Poo Spray in Mint (10ml) by Deja Poo

Déjà Poo Pre-Poo Spray in Mint (10ml)

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CLAIM TO FAME: A convenient, mint-scented spray that helps dispel distressing odors

FAST FACTS: Formulated with natural ingredients and a blend of essential mint oils; forms a fragrant layer over toilet water to trap any unwanted odors in the water; safe for skin and the environment

PERFECT FOR: Private and shared bathroom spaces

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Déjà Poo Pre-Poo Spray in Mint

Before you do the deed, shake the bottle well and gently spritz on the toilet water. Do your number 2 with discretion. If the smell is resilient, pump it up!

Déjà Poo is an all-natural pre-poo spray that keeps embarrassing bathroom odors at bay! So if you have to go, no one else will ever know. The brand uses an environment-friendly blend of essential oils and natural ingredients, so it’s safe for your skin, the toilet, and the environment. Perfect for anyone who frequents shared spaces!

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Purchased this in Mint and in Vanilla. When it comes to #2, the mint version, for me, smells better than the vanilla. It is really handy so you can bring it along with you in your purse for any emergency. This is also useful especially when using public washrooms that are not exactly clean.

11 months ago
Top Reviewer

For mintu freshness!

And anyone who walks in on you will just think someone just brushed their teeth. That's the effect of deja poo's minty version. The added feature of this? The 10ml bottle! So handy! It can just fit into the pocket and no one will ever suspect. It's perfect for the kikay kit, the travel pack and the tote bag. Yay!

about 1 year ago
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Made poop!ng less scary

Perfect for emergency bathroom situations! When you really need to let it all go, this comes to the rescue!!! It made pooping less scary to do in public restrooms. You can now feel assured that the person in the next cubicle won’t know your current situation 😂 It’s size is good enough to fit your pocket, this really is a must have.

about 1 month ago
Certified Buyer

No trace of awkwardness!

In times when you’re in the most unexpected places and you just need to go, this makes doing the deed less stressful. Doesn’t leave any unpleasant odor. It’s super handy, so it’s a mainstay in my hygiene kit. I’ve tried mint and green tea, but I love the mint scent more. It’s like a secret weapon to staying fresh! I think it’s a unique gift to my girlfriends.

2 months ago
Certified Buyer

Mainstay in my bag

For some reason, my bag just feels incomplete without this so this is a mainstay now. This will make you feel less embarrassed when you have to do #2 especially in public restrooms. This assures you that you'll leave the toilet smelling like toothpaste, as if someone brushed their teeth inside the cubicle. =)) No trace of #2 at all!

3 months ago
Certified Buyer

Heaven (haha!)

Bought this as a little present for my bf, and he absolutely loved it! He said it was fun doing the #2 after spraying this on the water because of the minty feeling he gets out of it. Plus, it's very handy! And now he's asking me to buy one again haha! Thank you, Déjà Poo, my bf's got a poo buddy out of you :)

6 months ago