Set of 10: Brush Guards  by PRO STUDIO Beauty Exclusives

Set of 10: Must-have Brush Guards

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PRO STUDIO’s set of 10 Brush Guards include easy-to-use protectors that do a fab job of prolonging the life of your brushes. Just slide each protector over your brush, and it will shield the brush’s bristles from wear and tear, as well as preserve its shape—making it extra convenient for you to bring all your brushes around carefree.

What you get:
10 Brush Guards

The smart contemporary makeup artist in you must meet PRO STUDIO Beauty Exclusives. From makeup palettes, brush sets to makeup bags, PRO STUDIO has the essential, practical and economical beauty tools and accessories for the modern beauty professional.

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Do you own make up brushes? Well you need these brush guards. It's every makeup geek's must-have. These will prevent your brushes to be contaminated with bacteria - which can cause breakouts! And you don't want that! Thats why I decided to buy this product... as my makeup brush collection is continuously, I think Im going to need more of these. Get some before it sells out!

almost 2 years ago

Very good quality!!!

I need this! Everytime I wash my brushes, it hairlike or the strands of the brush are on the different sides and very messy looking therefore I decided that I will purchase one of this in the near future so that It will he easy for us to kept the brushes strand in tact! And it won't grt contaminated so much! Therefore if you are OC like me then try this product and your brushes will stay for a long period of time.

over 1 year ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

Prolongs brush life

PRO STUDIO BEAUTY EXCLUSIVES' Set of 10: Must-have Brush Guards are very nifty and practical to keep your brushes from shedding or losing their shape. Helps keep them organized and tidy as well. Very affordable, and easy to customize to the desired brush size. 10 could become 20. What a very simple yet practical product!

about 2 years ago
Certified Buyer

This is a must have!

I got tired of keeping my brushes in shape with the clear plastic guards that usually comes with a brush set until I got to try this product out. Easy to use and practical. They are also easy to clean, just soak them in water with soap for thirty minutes, then wash any makeup residue with water after. I highly recommend this for those who want to prolong and keep their brushes in shape. :)

29 days ago
Top Reviewer

Keep it safe, ladies!

It is a belief of mine that if you leave your brushes that you use, lying around, it will be the start of an apocalypse. Kidding! I guess it will make you prone to break out in which I think we do not want. So it is better safe than sorry. Keep your brushes clean and safe, ladies!

about 2 months ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

Keeps brushes clean and like new

This is a very useful tool in prolonging the life of my brushes. The brush guard retains the shape of the bristles and helps keeps my brushes clean as well. I make sure all my brushes are kept inside a brush guard whether I bring them with me during travels or just stored in my vanity. Think of it as like a protective case for your cellphones.

about 2 months ago