Fiberwig Extra Long Lashes by Dejavu

Fiberwig Extra Long Lashes (Pure Black)

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Applied like a mascara, Dejavu’s signature formula creates extra long lashes thanks to its enhanced fiber adhesive strength, and its extra long brush that allows the fiber-rich film to be generously applied to each lash.

Its rich formula goes on smoothly without clumping, and it will won’t be affected by rubbing, skin oils and sweat, making it smudge-proof. Plus, it easily comes off with warm water—preventing your lashes from getting damaged.

To achieve maximum length
Apply the film to lashes overall, then reapply to the tips and add fibers until lashes reach your ideal length.

To make a long-lasting curl
Use an eyelash curler after the formula has completely dried.

To remove
Saturate the lashes with warm water and gently blend with fingertips. Unlike conventional mascara, the film cannot be dissolved by cleansers. Avoid excessive rubbing when removing.

With a mission to develop quality-guaranteed cosmetics that meet your unmet needs, Dejavu consistently creates highly functional products that have not previously existed in the market. Based in Japan, its signature product line Fiberwig Paint-On False Lashes has had a steady cult-following.

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