skin did not. When applied to new pimples, the blemish they leave behind is no longer as severe as before since the serum is "lightening/brightening" even before the pimple is gone. For old scars, it also managed to lighten the really old ones which even other brightening products could not. Although, do not expect an overnight miracle. For my small blemishes, it took about 2 days before they became barely noticeable. For the really red and big ones from cystic acne, the redness calms down daily but takes about 4 weeks before the blemish is gone. For my old acne scars, it took about 6 weeks before they disappeared and I have no complains because these were blemishes I've had for the last three years. In terms of usage, I felt a light, tingling sensation the first time I used i but it immediately went away. I slowly eased myself into this with only 2 drops per twice a week used. Upon application, I wait for 20 mins before I proceed to other steps of my routine. After 20 mins, my face is not red, shiny, or oily. This serum leaves a mattifying effect and pores seem to be smaller. I now use this daily and just make sure that I use sunscreem the following day.

about 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

BFF with my Tretinoin! :)

I bought this serum two weeks ago together with Cosrx AHA/BHA Clarifying Toner. To give you a background of my skincare routine, I've been using Retin-A every night for almost 2 years. People take notice of my face because it has improved a lot, however, pimple marks on my cheeks just won't go away. :( I am not a fan of visiting facial centers coz it's expensive and I detest pricking and the blowing of warm mist directly on my face. So I tried looking for a product that I can use for a long time and can work in harmony with my tretinoin cream. I've seen so many Vitamin C serums but majority contains 20% or higher concentration which can cause sensitivity and/or irritation on my part since I am also using Vitamin A, but with Dear Klairs freshly juiced vitamin c serum, it is so gentle yet effective in diminishing and fading my blemishes with no redness and/or unwanted side effects. I use it once every morning after I cleanse and tone using Teranex soap and Cosrx AHA/BHA Toner respectively, then at night, same routine but with Retin-A as my repair cream. They work well on my skin and I swear, I don't need a monthly facial, I just make sure to apply sunscreen even if I don't go outside. ;)

about 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

I'D MARRY THIS THING IF I COULD ✨ Please restock!!!!

Been using the Klairs vit C serum daily for a little over a month as part of a simple breakout recovery routine with actives and snail mucin, and it has contributed a lot to my skin healing!

Before purchasing this, I had dull and flaky areas here and there, and wearing makeup made the flakiness worse. I incorporated Klairs into my routine right away once I got it (I know, I know, you should ALWAYS patch test first, especially if you have skin like mine that hates nearly everything) and the improvement two days in was surprising: No more flaky patches, and my face had visibly brightened!

The serum feels a little oily upon application, but it sinks in well. Being very mild, darker PIH/post-inflammation hyperpigmentation is taking a bit longer to clear up (definitely brighter, though still visible), while some of the lighter ones are nearly gone. A stronger vit C serum would probably make a bigger difference in a shorter span of time, but this one is just right for me — gentle, nourishing, and free of parabens and other skin irritants. My skin has not felt this healthy and elastic in a long time!

I'm a third of the way through the bottle because I've been using this on my elbows too, so PLEEEEEEASE restock already!!!! 😭

(PS: Folks with acne or other skin issues, do remember to NOT rely on just topical treatments — mind what you eat, and do try to avoid stress triggers when you can. If you suffer from a hormonal imbalance or depression, that may be a big factor in how your skin is behaving so please see a specialist. You can't nourish only the outside and expect the inside to follow suit. That said, this serum is THE BOMB for sensitive-skinned people. Put this serum into your carts ASAP! 💪🏽)

7 months ago
Top Reviewer

A great treatment serum for beginners

I've always been interested with treatments infused with Vitamin C because it helps lighten dark spots, and in my case, hyperpigmentation marks after my pimples heal. What I really love about Klairs Freshly Juiced Vit C Serum is that it's so light and easily absorbed by the skin. It doesn't feel heavily oily and it doesn't smell funky. It also doesn't sting my skin and after over a month of using it, I can say for certain that it does help lighten up scars, especially new ones.

11 months ago
Top Reviewer

cant live without

ive been using this for a year now every night and i truly cant live without it. it brightens my face, keeps it soft and moisturized, fades acne marks/scars, helps my skin get that certain glow from within, and helps keep breakouts in control. it's gentle too and non drying, and it isnt greasy on the skin after application since it absorbs well! seriously, it's made all the difference in my skincare routine. IF YOU'RE WAITING FOR A SIGN, THIS IS IT. GET YOURSELF A VITAMIN C SERUM, SPECIFICALLY THIS ONE. DONT THINK TWICE. YOUR SKIN WILL THANK YOU.

10 months ago