Black Mallows Fluffy Scrub by Skin Genie

Black Mallows Fluffy Scrub for Face and Body

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CLAIM TO FAME: Marshmallow-shaped facial scrubs that nourishes and rejuvenates the skin

FAST FACTS: Exfoliates skin with rolled oats to slough away dead cells and dirt; unclogs pores and cleanses deeply with cranberry and apricot beads; helps maintain skin’s firmness and elasticity with antioxidant-rich forbidden rice; absorbs dirt and oil with activated charcoal; prevents skin-aging, hyperpigmentation, and moisture loss with niacinamide; nourishes, strengthens, and protects skin with grapeseed oil; helps maintain skin’s pH balance

PERFECT FOR: Gentle exfoliation

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Black Mallows Fluffy Scrub for Face and Body
INGREDIENTS: Rice, Activated Charcoal, Niacinamide, Rolled Oats, Cranberry and Apricot Beads, Grapeseed, Sodium Bicarbonate

Apply the Black Mallows Fluffy Scrub using a circular motion. Leave the scrub for around 10 to 15 minutes to give time for pores to open up. This will also allow the ingredients to penetrate your skin. Rinse and pat dry.

Skin Genie offers a range of whitening and anti-aging products that cater to different beauty needs. Using only skin-loving ingredients, the brand provides a safe and gentle line of all-natural beauty solutions. Skin Genie products are suitable for even the most delicate and sensitive skin types.

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Certified Buyer

Surprisingly awesome and addicting

If any product is worth a rave here (there are lots, but just go with this), it's this scrub. Initially I was skeptical as a "black mallows" is almost too pa-cute to be effective, but I just wanted some decent exfoliation for my face, so I bought it anyway. The packaging is cute, first off. There's no reason for the bin to have a handle really, but all's good right? The smell is something else--kinda bubble gum-y, kinda chocolatey. It really kinda wants to make you eat those little black pillows. lol. It's when you actually try it that you're in for a shock for how good it really is! I wasn't too sure in the beginning as it took a while to get a hang of breaking off a piece of a mallow (because those are huge for your face and a small piece is enough), and getting it to dissolve as you massage it on your face (and some pieces breaking off and falling onto the floor :< you get the hang of it though so you don't lose that good stuff ). And THEN you're supposed to leave it for 10 minutes, which I was scared to do since I thought it'd dry up my face. But once you let go and commit, surprise--softer (not raw), brightened (not pale) skin! Really worth a try, babes. :)

4 months ago
Certified Buyer

A must-have!

I cannot figure out what i have bought when i first saw this unique scrub, i thought it was a mistake. Looks like big chunks of charcoal with a bubble gum sweet smelling scent, i was confused. After chopping up a chunk, scrubbed it on my arms and amazingly it lathers like a soap only it has grains to exfoliate the skin. Ha! Amazingly good! A jar would probably last me a lifetime! Haha! Kidding aside i guess about 4 mos since we do not exfoliate everyday and a lil chunk will already do the job....i am getting one again and again! Repurchase? Definitely!

5 months ago
Certified Buyer

Worth the price!

At first, I was quite hesitant with this purchase because of the how much it costs. But then I’ve realized that the product can last you a couple of months so I guess it is worth the price. As much as possible, I try to use it two to three times a week. I love the fact that I can use it on my face.

8 days ago
Top Reviewer


Love all the ingredients in this scrub. Super gentle yet effective scrub. Sobrang smooth sa skin at nakaka-adik parang mallows. Love the charcoal ingredient nakakatulong talaga sa pag-detox ng balat. It lathers like soap pero mararamdaman mo pa din yung small grains na makakatanggal ng dead skin cells. Worth it.

11 days ago
Certified Buyer

It's worth it!!!

Going through good reviews of this product, I must say that it was worth purchasing it! :) I've been using this scrub for 2 weeks now. it's addictive and though it's advisable to use it only twice a week, i can't help but to use it every other day!! :) i always look forward to take long baths because of this. Hehe. My skin became smoother and feels so refreshing <3 Good job, skin genie! I will definitely purchase another one after this tub.

29 days ago
Certified Buyer

Sparkly clean <3

I use this scrub every after 2 weeks to deep clean my skin. The smell is terrific. Its bar shape makes it easy to use. Be careful not to put them in your private area because it may cause a burning sensation i.e nipples. Incredibly, it melts off my blackheads, perfect use for cleaning the face too. After letting the product sit on my skin for 10 to 15 mins, I use a scrub to get those 'libag' out of the way, it's more effective for me to scrub after rather than just letting it sit there. I super hate it when after using the product and wiping myself off, that's just the time the dead skin show themselves so yeah, scrubbing really helps.

3 months ago