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Sunflower Beauty Oil (50ml)

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THIS STUFF WORKS! An oily, acne-prone skinned girl's dream

I was in the market for an affordable but effective beauty oil, and I happened to come across this one in the supermarket. I bought it on a whim, and it was probably the best beauty decision of my life! THIS STUFF WORKS. After just two weeks, I noticed less breakouts, lightened acne scars, smoother skin texture and a natural glow to my skin! The smell can take a little getting used to (kind of smells like sunflower cooking oil) but it's nothing too pungent or intense. I use this at night before my regular moisturizer and it has done wonders for my skin. To all my oily, acne-prone ladies out there, don't be afraid of this product! I'm almost out of it and will DEFINITELY be repurchasing!

4 months ago

Works Wonders in my Underarms!

I've had awful dark spots and bumps in my underarms for quite some time now and I'm relieved that this is effective! I've been using this for almost 2 months now and it lessened dark spots in my underarms. I also use this as serum in my face 3x a week and it totally gave a right kind of glow and it reduces acne marks in my skin. This is indeed a wonder oil and for its price its truly effective!

7 months ago

Great for brow + lash growth!

By far my favorite beauty oil that's at an affordable price! It's so hard to track down in stores and I'm happy they sell it here. I've been using it on my face at night as a moisturizer, and I don't feel oily in the morning. I'd go the entire day with hydrated skin. I also apply the oil on my eyebrows and eyelashes to make them thicker, and it works! I didn't see that coming! I apply it before bed and in two weeks I've begun to see the differences. I've had my boyfriend put the stuff on his beard and it's gotten thicker + fuller. Would recommend this for facial hair growth.

9 months ago

Beauty oil for oily-skin girls

The first and until now (4 years) product I use in Human Nature. I was skeptical in using oil at first because I have oily skin. But this h❤n sunflower oil is non-comedogenic and non-greasy at all. I use it as a make-up remover and my skin feels smooth the next day, my acne scars almost gone and pores seems smaller. No breakouts or more oiliness skin for me.

3 months ago

Miraculous Oil

This is one of my favorite product of Human Nature. I've been using it for 2 weeks now and I can assure you its worth buying. I always use whitening soap in my daily cleansing routine and it really makes my skin so dry and unfortunately one time I overdue having the soap in my body for 10-15 minutes and it makes my skin reddish as if it was burned. I am so afraid because not just on my body but it also ruined my face. Then I remember this product and immediately put it in may face and body. Next morning its like a miracle. No trace of redness and it heals my skin too making it soft and refresh. Its a must keep. Surely I will repurchase!

about 1 month ago
Top Reviewer

my fave all around oil! definitely a main stay in my vanity

I use this product everywhere! lashes, hair, mascara remover etc. but the most effective i used it for was to tame irritation from waxing since i wax my underarms and lightening up dark spots. it makes my skin glow the morning after, sometimes i mix it with my lotion too on cold days for a softer pelt. This is the product that got me addicted to Human Nature. It's cheap, natural and sustainable and you help communities as well! trusly a beautiful product with a heart and a purpose!

about 2 months ago

Exceeded my expectations

I've been using this for a week now and mostly as facial moisturizer and lip oil. I had second thoughts at first about putting it on my face because i thought i'd have greasy face when i wake up, but when i finally tried it, my face felt so supple and smooth. It's also great as lip oil (you can apply it at night and you'll wake up with soft and kissable lips!) and I don't have to worry about chapped lips again!

about 2 months ago


Walang kupas! First discovered Sunflower Beauty Oil by Human Nature when I was in college (2013). I had skin irritations that spread to my arms and legs. With just one week of using this, (applied twice a day, one after shower and one before bed) nawala completely! Since then I've been using this as substitute for lotion and I must say, my skin is so much healthier na. I also had bumps on my forehead (from over exfoliating) and pimple marks on one side of my face, this thing works like magic. I thought at first it might make my pimples worse since oily skin ako, but boy was I wrong. This stuff really works!

2 months ago

Excellent Alternative Hair Serum

This beauty oil save my life literally! I hunted so many hair product to tame my frizzy and dry curly hair and found one that is quite expensive for my pocket OGX Kukui Oil. While I love the smell and effect of this oil on my hair I just can't afford to shell out 500 every 2 months for this product. I have been using this sunflower oil for two years now mostly to my hair. I also tried it underarm and yes it lighten it up and improve the texture of my skin. I used it as lip moisturizer sometimes when I ran out of lip balm and it really soften my lips. It's very reliable and the best part is it healed my dry hair. I finally said goodbye to hair rebond because I received more compliment with my long curly hair now. They thought it was permed but it is all natural!

10 months ago

Go natural, youw wont regret! 😉

I use this every night as a moisturizer. True to its claims, it made my face look and feel fresh the next morning. It doesnt have that heavy oily feels, no fragrance also but easy to dispense because of the pump! Im still observing if this will fade my acne marks though. But for the price, this is worth the try! ❤

7 days ago

All around oil!!! <3

This oil smells like sunflower seeds and I am very happy with that. I have been using this for a month now and it really made my underarm smooth. I am also applying it on my face and other dry parts of my body. It really is an all-around oil. I am definitely recommending this to everyone!

