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Miss Monalisa Eyebrow Pencil with Brush

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Brows literally on fleek!

I've always been in the look out for amazing brow products that doesn't cost you your life, ugh and sometimes drugstore ones are not as great as well. And even harder to find is a good product with a spoolie. This one tho, THIS ONE! I only knew about this here in Beauty MNL it was sold out so I thought this may have worked wonders to the ladies so I told my self I need one, the smoky gray was sold out before we even ordered when it got restocked so I got the second darker shade, Coffee Brown. It wasnt as dark as a Black Brown shade but it works, its not as thick and too thin as well, it doesn't coat the brow hairs of the color like the LA Girl brow pen and very easy to blend using the spoolie, THE SPOOLIE! Its amazing!! You get a great quality for a very affordable price, if I were you I would hoard this one. Coffee Brown is good for every one, specially ladies with warm tone and black/red/brown hair. Choco Brown would work for cool tones I guess. Will have to waitlist the smoky gray as I really want that black brows as my hair :) hihi.

9 months ago
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Such a steal!!! ♡

I am in love with this eyebrow penci. For its price its really very good! This eyebrow pencil is such a steal! Looking at the reviews it made me to get one and try it myself. Its easy to use. I can recommend this to beginners who are looking for high quality eyebrow pencil but affordable! A must-have!!!

5 months ago
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Good for everyday use

Got a coffee brown pencil and the color is good. It is not heavy to wear, and it stays very long. The shade looks similar to every korean eyebrow pencil I've used, bt this one is different aside from its affordable price. Very good for everyday use, and the pencil tip is perfect for drawing or filling sparse eyebrow. Gonna try choco brown next time.

8 months ago
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Perfect Coffee Brown Shade!

I first saw this pencil and it was on sale, so I though i'd give it a try. It was the first time I heard of the shade Coffee Brown. When it arrived, I was amazed! The quality was great! The shade was perfect for my dark brown hair! It's great for easy access, 5 minute make-up run! I bought a few more after. I have one in the car, one in my purse, one in my vanity, etc. :D The thin color tip is perfect for precision eyebrows, and helps you create hair-like strokes evenly! Two thumbs up!!

4 months ago
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Can cover scars

I got the smoky gray color because I'm a brunette. The color alone makes this brow pencil The One for me. It's not often that you find a brow pencil in a gray color (usually it's brown). The pencil managed to cover the scars/bald spot on my eyebrow (a feat that has so far never been accomplished by Etude or Maybelline pencils). A soft stroke on your brow already leaves an impression unlike other brow pencils I used in the past (etude, maybelline). Ideal for natural looking brows.

6 months ago
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Easiest natural looking brows!

I thought the coffee brown wasn't dark enough but when I applied it, it was just the right shade for a natural looking brows, who knew! The tip helps get that shape in no time and thanks to the spoolie, after the blending part, you get hair-like stroke. Works like magic. For a rookie in make up who doesn't want to spend so much time looking good and want on fleek brows this is perfect!

2 months ago
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Its super super worth it. To be honest, I'm willing to pay 100 just for the spoolie... It really blends products really well... As for the pencil itself, it looks really natural, it does emphasize and enhance your brows but it doesn't entirely look like you just drew your eyebrows... Overall it's a really really great product... I totally recommend this:)

7 months ago
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Very convenient to use!

I liked this product because it glides so smooth and it is very pigmented already. It is easy to blend using its brush on the other end/tip. It doesn’t comes off easily. It doesn’t transfer which is a plus! I bought mine in the shade of choch brown because I have dyed my hair in the same or similar shade. It compliments with my hair color. I recommend this to all. Thumbs up! 🤗

1 day ago
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I'm so in love with this eyebrow pencil <3 It's super affordable yet the quality of the pencil and the spoolie is amazing! I'm in the shade coffee brown and I have already ran out of this product but its currently sold out huhu :( I will DEFINITELY repurchase this as my shade goes back on stock!!

2 days ago
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For someone who doesn't know much about make up, I received lots of compliments on my eyebrows even though I probably didn't know what I was doing. It's very easy to apply and it lasts all day. I've been using this product for 2 months now, and it still hasn't disappointed me so far.

17 days ago
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Grab one!

I only have good things to say about this eyebrow pencil! First and foremost, its affordable, its light when applied, will neither smear nor stain and can last until the day ends. Its not too pigmented which i like, since i don’t want my brows too dark and make me look like from ancient times😬 i just love love love this pencil! The spoolie blends the color well as if you did not fix your brows at all! Yay!

17 days ago
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Beginner's Delight

When I ran out of the Rocket Girl brow pencil, I turned to this. And while I'd give, Rocket Girl a 5* rating, this is perfect for those who don't know how to manipulate a long edge pencil. This is super easy to use, has enough shades to match your brow to colored hair color, and is another value winner. I got a few in different colors especially since I tend to change my hair color often. It's not an easy win to have this in your make up arsenal!

17 days ago
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I love this eyebrow pencil. I'm not really good at doing my eyebrows but this pencil is very easy to use. It stays for a long time even if I have oily skin. It's very affordable too. I recommend this item to all the girls who want to have a perfect kilay!

20 days ago
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Such a high quality product for a very low price!

I love it! Easy to blend and use and stays all day. I have naturally bushy brows so I only need to fill some sparse areas and this is great for doing both brows on fleek and natural brows. The packaging is good and convenient while the product itself has just the right amount of consistency— not too hard or too smooth. Will surely purchase again!

21 days ago
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Whether you want a Natural-looking brows to Brows on fleek!

This is such a steal! And at such an affordable price! The spoolie/brush is soft, can blend the product easily. The pencil is in a oval kind of shape so you have the control if you want to have your brows appear in a gradient manner or if you want to have it nice and natural. The consistency is not waxy, and I can compare this to the Nichido Eye Pencil. Definitely recommending others to buy this! And definitely purchasing it again.

24 days ago
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Yay! Fast delivery! :))))

I didn't expect that it will arrive today since it's Sunday but yes I got it today and I love it! I got the Choco brownie shade and it's ok and it is so easy to use. :) I want to buy more but I guess I need to control myself for now. Haha 😂

25 days ago
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This was my birthday gift to myself and I really really like this product. The color is perfect on my brows, and people have been asking me what product I'm using. Impressed ang friends ko sa ganda ng product. Matagal din sya, unlike yung ibang eyebrow products na nangangalahati pa lang ang shift mo, nagfade na.

27 days ago
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For a natural eyebrow look

I saw this deal on the best seller part of this website and keep waiting for the "coffee brown" shade for like a month. I saw the reviews and they say it's good for brown hair. One day I decided to buy the Choco Brown while I'm waiting for the Coffee Brown and girl this one is definitely worth a try! I meant the product not just the shade I got. The shade is sooo good btw. I put this on my kikay kit that I bring everyday. Still waiting for my coffee brown though. 😊

28 days ago
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Shapes eyebrows well.

I don't usually do my eyebrows, but because of this, I shape my eyebrows more often. The color fits really well so if you're a bit fair like me with jet-black hair, this is a really good product for you. This product is definitely worth it, seeing that it's cheap but it really does deliver. I would recommend the brown color since the black or the grey may be a bit too intense.

about 1 month ago
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Felt like a pro. #kilaygoals now possible. ❤❤❤

I really really love this brow pencil. I've tried a lot of brow products but ended up having a messed brows, but with Miss Monalisa Brow Pencil, i felt like a pro. My brows now look natural and professionally done. I bought two-coffee brown and choco brown. Perfect for morenas like me. definitely will repurchase and recommend this to my friends. ❤❤❤

about 1 month ago