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Honey I'm Good Brow Kit

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Great buy!

I've been using this for over a week and it's actually my first time to use an eyebrow kit with a wax. I can say that it's really great! Very long lasting because I didn't even need to retouch my eyebrows after a few hours on work, as compared to pencil and eyebrow gels. The wax is very easy to apply and the powder sets it perfectly (I bought perfect taupe). The angled brush that comes with it is cool too, though I find it a bit difficult to use so I used a longer angled brush but it's perfect for on-the-go makeup dos. Overall, I highly recommend this product!

7 months ago
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Best. Brow. Kit. EVER!

Best. Kit. Ever. It's the best starter kit you can have for girls (like me) who just started to get the hang of the whole "eyebrows on fleek" thing. And the best thing about the kit is that it's very pigmented like one dab does it all (esp. the wax) thus making it easier to control and use on the brows. Will def get a new ASAP as I think I'm overusing mine. Haha!

8 months ago

My new HG brow product

I was always a little bit apprehensive when it came to the wax plus powder combination, but this changed my mind. I've been using since January, and it is my HG brow product. My eyebrows are bitin both in front and the end so it does a good job at filling in both ends. I basically shape my entire eyebrow. I use the wax first for the tail end of my brows then the lightest shade of powder for the front. The darkest shade of powder I set the wax. I can't do my eyebrows without it. The wax and the powder blend well together! And, you can use the powders as eye shadows and for contouring your nose! They really last the entire day. It's a must-try.

3 months ago
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May kilay na ako!

I bought this as my very first brow kit as a newbie makeup lover. I'm very satisfied with the pigmentation and the array of colors that really makes my sparse eyebrows appear more defined. The wax and three powders blend together with ease, and I liked the brushes as well. Do not be discouraged by the price because it is a really good investment.

9 months ago
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Small kit in big surprises :)

This is the first eyebrow kit I used in wax texture. Easy to use, very pigmented and you can use the 3 eyebrow powder color as your eyeshadow that can create a smokey eye makeup and you can also use as contouring to your nose. When buying this kit, dont forget to buy their eye brow mascara :)

6 days ago


Actually, napabili ako nito dahil favorite sya ng favorite youtuber ko 😂 buti nalang nakinig ako sakanya, kasi ate gurl! eng gende nento. tsaka matagal maubos. Ganda ng Perfect taupe sa mga dark hair like me. Bet n bet ko to kasi madali gamitin, try mo na gurl . Di ka magsisisi

24 days ago
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The only brow product you'll ever need

I. Love. This. Palette. I've been an eyebrow pencil girl for most of my life, but ever since discovering this brow kit, I'm completely converted. The ease by which you use this baby is out of this world. What I do is I take the angled brush and make a small triangle to taper the ends of my brows. I fill it in all the way with a mix of the light and dark powders. The wax is pigmented like you won't even believe - so much so that you have to be careful with dipping too hard into the pan - and the powders last ALL DAY. My brows look the same as when I left the house after 10 long hours at work! And for less than P500, this palette is such a steal! Another great product from my favorite local brand <3 I don't need anything else! (Got the shade Sassy Brown)

2 months ago
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New HG product for brows on fleek!!

This is hands down, the best local eyebrow kit I've tried! The colors are really creamy and pigmented. The wax has a tint also so whenever I'm in a rush, I can get away with just applying the tint. If I want a more polished and defined look, I layer the powders on top of the tint and I use the lightest color on the inner corner of my brows and then the darkest on the tail of my brows. It's really easy to use and it stays put the whole day! A little goes a long way with the wax too, so don't be too heavy handed with it. I got the shade Perfect Taupe, and it tends to lean on the warmer side of the color spectrum but it still suits my skin tone and hair color perfectly. I highly recommend this product!

2 months ago


I began using this product when my other eyebrow kit was phased out from the market. Even if this is quite pricier than its competitor, I would still say that this is a good deal. For its price, it lasts very long, and a little dab of the cream part goes a long way. I prefer Perfect Taupe than Sassy Brown, but both tones are good for our Filipina skin tone.