10 days ago
Top Reviewer

Love at first use!!!

Can't emphasize enough how much I love this!!!!!! Love at first use indeed! Used this overnight and woke up with smooth and fresh skin! I love it! With my oily skin, I though this will make my skin oil up more but surprisingly it did not!! It moisturized it and actually removed excess oils. I love it so much. It doesn't have a smell and doesn't make me break out. Definitely worth the hype!! Gonna repurchase this forever!!!

12 days ago

HG multi-purpose oil!!!

I've been using this oil for more than a year now. At first, I just use this for my blemishes and to soothe my acne. I helps in reducing the size of my pimples and it also lightens the marks left. I retained my koreana kutis with this oil! It also helped in keeping my eyes fresh even with only few hours of sleep. Removing make up is also easier and keeping my skin moisturized was a breeze. Would never let my skin care stash without this oil!

12 days ago

Oil for all seasons!

This is my to go to beauty oil, especially now that I am pregnant. I like how light it is in my skin and how my skin easily absorbs it compared to other beauty oils. I've been using this as my primer, as a hair serum to tame my crazy wavy hair and a facial moisturizer. You'll get your money's worth, as a single pump can go a long way. Just use a few drops during a humid weather, and highly recommended during cold season, or when travelling where the weather is cold and dry.

13 days ago

Went way beyond my expectation! PROMISE!

I tried using some home remedies to lighten my acne, and it only had a minimal effect. I got tired of preparing my diy so I researched for something else. I came across with this oil and someone also recommended this product (thanks to her!). I'm actually having doubts at first with this oil since my face is oily and maybe it will not work since its cheap compared to other products. So I didn't expect too much. I use this twice a day as moisturizer before my day(with SPF) and night cream. And after 1 week, I could see some changes already! My acne marks and dark circles under my eyes got lightened! Since I have naturally thin or sparse eyebrows, I also apply this to my brows and it got thicker. Some also said that my face is blooming and it doesn't look like I'm lack of sleep.

14 days ago

Economically organic

Non-greasy and easily absorbed by the skin. One thing I like about this product is it doesn't feel heavy on skin. I'm not so sure if I would recommend it for day use but I like to use it at night. But of course, it's just my opinion. I also use it as a hair serum eventhough human nature created a separate product for hair serum, it works anyway in taming the frizziness. It' an economical and organic product so I give it a thumbs up!

15 days ago

PERFECT FOR MY ACNE-PRONE FACE AND DRY FRIZZY CURLY HAIR!!! Definitely my holy grail product!!!

I've tried different drugstore moisturizers but none of them gave me that "OMG-I-FOUND-THE-ONE" feels that this sunflower beauty oil did. At first I was hesitant because I thought oil wouldn't go well with oily skin. I read several reviews and I thought it's too good to be true considering all the promises that it can do, so I gave it a try. BOY DID I JUST MADE THE BEST DECISION EVEEER! I use two products before (moisturizer and serum) but now I just use this! I also noticed that after weeks of use, my acne scars started to fade. I only use half a pump because little goes a long way but at night, I use a full pump. For my hair, I use 1-2 pumps on my tips and my top to keep those tiny hairs in place. I never thought I would ever find a solution to my buhaghag problem, now people are complimenting my shiny curly hair and they say I look less haggard na because of the less frizz haha

15 days ago
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I love human nature products because of its ingredient that is sooo organic and paraben free. I have a sensitive skin and Im so very picky when it comes to my skin. Whenever I have insect bites i apply this sunflower beauty oil to easily remove the mark of the insect bites on my skin. No more religiously applying the skin of banana to get rid of it. Its very handy so I can bring this whenever I go.

18 days ago

Sunflower is ❤❤❤

I'm into anything organic nowadays so I was in search of products that could solve my skin problems. I have mild acne and a combination skin type. Happened to saw this here in Beauty Manila, read some reviews and was decided to try it myself. I use this product as my moisturizer for my daily routine. And I'm amazed. It immediately addressed my skin problems in just days of using it. Though my blemishes are not yet completely gone, I can notice that it gradually helps my skin improve. Pimples are healing, skin is looking healthier, blemishes are slowly lightening. I have high hopes for this product. ❤

19 days ago

Sulit love!

I love this baby! 1sr human nature product i've purchased and Im in awe! Pansin ko it helped lessen my stretch marks on tummy. I have a flaky type of skin sa binti ko but since ive started using this, nalessen ung dryness. D xa ung super oily na type na mefifeel mo after u slather it on ur body. Even on ur face! U'l wake up to a dewy face and lesser wrinkles over tym :) my bottle isnt halfway through kahit almost 2 months ko na xang gamit on my face and on my body! Sulit tlga to! Will defffff repurchase! Kinda hoping they'll have the 100ml ones.

21 days ago