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Miss Monalisa Eyebrow Pencil with Brush

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Brows literally on fleek!

I've always been in the look out for amazing brow products that doesn't cost you your life, ugh and sometimes drugstore ones are not as great as well. And even harder to find is a good product with a spoolie. This one tho, THIS ONE! I only knew about this here in Beauty MNL it was sold out so I thought this may have worked wonders to the ladies so I told my self I need one, the smoky gray was sold out before we even ordered when it got restocked so I got the second darker shade, Coffee Brown. It wasnt as dark as a Black Brown shade but it works, its not as thick and too thin as well, it doesn't coat the brow hairs of the color like the LA Girl brow pen and very easy to blend using the spoolie, THE SPOOLIE! Its amazing!! You get a great quality for a very affordable price, if I were you I would hoard this one. Coffee Brown is good for every one, specially ladies with warm tone and black/red/brown hair. Choco Brown would work for cool tones I guess. Will have to waitlist the smoky gray as I really want that black brows as my hair :) hihi.

7 months ago

Such a steal!!! ♡

I am in love with this eyebrow penci. For its price its really very good! This eyebrow pencil is such a steal! Looking at the reviews it made me to get one and try it myself. Its easy to use. I can recommend this to beginners who are looking for high quality eyebrow pencil but affordable! A must-have!!!

3 months ago
Certified Buyer

Perfect Coffee Brown Shade!

I first saw this pencil and it was on sale, so I though i'd give it a try. It was the first time I heard of the shade Coffee Brown. When it arrived, I was amazed! The quality was great! The shade was perfect for my dark brown hair! It's great for easy access, 5 minute make-up run! I bought a few more after. I have one in the car, one in my purse, one in my vanity, etc. :D The thin color tip is perfect for precision eyebrows, and helps you create hair-like strokes evenly! Two thumbs up!!

2 months ago

Can cover scars

I got the smoky gray color because I'm a brunette. The color alone makes this brow pencil The One for me. It's not often that you find a brow pencil in a gray color (usually it's brown). The pencil managed to cover the scars/bald spot on my eyebrow (a feat that has so far never been accomplished by Etude or Maybelline pencils). A soft stroke on your brow already leaves an impression unlike other brow pencils I used in the past (etude, maybelline). Ideal for natural looking brows.

4 months ago


Its super super worth it. To be honest, I'm willing to pay 100 just for the spoolie... It really blends products really well... As for the pencil itself, it looks really natural, it does emphasize and enhance your brows but it doesn't entirely look like you just drew your eyebrows... Overall it's a really really great product... I totally recommend this:)

5 months ago
Top Reviewer

Good for everyday use

Got a coffee brown pencil and the color is good. It is not heavy to wear, and it stays very long. The shade looks similar to every korean eyebrow pencil I've used, bt this one is different aside from its affordable price. Very good for everyday use, and the pencil tip is perfect for drawing or filling sparse eyebrow. Gonna try choco brown next time.

6 months ago

Easiest natural looking brows!

I thought the coffee brown wasn't dark enough but when I applied it, it was just the right shade for a natural looking brows, who knew! The tip helps get that shape in no time and thanks to the spoolie, after the blending part, you get hair-like stroke. Works like magic. For a rookie in make up who doesn't want to spend so much time looking good and want on fleek brows this is perfect!

11 days ago

Kilay is LIFE !!

I already bought one from dearberry from you guys and I love it so much. The color was coffee brown. It looks good on me and it doesn't smudge that s what I like with this product. Now I ordered choco brown and I'm loving it. I placed my order yesterday and I receive it today. Thank you so much beautymnl for having this product. Thank you for delivering it very fast. Honestly I'll be using it in a bit and I am happy I got it already. girls what are you waiting for? Try it before you regret not buying it in tje first place.

