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Original Squeeze Tube by Carmex®

Bestselling Original Squeeze Tube

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There’s a reason this little beauty in a tube is Carmex®’s bestseller. Specially formulated with menthol and camphor for cooling pain relief, and just a touch of cocoa butter and mineral oil for velvety, smooth application, it helps keep moisture locked into the skin with just one swipe. A squeezable applicator allows you control over how much or how little you wish to apply, and its smooth-glide tube formula slides tenderly over cracked lips and dry skin. Ideal for daily use, it’s one beauty item you definitely need to have in your makeup kit.

This product contains salicyclic acid and should, therefore, refrain from being used by anyone who is allergic to aspirin.

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Bestselling Original Squeeze Tube

  • For Adults and children 2 years of age and older: apply to lips not more than 3 to 4 times daily
  • For children under 2 years of age: ask a doctor

It was love at first swipe when we put on one of Carmex®’s ultra-moisturizing balms! What started as a homemade remedy for cold sores and chapped lips is now a cult hit and must-have item for professional makeup artists, celebrities, and even athletes such as NBA Superstar Lebron James. The no. 1 most recommended lip balm by pharmacists in the US, Carmex® was born in 1963, when Alfred Woelbing concocted a salve to heal his own cold sores and chapped lips. He decided to put his salve on the market, and through word of mouth, the demand for his product grew so large that he abandoned his stovetop production and finally made his way to build their factory in Wisconsin. Today, Carmex® remains a major competitor in the industry, continuously creating innovative new products for fans and new customers.

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Lives Up to the Hype

I can't believe this cult product is only a little over P100 and I got it on BMNL at a great discount! It delivers instant moisture so I use it as a base for lipsticks that tend to be drying or overly matte.

about 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

No need for expensive lip balms!

I love this! Aside from being very affordable, it really heals dry, chapped lips. For me, it's best to use before bedtime and then scrub your lips in the morning :)

about 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

Minimized my flakey and chapped lips!

I found my go to lip balm! I have really dry lips, as in flakey, chapped lips and i havent found the perfect solution for it. Until now. I've only used this for 2 days and I already saw the results! My flakey lips was minimized. Really happy with it. :)

4 days ago
Top Reviewer

Amazing essential!

I have been using moisturizing lip balm in a tube for 3 months now. I do not drink much water and therefore my lips are always dry & cracked but not anymore with CARMEX! The moment you put it on you can immediately feel it working to heal my lips and it lasts for hours. I highly recommend Carmex over any other brands but whenever you stop using it, your dryness will be back. So I think I need to buy more, soon! :)

8 days ago
Top Reviewer

Lip therapy!

This product will SAVE your lips from every damage you could think of as in I swear I pick on my lip's skin way too much (bad habit) and this makes it soft Usually put this before sleeping and after waking up. I've been using this ever since Taylor Swift's TOMG days where her baby lips were a fad.

18 days ago

My Holy Grail

Nothing could ever cure my dry, chapped lips until I tried this product. Unlike other lip balms where I found myself constantly reapplying throughout the day, I only need to put this on once before I go to bed and another time before I leave for work in the morning!

25 days ago

You won't need another lip balm!

I will always remember my very first tube of Carmex which was gifted to me by a friend who came home from Belgium. It was love at first swipe and at that time no store has sold it yet here in the country and now I find this here in BeautyMNL and I'm so happy because I really love how this lip balm is sooo affordable and yet so effective and I can't believe how this is so underrated! This deserves so much love! <3

27 days ago

Really worth the hype

When I bought this, I just wanted to know if it is really worth the hype. But, when I tried it, the first thing I liked is it's taste. I like that it has a hint of vanilla that is not too overpowering, and the mint taste is just right for me (not too toothpaste-like minty). I also love how it moisturizes my lips overnight. And it is not to too thick compared to the Carmex clicker version.

about 1 month ago
Top Reviewer

A Must In My Kikay Kit!