2 months ago
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It has 4 shades, all are highly pigmented. So you don't need to reapply in the middle of the day or every time you sweat because it stays longer than other waterproof eyebrow makeup. Very compact, so it's great for traveling. I've been using this ever since I bought my first one, This literally proves that KILAY IS LIFE. Definitely worth every cent!!

3 months ago

Honey, it's good!

The best!! I so love this product! I got this as a gift and when I used it I was really impressed because it's pigmented, very long lasting and it's a locally made. The product also comes with a small brush which you can also use since it's fune and smooth. I am hust really in love with this product!

3 months ago

Brows on fleek every single time!

I'd usually get complements on my brows whenever I'm using this. It is my first time using a wax product onto my brows, and I was quite shocked at first because it is heavily pigmented, and must be applied with a light hand. The brushes that come along with it is usable and great for traveling. Its easy to acheive the 3d effect with this kit because it has three different shades of powder ranging from light to dark. I sometimes use it as an eyeshadow to, so thats a bonus.

4 months ago

a great local product!

I've been using this product (sassy brown) for at least a month now, and I can say that I'm pretty satisfied with it. Considering that this is a local product, the quality and the price range is quite good for those who are on a budget and is looking for a product that works! What I also noticed about it is that the wax has a red undertone to it that I didn't particularly like, but top it off with eyebrow gel and it works just fine. Definitely an A++!!

4 months ago


good thing that I made the decision of choosing this over maybelline eyebrow kit. This is definitely my favorite brow kit ever. The very first day I got it I had my co-workers try it themselves, and I get nothing but compliments from them. The mirror is also a plus . Love love it. Makes me want to hoard for more.

4 months ago
Top Reviewer

So Versatile

This is the most versatile eye product I have crossed upon with. I use the shade Perfect Taupe because I have black hair. This product comes with a wax (which I super love because it is so pigmented and easy to apply) and three eye shadows. I use the lightest shade to contour my cheek, nose and forehead; the other two as my eye shadow for a smokey eye look. They are blendable and pigmented, although reddish undertones arise in the wax, it still suits me and can be aided by their eyebrow mascara to lighten it a bit. This deserves more than 5 stars.

6 months ago

My new kilay conpanion ❤

Yay! I just received my Honey I'm good brow kit today and I'm so excited to use it! I've heard alot of good stuff about it and I immediately purchase this while it is free shipping. I have the shade Sassy Brown ❤ the wax is super pigmented that you can actually use it alone, or if you feel that it is a bit shiny, just top it with the powder that's in the kit ❤

6 months ago

Good wax and powder combination

Wax and powder combination works wonders! The wax is handy for getting a precise outline for your brows (alongside the brush), and the powder is good for filling in any gaps or changing the tone or color of the brows. Both the powder and wax are pigmented. They also stay put for about 8 hours, and does not rub off after scratching. Love that this comes with a range of 4 colors. This is ideal for someone who is prone to changing their hair color often.

7 months ago
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It's the greatest kit ever! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I use it every day and I love it. It’s worth all the hype. I’ve been debating whether to buy this or not, but when I did. It was SO worth it! Love, love, love the brow wax! Kilay is life after all! It’ worth every peso! 😘

7 months ago
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Perfect Taupe is the one

I've seen this getting reviewed by Pinay YouTubers and have made a very good feedback overall. I tried it myself as a beginner and it worked very fine as expected! It's easy to use and comes with three powders that will set the wax, and could also work for nose contouring. I have dark brown (or black) hair and Perfect Taupe is my shade; not looking too dark or harsh on the brows. Just perfect ❤

8 months ago
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awesome brow product

My boyfriend got this for me thinking it was the brow gel, but I was really happy with it anyway. The shade I have is Taupe. It's a little too warm for me if I use all the colors, but the wax/pomade is the best! I use it together with the black brown eyebrow pencil I have, and it really gives me brows that make me look like I had my makeup done by a professional. I love using it during special occasions or going out, when I need my brows to be on fleek. Not to mention, it's such value for money.

9 months ago