Twinkle Lip Gloss by Dearberry

Twinkle Lip Gloss

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CLAIM TO FAME: A brilliant gloss for a slick, high-shine look

FAST FACTS: Covers lips with pigment-rich color; leaves a super smooth, glittering effect from silver pearl; enhances lip tone with vitamin A, C, and E derivatives; moisturizes, nourishes, and softens with organic castor seed oil, organic beeswax, organic sesame seed oil, organic grape seed oil, and organic blueberry seed oil

PERFECT FOR: Pumped-up pouts

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Twinkle Lip Gloss

Simply take your finger or an applicator and rub a small amount on your lips, removing any unnecessarily thick or clumpy parts with tissue or Q-tips.

As one of Korea’s top cosmetic brands, Dearberry believes that giving women healthy skin helps them achieve a more beautiful look. Their affordable high quality cosmetics are made with natural ingredients such as berries, flowers, grains, plants, mineral water, and alpine herbs to nourish and revitalize your complexion. Each product is formulated with Dearberry’s Berry Complex, which is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals from extracts from eight berries: Blueberry, Acai berry, Raspberry, Aronia berry, Elderberry, Cranberry, Blackberry and Strawberry. Achieve a healthy complexion with Dearberry!

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Candy like gloss ♥

I have tons of matte/satin lipsticks and its the time of the year when I am so dry even my lips feels and looks dry that my matte lipsticks don't look good. So I'm trying to look for watery/glossy kind of lip product and I came across this cute little tube here and the price point made me buy it. Lets start with the size of the tube its a little thinner than the NYX SMLC and just a little taller if not same, it has tiny glitters on it which makes it shimmery. Its not pigmented I would say, when I applied this to my bare lips it made it look really oily and colorless, you don't need to put a lot on your lips, I think this will last me forever, you can even lessen the product that you get when you take out the applicator. The glitters don't really appear when applied barely on the lips but, BUT I tried using this as lip topper, I used this on top of my Maybelline Creamy Matte Touch of Spice to put some color and it. looks. sooooo good! It looks like a high end gloss, trust me! The shade High-Class Peach is really high class when you use it on top of some color. And the best thing I like about this product is it smells like candy ☺

about 1 year ago
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Adding a little fun to some serious mattes

These are really inexpensive products to liven up serious-looking mattes. Sleek's True Colours and Matte Me Lip Creams come to mind. (Though the Matte Me Creams feel light and comfortable, lipsticks from the former line tend to be on the dry side, in my experience.) I pair #2 Purple with Velvet Slippers and just like that, the look moves from day to night. #3 Orange adds a little fiery shine to Russian Red not enough to turn it coral but just enough to make the tone noticeably warmer. #9 Wedding Pink is quite pale and I don't think it changes colors much. It's a good choice if one wants to ditch lip colors or tints altogether. I imagine it'll look good with Birthday Suit or Petal from the Sleek Line but I haven't actually tried these combinations. As for the scents, they remind of candy from my childhood. In fact, Purple and Wedding Pink are reminiscent of Grape Kool-aid. Orange is citrusy -- like those chewy orange candies coated in confectioners sugar? (Just Googled them, they're called Orange Swits. Kool-Aid? Orange Swits? I don't need to include my age here, do I? Hahaha.) I'm guessing tweens would enjoy these. Adult women with a little sense of fun might be amused, (After all, the scents wear off immediately.) A caveat though: this may affect the longevity of matte lip colors.

9 months ago


This was a really cute gift for my niece, the gloss looked really nice and the packaging is just so adorable!! What got me to buy this for her too instead of just any lip gloss is the amount of good vitamins it claims to have whilst delivering a really sassy gloss!! I'm also for the price of this, it's so affordable!! Love

about 1 year ago
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Perfect for gifting or for yourself! :)

Bought this as a gift for my niece and she said she loves it! She wore it when we were together and looks so nice! I bought it in the shade "Red" and it leaves your lips looking like you just ate a popsicle, so cute! She also had me try it one time because she was happy with it haha It feels very smooth on the lips and definitely not sticky! The glitters in this isn't over-powering and makes your lips look healthy and juicy. Might buy one for myself! Love it and so happy she's happy! :)

2 months ago
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Decent Lip Gloss

I found this lip gloss formula to be a bit on the sticky side. At first, I did not like the consistency at all. However, I found a way to make it work for me. I really only put a tiny amount on my lips and I find that doing that makes it more easily wearable for me. I do love the pigment in the gloss that I have. It is neither too pigmented nor does it have too little pigment. I find that the shade that I have, "Velvet Coral" is perfect to pop on on days where I just want a fresh makeup look because the color instantly brightens up my complexion.

8 months ago
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Sticky but pigmented!

I got this product on a whim because I was really curious about lip glosses since I never wore them before this one. I was just a bit disappointed, honestly. The formula was just so sticky! I literally cannot stand the stickiness of the formula. That said, I do like the color (I got the shade Velvet Coral) which is a bright coral shade. I do find the pigmentation to be nice, it's not one of those glosses which have no color payoff at all. I predict that I will not be reaching for this gloss at an everyday basis but I will hold on to this just in case I want a bit of shine to my lips.

8 months ago