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Miss Monalisa Eyebrow Pencil with Brush

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Brows literally on fleek!

I've always been in the look out for amazing brow products that doesn't cost you your life, ugh and sometimes drugstore ones are not as great as well. And even harder to find is a good product with a spoolie. This one tho, THIS ONE! I only knew about this here in Beauty MNL it was sold out so I thought this may have worked wonders to the ladies so I told my self I need one, the smoky gray was sold out before we even ordered when it got restocked so I got the second darker shade, Coffee Brown. It wasnt as dark as a Black Brown shade but it works, its not as thick and too thin as well, it doesn't coat the brow hairs of the color like the LA Girl brow pen and very easy to blend using the spoolie, THE SPOOLIE! Its amazing!! You get a great quality for a very affordable price, if I were you I would hoard this one. Coffee Brown is good for every one, specially ladies with warm tone and black/red/brown hair. Choco Brown would work for cool tones I guess. Will have to waitlist the smoky gray as I really want that black brows as my hair :) hihi.

11 months ago
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Such a steal!!! ♡

I am in love with this eyebrow penci. For its price its really very good! This eyebrow pencil is such a steal! Looking at the reviews it made me to get one and try it myself. Its easy to use. I can recommend this to beginners who are looking for high quality eyebrow pencil but affordable! A must-have!!!

7 months ago
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Good for everyday use

Got a coffee brown pencil and the color is good. It is not heavy to wear, and it stays very long. The shade looks similar to every korean eyebrow pencil I've used, bt this one is different aside from its affordable price. Very good for everyday use, and the pencil tip is perfect for drawing or filling sparse eyebrow. Gonna try choco brown next time.

10 months ago
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Perfect Coffee Brown Shade!

I first saw this pencil and it was on sale, so I though i'd give it a try. It was the first time I heard of the shade Coffee Brown. When it arrived, I was amazed! The quality was great! The shade was perfect for my dark brown hair! It's great for easy access, 5 minute make-up run! I bought a few more after. I have one in the car, one in my purse, one in my vanity, etc. :D The thin color tip is perfect for precision eyebrows, and helps you create hair-like strokes evenly! Two thumbs up!!

6 months ago
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Can cover scars

I got the smoky gray color because I'm a brunette. The color alone makes this brow pencil The One for me. It's not often that you find a brow pencil in a gray color (usually it's brown). The pencil managed to cover the scars/bald spot on my eyebrow (a feat that has so far never been accomplished by Etude or Maybelline pencils). A soft stroke on your brow already leaves an impression unlike other brow pencils I used in the past (etude, maybelline). Ideal for natural looking brows.

8 months ago
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Easiest natural looking brows!

I thought the coffee brown wasn't dark enough but when I applied it, it was just the right shade for a natural looking brows, who knew! The tip helps get that shape in no time and thanks to the spoolie, after the blending part, you get hair-like stroke. Works like magic. For a rookie in make up who doesn't want to spend so much time looking good and want on fleek brows this is perfect!

4 months ago
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Perfect for my brows!

Purchased this out of good reviews and yes I did make the right choice. For such an affordable price, this gives me the look I wanted for my brows. I bought it in Choco Brown and can't wait to try the Smoky Gray. For now, this brow pencil is a must in my bag.

5 months ago
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Its super super worth it. To be honest, I'm willing to pay 100 just for the spoolie... It really blends products really well... As for the pencil itself, it looks really natural, it does emphasize and enhance your brows but it doesn't entirely look like you just drew your eyebrows... Overall it's a really really great product... I totally recommend this:)

9 months ago
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Achieve na achieve ang eyebrows on fleek!

My mother super love this! We weren't supposed to get this product because we're eyeing on another brow pencil but it's sold out so we opted for this one and we definitely have no regrets since it does so much better considering it's affordable price. It's worth it for your brows on fleek moreover it looks natural too!

7 days ago
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Wow Brow!

Though I am not an expert on putting eyebrow shades, I try to find ways to tame my brows. At first, I'm a bit hesitant to order this eyebrow pencil because I have tried a lot of pencils that did not meet my expectation. But reading a lot of positive reviews convinced me to try it. And I must say, I am surprised! I got choco brown shade and it matched my eyebrow perfectly! And who could go wrong with a price like that?

7 days ago

I love it!

I have the shade choco brown and I love it soo much! It's the perfect shade for me and it does not have a red tone like other affordable eyebrow products. I hope they restock soon because I'm definitely buying more for my friends!! I also like the brush that comes with it. It is very easy to use, even if I'm doing my brows sa car, still on fleek!

9 days ago
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Loco for Choco Brown! :)

I bought this during the Black Friday sale and I wasn't really expecting much for such a low price. But I was pleasantly surprised! :) It's highly pigmented (I got this in Choco Brown) and has a kind of a waxy consistency that helps it to stay on all day long! :) I also love the spoolie on the other hand that helps me blend my brows well. Will definitely buy again!

13 days ago
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Choco Brown for my brows!

This brand is new to me and the reason why I purchased this is because it's cheap. I don't expect too much of this product but I really love it. The tip and spoolie is a perfect combo in achieving a natural looking eyebrows. Easy application and Choco Brown shade is just right for me.

19 days ago
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Will be buying this again and again!

I'm not a fan of expensive eyebrow products so THIS..This one is spot on! Captured my heart, err wallet. Budget friendly, easy-to-glide, and long-lasting. And oh I love the brush too - its soft bristles don't hurt at all unlike other products that come with a brush. This is my 2nd pencil in the same shade - choco brown, and I know I'll be a loyal suki of this product. A pencil can last me 2 weeks or so - but that's because I use it every day. I'm so glad I got this from BeautyMNL

19 days ago
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Kilay na pang matagalan

Bought Choco Brown and it looks so good and natural. It's not too waxy and too dry. Just the perfect brow pen to give you long lasting brows.The spoolie brush that comes with the brow pen is soft so it doesn't really irritate the skin. Hoping for a buy one get one offer on this super good product please!

22 days ago
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I bought the shade Choco Brown- this is easy to use and very nice because it has a good spoolie as well. I just hope it will have a lighter shade especially for ladies who has light brown hair or blonde colored hair. I love its product name "Miss Monalisa" haha

25 days ago
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Best of Both Worlds

This is the kind of brow pencil that makes your brows look on fleek and natural at the same time... It doesn’t make your brows look harsh and really made but it makes your look natural and really put together...Thumbs up! The shades are really great... It doesn’t look really light/brown nor too dark

about 1 month ago
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Easy to use!

I love that I can use it properly even though I'm a beginner with doing my eyebrows. I'm getting better at it now and to be honest, I didn't see anything special with it the first try but now I can say that it definitely emphasizes my eyebrows more. Really handy too and not to say cheap! Will definitely repurchase!

about 1 month ago
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5 stars!

I love this. Well pigmented, easily glides onto skin and long lasting. The thick edge is great for filling in eyebrows and thin edge is great for drawing hair like strokes. I once forgot to remove makeup before walking my dog so I expected that most of the make up will be gone. LO AND BEHOLD... My eyebrows remained on fleek! It survived the sun and sweat. Will definitely buy again.

about 1 month ago
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I bought this as a gift for my friend who works as a freelance model. she likes it a lot i can see she is using it everyday even at home haha :) it stays long no need to retouch . for those girl who loves make up must have this :)

about 1 month ago