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Pit Perfect Whitening Deodorant Spray

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Love love love it! :)

Pit perfect deodorant spray is a deo from heaven! I mean, aside from the fact that it doesn't stain my white uniform because it dries easily with just a little spray, it can also make your underarms smelly-free and fresh all day!! Amazing isn't it? I'm really conscious about my smell and of course no one wants a smelly armpit! SO THIS IS A MUST BUY GIRLS :)

about 1 year ago
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Perfect for summer!

Loved the fact that it dries fast, smells nice, and totally works! If you are tired of all the antiperspirants-deodorant combos in the market, you must try this. A natural deodorant that is easy on the wallet, this deo is such a relief after trying hundreds that never really worked. I've tried another natural spray deo, but this one tops that. Aside from drying fast, it last more that 24 hours, and I have been sweating.

10 months ago
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HG Deo for MEN!

Okay... so this is now my HG Deo... Like .. first of all.. i'm a man.. like i sweat like 10x more than women.. And this deo is keeping me fresh all day !!!!! I swear! ... Like there's no sweaty smell and i smell fresh after a long day ! And i love that this has natural ingredients !!!! And bonus ! it's does not leave a sticky feel and it's not staining my shirts !!!!! hoarding!!!!!!!!

2 months ago
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smoothens and brightens underarms

Skin Genie's Pit Perfect Deodorant Spray does a decent job in smoothening and brightening underarm area. I'm seeing improvement in my underarms after daily application for one week. I'll give it some more time, maybe whitening and other nice results will show eventually. The scent is just fine with me. Fragrance stays for about two to three hours. I bought this product at BeautyMNL for P250 and it's fair enough because it smoothens my underarms, it contains essential oils (tea tree, green apple) and it's non-greasy unlike roll-on deodorant.

about 1 year ago
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It works!

Been using this for 3 weeks now. Didn't expect it to work but it did! It smells great, made my pits smoother and the small blotches and lines are almost gone. It just feels like a water spray so no stickiness or residue. I have never used deodorant of any sort because I didn't need to. I tried this for its lightening properties so yes it does work. Maybe even better if used for a longer period.

about 1 year ago
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Better than other natural deos.

This product is not only affordable, it is also effective. I decided to give this a try when i was about to run out of my other more expensive natural deodorant that i also order online and it did not disappoint. It dries fast, will not make you smell and i feel like it moisturizes my underams too.

7 months ago
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Perfect Deo Indeed!

I loved the smell. Been using for almost a week now. My arm pits are not sweaty anymore because of this. It is so convenient that it is in a spray bottle which is very good--- just right amount of the product on your pits. It's not sticky and it dries up easily! Will hoard!!!!!

3 days ago
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Definitely (Pit) Perfect!

No sticky feeling, smells so good, and sprays really well. A single spray already covers my whole armpit. Aside from this, it leaves me feeling and smelling fresh all day- even after working out! It feels really light as well which is good because I've tried different natural deodorants which feel sticky and heavy in the pits.

5 days ago
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Don't miss this!

I love skin genie products and this is one of those that I like so much. I love that it absorbs and dries easily compared to the other deo spray I have tried before. The scent is not overwhelming and mild. The spray lasts for almost 3 months for me, sobrang tipid gamitin which makes the price more sulit and worth it. Would buy again for this, makes my pits smoother and fresh all day! No more kili kili amoy to worry about! :D

6 days ago
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Mild enough but still works

I love the scent and I guess it also helped clear the chicken skin on my underarms. I like the fact that it is also mild enough that it did not worsen the condition of my skin. It may last throughout the day. I also had my mom try it and she said that it is ok.

8 days ago
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Love it!!

I love that it dries fast and smell nice! Plus it's not staining my uniform. Feeling fresh all day. It really does what it promised. It smoothens, brightens and smelly-free my underarms. I also love the fact that this has natural ingredients. Winner! Truly worth the price. Will definitely hoard and recommend this deo to e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e!!!

