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Aloe Vera Refreshing Mist (Double Strength)

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It's really hydrating but one thing I don't like in this product is the smell. Smells like vinegar. But its okay it goes away after a minute. By the way I got this product for only 200 free shipping. Thank you beautymnl til our next transaction. Sana magkaron ulit ng free shipping this month :D

11 months ago
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Good product

This is the first mist ive tried and i particularly liked it because of the aloe vera concentration. I have tried pure aloe vera and the color is clear and it has a very subtle leafy smell, so im not sure where this mist gets its strong scent, perhaps its the organic preservative. The nozzle is ok, but doesnt give very fine mist. But it is indeed refreshing on the skin and helps set powder foundation well. im currently using it as toner at night and mist after make up. For the price, I cant complain because it does the job, it's organic, and it's mild for my sensitive acne prone skin. Thumbs up!

3 months ago
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Great for the skin

I honestly feel so refreshed after using this mist I mostly use this after putting my makeup as it creates this "dewy" look in which I really really like! I would definitely recommend this to all those ladies who would want to purchase their very first mist. Though, the one thing that I didn't like is the smell which can be a bit strong at first but it eventually wears off after a few minutes. It's a 9/10 for me.

11 months ago
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Effective, but could be improved

I think this really does the job as what it says. It refreshes and soothes my face (post-make up and cleansing) and I use this to set my make-up as well. I could've given this five stars though if it weren't for the smell. It smells not herb-y actually but acidic, like vinegar. The smell goes away though after the product dries. I bought three of this (one for myself) because I was thinking of giving it as a Christmas gift. Now, I have to mention a disclaimer of sorts before giving them to the receiver. Haha.

about 1 year ago
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The nozzle packs a doozy

True to its name, this little guy is indeed refreshing once sprayed onto the face. It has a clean, herb-y scent (I would assume aloe vera) and is hydrating on the skin. The reason why I'm not giving this a 5 is because the spray nozzle isn't the best. Even if I spray it from considerably far, what comes out is still a pretty concentrated blast so, since I'm using this to refresh my skin - and sometimes makeup - in the middle of the day, it could still do with a little more improving. All in all, a good product but I might consider moving this to a different spray bottle to see if I like it better that way.

about 1 year ago

Okay but not amazing

Having combination and sensitive skin type normally entails not only having to find the right product but also finding one that won't cause your skin to break out. I tried this the first time and liked that it moisturized my skin to an extent, but found it too sticky for my liking. It takes a while to dry out but if that doesn't bother you, then you might like this one :) Just didn't think it was the perfect match for me, think I've tried other facial mists that didn't leave a sticky feeling afterwards.

about 2 months ago
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AHH -kay

My package just arrived today and immediately tried the products that I've got, mostly from Skin Genie. It refreshes my face as what it claims but I dislike the smell - strong citrus scent I cant trace any ALOE VERA in the smell. Also, the spray spills out much liquid, unlike the usual mist I've used that feels like an airbrush, this one loads a generous amount that ends up wasted because you will wipe it off.

3 months ago
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It's okay

For some reason, the bottle I received is different from what's shown in the picture. Its nozzle was long which kind of makes me think twice about packing it in my daily bag. The sprayer is also a mess. It's hard to control - it's either too concentrated or it gets literally everywhere. At first, I didn't like it at all. It has a really strong smell. I've had other aloe vera mists before and I'm totally in love with the smell of aloe vera. However, this one smells too strong, like an astringent even. Anyway, since I didn't want to waste money, I tried to bare with it. And soon, I got used to the smell and adjusted to the sprayer. I used it to set my foundation and it does an okay job (just make sure to dry your face with a fan after spraying). It's also refreshing during the summer heat. I'm done with my bottle. It was okay, but I won't be repurchasing this product.

7 months ago
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Vinegar-like smell

What I like about this product is that it soothes your skin after long exposure under the sun. What I don't like is that it gives that cool feeling for like seconds only the smell of the product once you sprayed it at your face is like vinegar but the foul smell will be gone after it dries up. I don't recommend this when you have make-up on because it will make your make-up be cakey.

9 months ago