i-Heart Brush Cleaning Pad by PRO STUDIO Beauty Exclusives

i-Heart Brush Cleaning Pad

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CLAIM TO FAME: A textured pad that helps to thoroughly cleanse your makeup brushes

FAST FACTS: Ergonomic heart-shape enables a better grip for ease of use; textured surface works to rid your bristles of makeup residue, germs, and bacteria; varying textures on pad quickly and easily removes products from different beauty tools; can be used with a makeup remover or gentle liquid shampoo

PERFECT FOR: Keeping beauty brushes germ-free and sanitary

WHAT YOU GET: (1) i-Heart Brush Cleaning Pad

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Certified Buyer

Helps make brush cleaning easier

Has a silicone feel and is soft and pliable. The size is also big enough to fit even my biggest powder Brush. It really makes brush cleaning easier and more thorough than just using your palm. Speaking of palm, this product is about the same size so it's easy to hold.

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Fuss-free cleansing for beauty tools!

When it comes to cleaning brushes, I am always so scared that I will accidentally pull the bristles off. This takes my worry about cleaning my beauty tools. It is easy and light to use, no hassle and it is also easy to clean. Fuss-free is the word. I also love that this comes in a shape of a heart. I use this to clean my brushes and I use with the beautyblender cleanser and they actually work very well together.

3 months ago
Certified Buyer


This product makes cleaning brushes so much easier and faster! I love it. It does the work and it perfectly fits my hand. This is my first cleaning pad so I'm not sure if you get what you pay for but I got it 15% off so I thought it was okay.

5 months ago
Certified Buyer

Heart, heart!

I've been using makeup for years now, but dumdum me didn't know before that these silicone brush egg thingies make cleaning SO. MUCH. EASIER! How I survived all these years without this, I'll never know; but there's no way I'll ever go back to that kind of life. Girls, all these testimonies are true! And if you're lazy in cleaning your makeup brushes (like we all are, don't even deny it!), this cleaning pad makes the tedious task so much easier and faster and even enjoyable! Yes, it's fun to swirl your brushes in a heart-shaped, pink, cleaning pad! (I'm such a girl, I know.) The makeup comes off from the brush so easily and you'll feel a bit repulsed and even a tad guilty you've been letting your dirty brush sit like that for so long and worse, touch your face! Gross. So buy this and save yourself from future breakouts and the trouble of cleaning your brushes in a boring way. Only con: maybe they can reduce the price since there are so many cheap brush cleaning pads out there. But hey, you pay for its heart-shaped cuteness, so I'm not really complaining! It's unique, and the first time I saw this, I immediately had heart-eyes (no kidding) and bought it right away. The heart wants what it wants.

5 months ago
Certified Buyer

Cleaning brushes is now such a breeze!

I used to find it such a chore to clean my brushes, and how annoying it is to have to keep rinsing and repeating the process because there's always so much gunk stuck in the brushes. I even considered buying the Sigma brush cleaning pad at some point, but have always found the price a little prohibitive. So glad to have found this cute heart-shaped gem on this site, for a just a fraction of the price, cleaning my brushes is now such a breeze. So inexpressibly satisfying to see all the makeup gunk trickling away with the most minimum of effort. Sometimes for the heck of it, I'll clean my brushes even if they're not dirty yet, just because this pad made the process so easy!

6 months ago


This is such a life-changing product! I can never wash brushes without cleaning pads again ever since I was able to try one. It just cuts the washing time in half and makes the cleaning and removing of makeup products from the brushes more thorough. The heart shape of this product makes the labor even easier<3

about 1 year ago