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Bye-Bye Bush Sugar Candy Wax by Skin Genie

Bye-Bye Bush Sweet Sugar Candy Wax

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CLAIM TO FAME: An all-natural hair removal wax for smooth and fuzz-free skin

FAST FACTS: Effectively removes hair; prevents the formation of chicken skin; removes dead skin cells; lightens, smoothens and softens; formulated with honey, sugar, citrus, and water

PERFECT FOR: Arm and leg waxing at home

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Bye-bye Bush Sweet Sugar Candy Wax

STEP 1: Wash and dry the area you will be waxing.
STEP 2: Grab a small amount of sugaring and get to work!
STEP 3: Rub some baby powder or cornstarch onto the area to let the wax grip to the skin more effectively.
STEP 4: Stretch or knead the cold wax until it turns golden.
STEP 5: The hair should be at least 1/4 to 1/8 inch long. Smooth the wax onto a patch of skin against your hair growth, smoothing it on 3 times over the same spot, then “flick” the wax back in the direction of hair growth to remove the hair. Roll up your wax and use it on a different spot.

NOTE: This wax should be applied in an air-conditioned room or near the electric fan to match the wax ambient temperature and to prevent it sticking to the skin.

Skin Genie offers a range of whitening and anti-aging products that cater to different beauty needs. Using only skin-loving ingredients, the brand provides a safe and gentle line of all-natural beauty solutions. Skin Genie products are suitable for even the most delicate and sensitive skin types.

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Certified Buyer

Not for me.

First it is very affordable and it really has a nice scent to it. However, I think that it did not work that well for me (or I just do not know how to use it hehe). I love SkinGenie products but I think this one is not for me. It does the job well, it removes hair quickly but I just have a problem whenever it is already melting (maybe because of the weather).

19 days ago
Certified Buyer

Must try!!!

I'm soooo happy that I went on with buying this product. I used to but hot was from Watsons but it's always messy and I couldn't remove all the hair. Add the fact that I got a blister. So from then on, I searched for an alternative. And that's when I found out about cold wax and sugaring. Good thing this came up on my recommendations! You just have to follow the instructions. I use it on my legs and armpit. The whole process is a lot faster and easier (also less messy) compared to hot waxing. Plus it's sooo cheap and could last me for months. Don't hesitate on buying this product. I promise you it's worth it.

21 days ago
Certified Buyer

quite OK 👍🏻

it's not my first time to use a cold wax, the one that i'm using before was the aloe vera,but it was out of stock so i need to have a replacement, then i saw this bye bye bush by skin genie,so i gave it a try.. the packaging is cute, the smell of the wax is also good,it's like a candy,so sweet..and it also easy to used,and all my hair in my underarms are easily pulled out in just a little scoop of the wax., what i don't like is just a couple of second,the wax began to melt easily,and it's so hard to wipe it off on the underarm..it's so messy..and can you please include some spatula for easy scoop..overall i like the product but not that much, i think i'm going to wait for the restocked of aloe vera wax.

21 days ago

Good to remove hair but difficult to use.

Bought it in their trade fair in Mega Mall. I’ve been an avid fan of sugaring or cold waxes so, might as well give it a try DIY waxing. The product is difficult to use and prep. You need lots of patience to use it. I’ve tried it several times now to remove my pits hair and upper lip hair and it works well. Just make sure to put enough powder on the areas you need to get rid of hair to make it more effective.

24 days ago
Certified Buyer

Waxing made easy!

I like that this product is easy to use. The tub goes a long way as I have been using this almost every week but it has lasted me almost 4 months. I just don't like that it feel too sticky on my hands that I badly need to wash my hands just a few seconds after molding the wax.

26 days ago
Certified Buyer

Happy pits

I cannot express how happy I am with this product. I am a hot wax user, and even though I am a newbie to cold wax, it did not give me a hard time as I followed the instructions properly. (yes, you should follow directions for it to be effective.) It smells so sweet It makes me want to eat it :D One must keep in mind to use this in an air conditioned room though, because it melts easily even with just the heat from the fingers. Overall, this product made my waxing sessions hassle-free and I love it!

about 1 month ago