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Tomato Facial Mask

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Tomato Luvin' !!! <3

Perfect for the recovering-from-the-haggardness-from-finals phase!! The scent is a little bit bothering however it smells soo good. I use this as an overnight face mask and I think it works its magic better that way. I also use this 3 times a week like whenever I feel like glowing on Monday-Wednesday-Friday or Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday etc. Imma treat myself with this ganern

8 months ago

Lightens acne marks

After washing it off, i could already see my skin lighten. My acne marks also. I have quite a lot of acne on my t-zone and it has improved greatly. I have only used to once and no bad side effects so far ☺️ looking forward to more of it's benifits in the future!

7 months ago


Because of the unpredictable weather, I always have DRY PATCHES on my skin especially on my cheek area. This beauty mask SAVES me from distress! I love how it feels. Very moisturizing, hydrating, and it leaves you that GLOW after you wash the mask off. I really really recommend this!! Plus, it's super affordable! What more can you ask for?😍💕

8 months ago
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I honest to goodness love love love this tomato facial mask! I especially love the smell of it and its effect on the skin. I use this overnight and you can really see the effect the very moment you wake up! It's also very affordable and a little goes a long way <3

9 months ago

A must have!

This is one of my favorites from skin genie. I use this mask at least twice a week whenever I feel like my skin is dull. As I apply it (sometimes overnight because I really love the smell) I already feel my skin tighten and as I wash or wipe it off the following day, I feel refreshed and my blemishes lighten. Plus it gives me the "glow" in the morning. :)

11 months ago

my go-to mask

i looove tomato. because it's so great to the skin. and when you get products made from them, you gotta get your hands on them. i used this almost everyday after i came home from work. to erase the haggardness of my day. whew. no effort - just apply, leave them be and go about my chores in the late afternoon, wash my face before going to bed - and tada - my skin thank me for this. :)

8 days ago

Love It!!!!

I really love this facial mask even though I was hesitant at first if am gonna add it on my cart coz I'm not really fond of using facial mask but then I still tried and there's no regret in buying this facial mask coz it really is a great product when used especially after a very hectic and stressfull day. I am using it before I sleep while still watching TV or reading and wash/wipe it before I sleep and it really gives me a glowing skin when I wake up even I only sleep for a few hours. Its worth every penny I spent... Gonna buy again once I finnished my 1st tub.

9 days ago

Makes you Fairer!

I love this product! It makes my skin fairer and I have this glow effect the next morning when I used it at night. I also put it in my neck shoulder elbows and knees! I put it 3x a week for better result and I wipe it using cotton before washing my face with water. Also this lightens my dark neck!!

13 days ago

Very, very impressed

Been using this for a month and i would say that it totally does its work! My super dry skin definitely felt smoother and my complexion became brighter, instantly after use! Plus, its very easy to apply and the scent is so addicting! This is totally a must have. Sulit ang 250!

29 days ago

What an overnight miracle!

I love how it makes my skin so soft and fair the next day! I leave it in my skin overnight after using a mask sheet and it helps keep the moisture and brightness of my skin. I'm actually afraid that it might be sold out. Good thing, it's always on stock! I'd definitely buy again!

29 days ago

Instant Glow!!

What I really love about this product is that it gives my face instant glow at the same time it makes my dry skin not dry anymore. I just don't like it smell but it does wonders. Super love it. I will really use it as a part of my skin care routine and I would definitely repurchase. It is a must try.

29 days ago

Love love love the rosy cheeks effect

At first I had no idea how this product was supposed to work since I was expecting the typical clay mask texture. But that was my fault, cos I obviosuly got way too excited to purchase this because of such great reviews!!! Directions say to leave this on for 2 hours before rinsing but I just leave this on overnight. The product melts in your face. As a person with oily/combo skin, my skin looks hella oily in the morning after leaving it on overnight. But once you wash it off, Your face will be super soft!!! Like a baby's butt!! Plus, i love how it leaves my cheeks rosy and fresh! instant healthy glowing and rosy effect! Only con is the first time i used it i felt a tingling sensation near my nose area it was quite itchy but no breakouts naman. So it's all good!!

about 1 month ago

Love, love, love this!!!

I love this! I've been using this product for two weeks now and almost all of my pimple marks are gone! My face has also become so smooth. I use this every night and I leave it on until the next morning, at least that works for me. I also love the scent. Will surely buy another one when I ran out.

about 1 month ago

Truly inlove with this Facial Mask

First I am hesitant to buy organic mask for I am not that so sure of its effectiveness but I prove my self wrong when I tried this facial mask feom Skin Genie. Ive been using it for two weeks already and mostly every night. I cant help it. The smell is so good, the texture is so smooth and after applying it and keeping it in my face for 1 to 2 hours, Im so inlove with the results. My face is so soft and glowing. This tomato facial mask is unbelievable.

about 1 month ago
Certified Buyer

Radiant skin, guaranteed!😊

Used this mask for two times already and both times gave me consistent result of clear, radiant skin the next day. It's not the typical face mask that dries on your skin but more like a cream. I left it overnight instead of the recommended 1-2hrs. I love it! I wish i could use this everyday. Best to use this the night before events, a date *wink* or job interview, or just about any day that you need to feel extra pretty

about 1 month ago
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A great overnight mask!

I've read a lot of good reviews to products that have tomato in it. So just to join the hype train of tomatoes, I bought this product and to my surprise it really made my skin smoother and supple. It is a great moisturizer and it is a great sleeping pack if you wanna wake up to a soft skin. This product is a must have!

about 2 months ago


I really love this product from skin genie. I really love the scent and the texture of my skin after i used this. I used this twice a week. I can feel my skin healthier and smoother. I have been using this product for a month now. My skin have never felt so radiant and beautiful.

2 months ago
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An effective & affordable mask!

I purchased this at Shopitude located at España Manila, and luckily it was on a promo of buy one take one which is totally great! After reading some reviews on how to use it, which seems very unpractical for me specially at night to apply then wait for 2hrs for it to rinse, i was like, girl nobody got time for that. What i do is i rinse it the next morning i wake up, in other words i let it on to my face overnight BUT I don't use it everday because it makes my face dry. I only use it for 2-3 times a week it depends on how i feel my face needs it. What i do is i'm using another moisturizer as an alternative. Will I repurchase? YES. A great filipino product to love! It's effective, affordable & a little amount works for the entire face.

3 months ago
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Very satisfied!

I reeally love this mask! I've been using this as a night mask 2x a week for about 2 months now and the result is amazing!!! You can see its effect on the 3rd week- less blemishes! And now that i continued using it, skin is glowing! I love that it didn't irritate my sensitive skin and didn't break me out! Will continue to use this in the future!

4 months ago
Top Reviewer

One of the best face masks!!

I've been trying out some of Skin Genie's products for quite a while, and so far, this is the best one that I've tried! I love how affordable this product is and I'm surprised with the size of the tub. This mask works best if left overnight. I use this as a sleeping pack, and it gives me that pinkish, radiant skin by the next morning. This product is super sulit, because I only need a small amount to completely moisturize my face and neck. If you haven't tried this one yet, you have to!!!!! This face mask is amazing!

4 months ago