8 days ago

Brows on fleek! 💕

I've used this product until there was nothing left to use! This is definitely one of those products that stays on my eyebrows without it being patchy or weird because with my REALLY oily face, nothing tends to stick very well. It does NOT come off until you scrub it off and I would definitely purchase this again :)

10 days ago


This eyebrow pencil is the best I have used so far! I wanted to buy Coffee Brown but at the time, it was out of stock so I purchased Choco Brown instead. It matches my hair color (golden ash brown) so plus points for that! I am obsessed with my eyebrows and I'm really obsessed with this one. It really makes my eyebrows stand out without overpowering my whole face. Once my current one runs out, I'll purchase my first choice! Thank you Dearberry and BeautyMNL for making my first puchase awesome! :) <3

15 days ago

Fab Brows in Less Than 2 Minutes

I started using Miss Monalisa in 02 Coffee Brown last April 2017 and it instantly became my Brow HG. All of my other attempts on finding the perfect Brow liner were all misses. I tried palettes,pencils, and other autoliners that either broke easily, needed sharpening, or took a lot of time to apply. I'm no makeup expert, but Miss Monalisa makes it easy and quick to do that. The spoolie is a gift ! This gem of a product costs reasonably too ! Highly recommended and I even bought 01 Choco Brown for one of my bffs ! Will definitely hoard again. :)

18 days ago

The brush on the end is a great bonus!

I really like this brow pencil. It lasts long on my face and for a person who keeps accidentally scratching my brows, that's a feat in itself. The colour also matches my hair very well, which is a problem I have with some other brands. The brush spoolie at the other end is also really convenient.

19 days ago


I'm never into eyebrows before until I tried it!! Yey! I'm always lazy fixing my brows since I used my MAC fluid liner. I love the color as it fits me, but too hassle to bring it on univ along with brush! (I want my things minimal as much as possible) And when I saw this product at less 200, I feel that this is exactly what I needed. AND I AM NEVER DISAPPOINTED. This is such a steal. I am using 02 Coffee Brown, the color is great for me. It fits my hair color and skin and is always on the go. I really love this product. Happy thing is, I've been using it for three months and I'm still not half way there. No regrets. This is love!

23 days ago

Coffee Brown is a must-have.

I have already tried two variants: Choco brown and Coffee Brown. Both were really good products but I loved the Coffee Brown more. It fits well with my dark hair color. It is easy to apply. I also like that it comes with a brush. That makes it really convenient to use anytime!

29 days ago

Love it!

This is the best eyebrow pencil I've come across! I love how it easily draws on my eyebrows, bringing a stunning line despite my rather thick eyebrow hair. I completely love it! And to think it's cheaper than most brands. I'm even buying more and I gushed about it to my sister, who also bought lots of Coffee Brown shade.

about 1 month ago
Top Reviewer

Perfect, love it!

The coffee brown is amazing! Although I haven't tried other colors, which I intend to someday, this color is perfect for my black brows. I don't want to use a brow pencil that makes my brows more brown than black, so I suggest if you want something in between, this is the perfect color. Super easy to draw and slide onto the skin too.

about 1 month ago

Definitely, a kikay kit must have!

This has been my go-to brow product! Fell in love with it from the first time I used it. It creates very natural looking strokes. I got the shade coffee brown and it's just so perfect! Not too dark, not too light. Just enough for my morena skin tone. Definitely, a kikay kit must have!

about 1 month ago

Kilay is life!

I was looking for a brow product with a spoolie, a good color to match my skin tone and most of all, affordable but a great product. And I find everything I was looking for with this product. It also looks natural on you and you can really say "Kilay is life."

about 1 month ago

Perfect for my brows!

Purchased this out of good reviews and yes I did make the right choice. For such an affordable price, this gives me the look I wanted for my brows. I bought it in Choco Brown and can't wait to try the Smoky Gray. For now, this brow pencil is a must in my bag.

about 1 month ago
Top Reviewer

Best and cheapest Eye Brow Pencil I've Ever Had

I never was particular with eye brow make up only because I always forget to do them, and I never really found an HG product that could help me out. I like the appearance of naturally bushy brows, so I just usually fill in the sparse areas. The price has always been an issue for me, but another, with regard to eye brow pencils at least, is that the pencil itself is too hard, and I would have to struggle to put my eyebrows on to the point that I'll just give up and forget about it. This one however, is not only cheap, the consistency is also remarkable. It isn't too hard that I find it difficult to apply, and it also isn't too soft that you can practically mold the pencil. This is definitely a must try, I didn't get my shade (I got coffee brown, and I have black hair) so hopefully they restock the gray one soon!

about 1 month ago