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Perfect Glow Mineral Blush

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I have used tons of blushers. Some are pigmented while others are not. Some are shimmer and others dont. Some left me tiny bumps and others left me pimples. So i decided to go natural. And when you speak of natural go for human nature. They have tons of products from head to toe. This blush is so affordable and sleek design. It has tiny brush so i still use my big one. Sun kissed is one of my fave. Its like a dupe of nars orgasm. Very gentle on my skin and doesnt irritate at all though im wearing it everyday.

10 months ago

Skin caring blush!

Became a fan of human nature products after knowing that they use natural ingredients plus it's a local brand! Let's support our countries products! hehe. I bought the shade Pink Bloom and it did not cause pimples in my skin. The brush actually is okay in my opinion compared to the other reviews. Definitely will repurchase but will try other shades. :)

about 2 months ago
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Ideal for sensitive skin!

I am a sucker for makeups that is not harsh on the skin and has a good formulation. I love this primarily because of its rich formulation so you don't have to worry if you will breakout or your face will react negatively in this product. I love the pink bloom shade because it gives me a natural effect. This is also cheap so ideal for all those who are in budget but want a good product!

11 months ago

No makeup makeup

Pink bloom is my favorite. If Kilay is Life, for me with pale white skin, blush gives me life and this color is perfect for everyday, no make up or natural look. For me, it lasts all day but afternoon touch up is a must! No problem for sensitive skin because its all natural and safe.

about 2 months ago

Nars dupe?.. Here it is my fellow Filipinas! It's soooooo great!

The shade is really nice! I love the shade I got, Pink Bloom. I like it because it stays on longer and has a semi-matte finish. Ideal for sensitive skin, no breakout, no negative reaction on skin.. Love the packaging, it's so easy to apply and looked so natural!

about 2 months ago

perfect for everyday look

This is perfect for my sensitive skin. I don't have to worry that this might cause my breakout. The shade is well pigmented and very economical. This lasted for 2-3 months. Not bad at all. I got mine sun kissed, which looks very natural. And it compliments well on my skin tone. The done side is the brush, some of the bristles were falling apart,.. Kudos to Human Nature. :)

2 months ago

Flush perfect!

I was on a hunt for natural makeup then when I learned that h❤n has their own line of makeup. I tried their blush in pink bloom color and I super love it. It has that natural pink color on my cheeks. If you want, you can apply your favorite gel or tint blush and top this off. Your blush will definitely stay for a long time. Though I would prefer it in a round pot packaging and I don't like using the brush that comes with it. I use my own angled blush.

3 months ago
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Gives you the Perfect Glow :)

human nature is quickly becoming my favorite brand!! it's never harsh on your skin, would never break you out, easy to find, good quality and really affordable. Also like most of their products this looked so natural and stunning and just perfect :) Got sun-kissed and i'm now about to order the other two shades because i loved it so much. True to its name, it does give you the Perfect Glow :)

3 months ago

Really skin-friendly.. I love it!

Loving this product because it doesn't make my cheeks itch! I love the shade I got, Pacific Shimmer, as it is not too loud and is natural-looking. It's also very portable, it's so little, I could just shoot it into my bag when I'm in a hurry. What I would change though is the brush because the first couple of times I used it, a couple of bristles remained on my cheeks.

3 months ago
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Best blush for the summer!

I've been buying different peach blushes for months and I finally found the perfect one. True to its name, the shade Sun-kissed makes me look sun-kissed and it's great for different skin tones. It's not as light or pinkish as other peach blushes. It's great for sensitive skin and it absorbs the oil on my face too. Love this!

4 months ago
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Human Nature makeup products are among the best in the market. The price and quality can compare to the more expensive branded ones out there..This blush is no exception.. Lovely rose color [Pink Bloom) is perfect for my skin. Lasts long. And doesn't make me oily too. I will have to say however that I miss the old brush that they used to sell together with their first edition blushes. That one was a half moon shape and was pretty soft. The shape made it a lot easier to apply the color in a semi circular motion. Made my cheeks look flushed and I didn't have to blend any harsh edges away. Unlike the new rectangular shaped brush that came with this one. The package is also convenient to bring around (if I did which I don't because I don't retouch) because it is small and lightweight. Doesn't weigh my bag down more than I have to.

6 months ago
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Looks Natural :)

I don't normally wear blush for my daily make up routine but decided to give it a try. That's why I've been looking for the perfect blush and found this. I bought the Pink Bloom and it was the right shade for me, it's not too pink so it looks natural!

8 months ago
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Very satisfied!

Been using this blush for almost 5 months and I never experienced any problem with my skin while using this. This is truly safe for sensitive skin plus it is so cheap! I have this in shade sun kissed and this really gives me the perfect glow especially this coming summer!

8 months ago
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For soft natural flush

This is my favorite blush that rivals VMV Hypoallergenics. The shades are all nice and natural, like soft flush. It looks so natural when applied. It's very fine too and does not have any scent. It's also perfect for sensitive skin. This is the only blush I will never trade. Get all colors because they are divine! Sunkissed really makes morenas glow!

8 months ago
Certified Buyer

Sun Kissed!

Such a good product for a cheap price! Sun kissed i think is perfect for a summer look. I've been looking for the perfect orange blush til i found this. Definitely buying again. And yes, it's perfect for those who have sensitive skin, it's super gentle and soft which is i'm really inlove at! :)

8 months ago
Certified Buyer

One of the BEST Blushes in the Market!!!! Love it!!!!!

I bought this blush in the shade Pink Bloom and it is such a beautiful color on my fair-medium skintone. I've tried on so many blushes but this is probably one of my most beloved blushes just cause of how beautiful it is and how long it lasts, especially for it's price. This has instantly become my go-to blush cause of how gorgeous the color looks on my skin and you really don't need to touch up since it lasts all day even on my Oily/Combination skin. It has a subtle shimmer that instantly makes your face have that highlighted flushed glow and it's really pigmented too so a little goes a long way. You can build it up to be really wham-bam-rosy cheeks, or just dust on a bit for that soft flush. I really cannot recommend it enough so just go and buy it and see for yourself how great of a product it is!

9 months ago

Best Blush Ever!

I got this in the shade "Sun Kissed," which is perfect for those with warm undertones! It looks very natural on the skin and the shimmer is very subtle and soft. I also like the cute packaging which includes a mirror and a tiny brush for application. Overall, it's a really great product -- it's affordable, cruelty-free, flattering, and local! What more could you ask for?

10 months ago
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Natural Looking Blush

I love mineral makeup in general and this is one of my favorites. Being a local product, it really suits and compliments the Filipina skin tone very well. I use this on top of the Human Nature mineral powder and it makes me look so effortlessly blooming and glowing. I use this once in a while to allow my skin to rest and breathe from using chemical-based products, especially when I'm trying to heal breakouts. It's very gentle to the skin, I love it!

10 months ago
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Not harsh to skin

I am slowly switching to natural products from skin care to make ups and i am glad that human nature has mineral blush. The color is just okay. I just hope they have more colors to choose from. This is not harsh to skin and very gentle. I like it

10 months ago

100% for the blush, meh on the brush

I LOVE THIS BLUSH! I bought mine in the shade Sun Kissed and it definitely lives up to its name. I love how pigmented it is which means a few strokes on the brush can go a really long way. The only thing I didn't like though is that the small brush that comes with it isn't high quality. The hairs on the brush are already falling out on the first use so I use a different blush brush instead. If we're talking about the blush itself, it's 100% for me :)

about 1 month ago