Drops of Hope by Mantra Lifestyle Co

Drops of Hope

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This collection of 13mm brass pendants features the Ohm Mantra, the Lotus, and the North Star. The perfect trio represents hope when worn together or on their own. Contemplate the universal symbol of peace with the Ohm, the promise of strength and renewal with the Lotus Flower, and your unwavering guide with the North Star.

Note: This Mantra Lifestyle Company piece is made of high-grade yellow brass and will not fade. These metals may react to the natural acids of your body.

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Drops of Hope

1) Wipe piece after every use with a non-abrading cloth or soft tissue.
2) Store each piece in a sealable bag or box to prevent discoloration and tarnishing, and keep in a dry place.
3) Avoid exposing the pieces to acid, perfume, acidic cleaners, or excessive sweating.
4) Avoid banging crystals pieces to avoid breakage.
5) If your skin is acidic and the jewelry starts to tarnish, it is advisable to clean it with a regular metal polish to maintain its color. You may also have your local jeweler help you with cleaning your pieces.

A collaboration amongst friends, Mantra Lifestyle Company aims to spread uplifting and transforming messages with their accessories. Through locally crafted pieces made with thoughtful affirmations, every accessory from Mantra hopes to give its wearer inspiration and positive thoughts to improve your mood and wellbeing. Slip on Mantra’s wearable prayers and feed your mind with positive intentions.

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Lotus Flower

Bought one so that I could attached it to one of my bead bracelets and I wasn't disappointed with the quality its really nice and it looks good as a necklace and a bracelet attachment. It gives that positive vibe when ever you see it on your wrist, I'm currently contemplating if I would buy the other two designs.

7 months ago