I've been using this balm since... forever! I used to suffer dry and chapped lips in college and this balm was handed to me by my very concerned mother. So I started to religiously apply it mornings and before going to sleep. It has greatly helped moisturize my lips and until now, I have not experienced such chapped situation as I did before. I also love the fact that I can use it in other parts of the body that is undergoing some sort of dry spell!

about 1 month ago
Certified Buyer

Best lip balm I tried

I don't apply lip balms that often because my lips are not that dry and because I apply lip balm every night before going to sleep. I have tried lots of lip balms before but it didnt work for me. After trying this out, it became the lip balm I apply before going to bed. I like the cooling sensation it gives when you apply it. The tube will also last you a long time so don't be discouraged on the price (150 pesos for a lip balm, say what?!?!). I have mine for 5 months now and there's some left on the tube and I already ordered my second tube.

about 1 month ago

Definitely a Must-Have!!

I've only been using this for like two weeks but I'm so in love with it already!! It has that minty effect which I love. I also put it on before I sleep so I'd wake up to very soft and hydrated lips. I'd definitely repurchase this lipbalm once I finish the tube 😊❤️

about 2 months ago

Never used other balms after this ❤

I've used a ton of different lip moisturizing products but only Carmex worked the best for me. It is amazing for post-lip exfoliation at bedtime! And as a base for matte lip products as well. I hardly have chapped lips now, and application is pretty neat since it doesn't feel like an icky sort of slimy as compared to other lip products. I love this for when I'm abroad during the early springtime/winter as well, they definitely keep you from crazy chapped cold weather lips.

about 2 months ago

good even as lip mask

When you apply this at night, apply liberally and you'll wake up with very soft lips. But it's not a very good product under lipstick. You have to wipe it off before applying lipstick. But it's really moisturizing so if you let it sit for a while, your lips won't still chap even under a matte lipstick. Also cheap, considering its performance.

about 2 months ago

Never getting back to my old lip balms!

Before Im just seeing this at SM store beauty section- all I know is that its just another kind of lip balm but manufactured from US. Little did I know this is the best lip balm ever until I came up here in Beauty MNL and saw this one- read the reviews and OMG why Im so late to know how very good this balm is. I love love love the minty feeling and I see that its doing the wonders immediately. Im never ever getting back to my old lip balms, I found my forever!

about 2 months ago
Certified Buyer

Does the Job Well

I love Carmex lip balms! They leave my lips soft and supple. Perfect for dry skin amd cuticles too. This is very much comparable to Murad's Soothing Skin and Lip Care but for 1/3 of the price. I like the original squeeze tube better than the jar or the click stick one. The consistency of the squeeze tube lip balm is not as thick as the one in the jar or click-stick, if that's your thing.

3 months ago
Top Reviewer

Double duty

This tube has solved my perpetually dry and chapped lips which has no seasonal predilection. It has a minty feel and I use it everyday. I've also found it to be useful when you're using liquid lipsticks. Once your lips become patchy after eating, you can whip out your Carmex and slather a generous amount on your lips. Wipe off with tissue and voila, you have clean lips ready for a new coat of your favorite liquid lipstick. You're welcome 😉

3 months ago
Top Reviewer

The best!

This is the very first lip balm I ever picked up! I remember I was probably about thirteen years old. Since then, I have tried so many other brands, even high-end ones. But I always come back to Carmex! It is an absolute staple in my make-up bag. It never fails to provide the moisture my lips need. I like the slight hint of menthol too!

3 months ago
Certified Buyer

Better than much more expensive ones!

I've already tried a lot of lip balms--even much more expensive ones!--but I must say that this one really does the job. Use before you go to sleep as well and wake up to really soft lips! Love the minty feeling too. Totally recommended. Won't use any other balm brand from now on.

3 months ago
Top Reviewer

staple in my kikay kit!!

just like the original stick balm, this has been such a staple in my makeup kit. i love the squeeze type tube. i use this for my chapped lips , after exfoliation and as well as a nice lip gloss. i like how it really does the job. i have used 5 of these already its crazy!!

3 months ago
Certified Buyer

Must have!!!

I've tried so many lip balms before but this one didn't disappoint me! I really like the cooling effect once applied. I even put one swipe on my lips before i sleep. Haha. If you love your lips, you should definitely have this one on your kit. Dry chapped lips NO MORE!

4 months ago