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Refreshing MakeUp Remover

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Great remover

This works for me most of the time because I only have minimal makeup most days. However, I find that it is hared to remove really long wearing makeup with this one. I am still giving it five stars because it is cheap and doesn’t break me out nor irritate me. It also is very convenient for daily use only so that I can always make tipid with the heavy duty and expensive makeup removers.

9 months ago

Affordable and effective

Very affordable and beginner friendly. If your someone who wears light make up most of the time then this one just right for you . Tho it doesnt really remove some waterproofs mascara. I really dont mind because oil based make up remover are the ones for your eyes. To avoid tugging. Over all . I really like this product! Thumbs up for this

about 1 month ago

Got this as a freebie!

This make up remover is great especially in removing their matte liquid lipsticks. I got this as a freebie and I was so excited to try it. I just don't like the plastic thingy on the bottle's mouth where I need to remove and attach whenever I use it and if this little plastic got lost then the contents will drip all over even if covered since the cover itself doesn't have the support to cover or hold the hole of the bottle. But overall, I'm good.

7 months ago
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Quite good!

I got this for free when I bought 2 Matte Detail lipsticks, and I am actually quite happy this this! I only use light makeup during the day (foundation, blush, brow pencil, lipstick) and I find that it removes all of it well, I only have to use one cotton pad for my whole face. I still wash my face after though (always double cleanse, ladies!) It doesn't have any negative reaction on my oily acne-prone skin, so that's great too. It's only limitation is that it doesn't remove my mascara at all, which is not a big deal for me since I don't put it on that often anyway. Overall, a good product! Thanks for this freebie!

7 months ago
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Removes only light make ups

I bought this make up remover before cause its so affordable than other leading make up remover brands.It claims to removes waterproof make ups but when I use this it only remove my foundations and eyeshadows,but my waterproof eyeliner and mascara are so stubborn to remove so I just use baby oil to remove them.If you are just using light make ups this one will be convenient for you to use but waterproofs?nah

9 months ago

Affordable remover

Got this as a freebie when I bought Matte in Detail lipsticks. Has a toner-like consistency and does not go very smoothly on the skin. This does not also remove long-wearing/heavy make up very well,including mascara. Unfortunately,I think this product gave me a breakout when I was using it so I had to stop it immediately. On the up side,it effectively removes lipstick and the price is affordable. I guess this is not too bad when you don't have sensitive skin and when you're on a budget.

5 months ago
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Ho Hum

I got this as a freebie when I purchased Matte In Detail lippies and I have to say, this is the only product of Detail that I did NOT like. The product does not do a very good job of removing your make up. You will literally need to swipe this on your make up a couple of times to completely remove it. Second, it is quite sticky. Which I personally do not like. And there is this odd smell which I do not like. All in all, yes, for the price, it is quite affordable. But when it comes to its quality, I would recommend using other make up removers especially if you are like me who likes getting my make up off with just one swipe.

6 months ago
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Nice price and amount of product but not the best make-up remover

I use this only when I have run out of other make-up cleansers and wipes or before using other cleansers. This is because it does not totally remove all my make-up when used alone. However, its great price makes up for it. I use it before other make-up removers because I get to use much less of these products and in the long run save money. It does not sting and the amount of product in the bottle is great. I don't know if I'm gonna repurchase this but I recommend it for those on a tight budget who like double cleansing

6 months ago
Certified Buyer

Probably not for me

At first, I was so excited to purchase this product that I bought 2 bottles! It's cheap, and it's 150 mL, so I thought it was super sulit. But to my dismay, I think the saying "you always get what you paid for" is very much applicable to this product. It is good that my skin did not have any negative reaction to the this make-up remover. No pimples, no rashes, no anything. However, it is not as effective in removing waterproof mascaras and eyeliners. Yes, it can effectively remove foundations, bb creams, concealers, etc., but it really takes time to remove long-wearing mascaras and lip creams--busy girls like me do not have time for that! I would probably just go back to my old make-up remover after I finish my two bottles.

10 months ago

Only affordable :(

I was on the lookout for good and affordable make-up removers and I stumbled upon this one. I thought it was very affordable, great size and seems like it was worth a try. When I started using it, I have a few breakouts and I really couldn't stand the smell. It does the job well of removing my make-up but I struggle with new bumps on my face as I use it everyday. It doesn't feels as smooth as my previous make-up remover. Worth a shot, maybe it will work for you.

10 days ago

Nope nope nope

I got this as a freebie when I purchased 2 Matte in Detail Liquid Lipstick which was great. I love free things! I also love that it removes their Matte in Detail lippies so easily BUT IT STUNG MY EYES SO BADLY. When I wipe my eye, even when it's closed tightly, it would still sting. I also don't like that it claims to remove waterproof makeup but you have to swipe a few times to be able to do that. I do not recommend this product at all.

5 months ago
Top Reviewer

Not too great

First off, I use too much of this product because I find it hard to remove my eye makeup. It is totally not heavy duty and is only great for foundation and other easy to remove cosmetics. That is not good news for me coz I like my skin to be completely make up free before I wash my face.

8 months ago
Top Reviewer

Disappointed :(

I bought this product thinking that It will be a good buy since I am already inlove with the brand Detail, but to my disappointment, this only removes very light makeup, even my bb cushion can't be completely removed by this, I knew it cause I can still see some residue when I apply my toner. The only good thing about this one is it doesn't give me breakouts.

9 months ago

a freebie that i wouldnt spend money on

"CLAIM TO FAME: A makeup remover that powers through layers of impurities" No, it doesnt maybe just some layers but definitely did not power through layers

"FAST FACTS: Melts away even the most stubborn, waterproof makeup without irritating skin; gently cleanses and refreshes pores; leaves no dirt or residue" Also no, my makeup barely even flinched with this. I had to use more than 5 cotton pads soaked in this stuff to clean my entire face. And while it did ~gently cleansed~ it was just was too gentle to get anything off with ease. Not refreshing to my skin either; my skin felt so heavy every time i used this and it always feels like i clog my pores when i put this on my face. It always feels like there's a weird film left on my skin every after use. Very weird feeling actually icky. Oh and that scent's smells so artificial too.

about 2 months ago