Original Squeeze Tube by Carmex®

Bestselling Original Squeeze Tube

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There’s a reason this little beauty in a tube is Carmex®’s bestseller. Specially formulated with menthol and camphor for cooling pain relief, and just a touch of cocoa butter and mineral oil for velvety, smooth application, it helps keep moisture locked into the skin with just one swipe. A squeezable applicator allows you control over how much or how little you wish to apply, and its smooth-glide tube formula slides tenderly over cracked lips and dry skin. Ideal for daily use, it’s one beauty item you definitely need to have in your makeup kit.

This product contains salicyclic acid and should, therefore, refrain from being used by anyone who is allergic to aspirin.

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Bestselling Original Squeeze Tube

  • For Adults and children 2 years of age and older: apply to lips not more than 3 to 4 times daily
  • For children under 2 years of age: ask a doctor

It was love at first swipe when we put on one of Carmex®’s ultra-moisturizing balms! What started as a homemade remedy for cold sores and chapped lips is now a cult hit and must-have item for professional makeup artists, celebrities, and even athletes such as NBA Superstar Lebron James. The no. 1 most recommended lip balm by pharmacists in the US, Carmex® was born in 1963, when Alfred Woelbing concocted a salve to heal his own cold sores and chapped lips. He decided to put his salve on the market, and through word of mouth, the demand for his product grew so large that he abandoned his stovetop production and finally made his way to build their factory in Wisconsin. Today, Carmex® remains a major competitor in the industry, continuously creating innovative new products for fans and new customers.

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Lives Up to the Hype

I can't believe this cult product is only a little over P100 and I got it on BMNL at a great discount! It delivers instant moisture so I use it as a base for lipsticks that tend to be drying or overly matte.

over 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

No need for expensive lip balms!

I love this! Aside from being very affordable, it really heals dry, chapped lips. For me, it's best to use before bedtime and then scrub your lips in the morning :)

about 1 year ago


I used the cult-fave original jar version of this every night -- and this one works just the same, since its just in from gel-liquidy form. This is perfect for travelling or just for the everyday make up kit you have in your purse. I love it because its just a squeezy bottle, which means you dont need to apply it on your lips using a brush or your finger - that makes it more convenient.

15 days ago

The Best! (So Far)

The first time I've tried this one, I promised myself to always use & buy this one among all the carmex variants. I think this one is the most effective of all. Been using carmex for almost 5-6 years now and I never switch to any brands. I use this every time I have chapped lips, which is almost always haha.

23 days ago

The best lip balm

I have chopped lips because I often forget to drink water. This lip balm is the most helpful balm i've ever used. It's affordable and its effect is really great. I apply this before applying lipsticks so that I don't have that chopped lips. It's really effective and it has that minty or cooling feeling when you apply it on your lips

24 days ago
Certified Buyer

Protected lips

I have previously sworn my life on Burt's Bees and, yes, it's amazing but I love how Carmex heals my chapped lips. It's so budget friendly too so I'm hooked on it right now. I wear it both alone and even under my ultra matte lipsticks and does such a great job at protecting my lips. One drawback though is that I liked the smell before but then I'm noticing that this weird smell intensifies as time goes on but it's not really a problem for me. Just need to let others know if that bothers them.

about 1 month ago