8 days ago
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Not just deo!

I use this to freshen up during the day. I tend to get smelly in the middle of the day since my body seems to be immune to deodorants. This product gets me through the day odor-free. I even use it in other parts of my body when I would really want to feel fresh. It doesn't smell like your regular deo. It just smells clean.

11 days ago
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First time natural deodorant

So glad I switched from my conventional, harsh deodorant into this! Was actually scared that this will not be enough for my anghit (I was very conscious! Haha), so I decided to follow advices that I should be beware of my transition into this product kasi dun palang mag-aadjust yung "anghit" ko, hahaha! So I started using this product during my vacation period, and after a couple weeks' use I can really tell my pits looked better! Hindi na siya masyadong sensitive and manipis yung balat, and mas even na yung skin tone. Also glad na hindi naman ako baskil (kasi yun talaga ineexpect ko bes). Di na ko babalik sa harsh deodorants ko dati! Time to treat my pits the way it deserves to be treated. Haha!

21 days ago
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It really is pit-perfect!

Been using regular deo with no qualms until I noticed that my UA are getting darker. Thus, for the past 3 years, I have not used a deodorant (lemon does the work, in case you're wondering😉) Having been introduced to BeautyMnl, I got crazy and purchased a lot of things out of impulse and curiosity. This spray deo was one of the many "things" I bought. Been using this for weeks now and I have yet to complain. Was hesitant to try this at first but after seeing the positive reviews I thought I'd give it a try. So here I am. Aside from the non-sticky feel, it does not leave any smell on my skin or on my clothes. Coming in a spray bottle also adds to the pros. Will definitely repurchase again.

22 days ago
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Road to bright UA!

I was looking for a whitening deo so I purchased this along with the pit perfect whitening scrub and whitening cream to have maximum effect. I haven't got the whitening outcome that I was looking for but I can see it's improvement compared to other products that I used for years and still nothing happened and I've only been using this for 2 months! What I love about this deo spray is that it dries quickly and it doesn't stain even on black/white clothing unlike other deodorants I've tried before. I'm definitely going to stay with this product now.

23 days ago
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I’ve been using this together with the scrub and cream for 2 months and I must say that this set of product is really worth it. Effective and cheaper compare to the products I’ve used before. It dries fast, smells good and it will keep you fresh all day. So this is a must buy. 👍🏻

27 days ago
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Works well

Got this for a friend and she is very happy with it. it dries easily and keeps odor away, it does not stain clothes like other deodorants would. she uses it in conjunction with other skin genie products like the pit scrub and the pit perfect cream. she's always raving about how her armpit smells good and it sometimes fun and funny. LOL

30 days ago
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I love this one!

THIS IS A MUST TRY FOR ALL! When I bought this one sobrang happy ako na sobrang bango niya and it dries so easily na parang wala lang and sobrang smooth ng underarms mo after. Kahit mag-jog ka pa ng ilang beses super fresh pa rin ng underarms ko at super happy and satisfied talaga ako.

about 1 month ago
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For keeps! ❤️

I’ve always been insecure about my underarms. Aside from it being too dark from too much shaving and usage of chemical whiteners, it also smells. This product, however, solves my underarm problems. I use this together with the lightening salve from V&M, and in just 3 days of using it, i have seen improvements, which I haven’t seen after using commercial whiteners for years! I’m also surprised that this has kept odor at bay all day! This is definitely for keeps. ❤️

about 1 month ago
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Let your underarms breathe!

I use this simultaneously with V&M Naturals Underamour and I can say that they have similar effect on me. The only downside is it doesn't last the whole day, unlike the latter. I have to apply at least twice a day since I have hyperhidrosis (I sweat too much). Yes, it doesn't prevent my underarm from sweating but I love that it makes my underarms breathe. Been using organic deos because my underarms hate chemicals and so far, this is the best I've had considering its price.

about 1 month ago