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Poo Spray in Vanilla (60ml) by Deja Poo

Déjà Poo Pre-Poo Spray in Vanilla (60ml)

₱235.00 ₱176.00
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CLAIM TO FAME: A vanilla-scented toilet spray that keeps embarrassing odors away

FAST FACTS: Formulated with natural ingredients and a blend of vanilla essential oils; helps dissipate nasty smells by forming a stench-trapping layer over water; safe for skin and the environment

PERFECT FOR: Visits to the toilet

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Déjà Poo Pre-Poo Spray in Vanilla

Before you do the deed, shake the bottle well and gently spritz on the toilet water. Do your number 2 with discretion. If the smell is resilient, pump it up!

Déjà Poo is an all-natural pre-poo spray that keeps embarrassing bathroom odors at bay! So if you have to go, no one else will ever know. The brand uses an environment-friendly blend of essential oils and natural ingredients, so it’s safe for your skin, the toilet, and the environment. Perfect for anyone who frequents shared spaces!

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Certified Buyer

Satisfaction guaranteed!!! 😊

For someone like me who doesn't have any regular schedule of you-know-what, this is a MUST! I've been looking for something like this for a long time, but thanks to BeautyMNL for having this brand in their wide selection of products. :) I ordered this last night and got all the items that I bought this afternoon. I was so excited to use this so I tried it right away, and it's definitely worth it! 👌

5 months ago
Certified Buyer

A lifesaver!

I don't regularly do the deed so expect some nastiness when I do the the deed, however I'm really thankful creations like this exists and is available here in PH, especially with affordable prices! I'm glad I bought the big bottle, I acccompany this baby every time I do the deed! Ha! I'll definitely repurchase, and the smell is great too! Sometimes I even spray it on room areas with bad odor and it still does the trick!

19 days ago

Good, fun buy :)

I just bought this for fun, I mean it's not like anyone particularly needs a pre-poo spray (I think) given that most bathrooms now have exhausts but quite fun to say that this is a satisfying buy. It smells sooooooooo nice. I just noticed that it doesn't quite do an excellent job masking the smell of pee but it's not made for that so doesn't matter. My only negative comment on this is that the nozzle is not that great. Mine broke after three days and I didn't even use this everyday. So I had to buy another spray bottle. But that's it. Bottomline, good, fun buy.

4 months ago


I told my mom about this, and originally bought it for her. We keep it in our shared bathroom, and it smells SUPER nice. I sprayed it once simply to test it out, and it doesn't have an overpowering and overwhelming scent. It's just enough to mask any bad odor without their distinct smells mixing together. The container is also thick glass that won't break easily. (Thank you, BeautyMNL, for making sure the product doesn't break during delivery!) However, the product itself isn't heavy or large (even though I bought the 60mL one instead of the 10mL), so it's easy to carry around in your bag in case you need it. The aroma is sweet, and I give it random sprays regardless if I'm doing #1 or #2.

5 months ago
Top Reviewer

Works like Magic!

My sisters and I are all living together and all of us are using one comfort room. So whenever somebody poop, whether it's smelly or not, they would shout and say that your poop smells! So I've decided to buy this and spray this all over the bathroom after doing the deed. Since then I never heard any comments from all of my sisters, after pooping haha. Best decision ever! Never heard any complaint at all!

5 months ago
Certified Buyer

Never feel ashamed again! ;)

I've used around 3 other similar products like this one, but Deja Poo is the best of them all. This is the cheapest one I've tried but it's as effective as the more expensive brands! The vanilla smell doesn't mix with the bad smell. It fills your comfort room with a scent that won't make you feel uncomfortable! I recommend bringing this along with you all the time especially in case of emergencies - this is a life saver! No one will know you're doing the deed. ;) did I mention that the packaging and labels are so cute, too?? This should be a necessity in your TOILETries bag!! :)

5 months ago