Fashion Brow Duo Pen

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New eyebrow product baby! ❤

Ever since i started with make-up, na kampante ako sa isang brand lang and i was too scared to try other eyebrow products. Until I found this! At first I was hesitant to buy it kasi di ako sanay. But as I got home, I tried it kaagad and I love how it looks so natural on my brows. Although madali siya maputol you just really have to be careful with it wag sagarin :) but i love how it's really thin lang kaya parang nakakagawa siya ng hairlike na strokes!! I thought nung una "ay walang spoolie?" But girl, you wont need a spoolie na because like what ive said, it really looks natural sa brows. I put this on my brows even with bare face lang!

5 months ago

I never thought I needed it until I started using it

I started using brown eyeshadow on my eyebrows when I noticed that I sometimes have spots that had no eyebrow hair. There would be times the hair would take too long to grow back. The brown Colorstay eyeshadow was enough for me, since my eyebrows were generally fine and didn't need much attention. Then I discovered the Fashion Brow Duo Pen. I think I first saw it on Maybelline's Facebook account or during one of its sale in Robinson's or Watson's? I'm not sure but after testing it on my hand, I saw the potential. It's very similar to K Palette but without the pricetag. The pencil drew hair-like strokes and looked natural. I was sold just by the pencil alone. The sponge pen was a bonus. I am so glad I bought it. It changed my brow game. My makeup aura improved so much with this pen! Brows really make a great impact on how the face looks like. I never knew I needed this until I used it. I use the Chestnut Brown shade. The Beautymnl brow tutorial was especially helpful as this taught me how to use the brow pen.

12 months ago

Eyebrow essential! <3

I got the Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Pen in Natural when it was on sale for only Php 199. I was hesitant in purchasing another eyebrow makeup product at first because I already had too many - from pencils to pens and gels. Although using those products (not all at once) sometimes frustrated me because it was tricky to make them look natural, and Maybelline's ad for this was so on point!! (lol at the crayon like eyebrow look haha!) And this was perfect! I love that the pencil was very fine so as to avoid drawing harsh lines/outlines. and the powder was just the right color and swiped just the right amount every application. It would've been cool if they included the spool like brush thing, too, for grooming the strands before and after application. Must try for the ladies!!

over 1 year ago
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Soooo in love with this brow pen!! Everytime I use it, I feel like I have perfect brows!! This is my go-to and must say, a holy grail of mine! It makes my brows look fuller but still looks natural! Perfect for those who like soft and natural looking brows but also willing to try different styles cos it's so easy to use and it has very good color payoff!

12 days ago
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Totoo nga, kilay is Life! :D

I did not realize how big an impact a well-groomed brow made to my face until two years ago.
Im really the no frills kind of person, not into make up, AT ALL. My make up skill is zilch.
But my fascination bloomed two years ago and it started with my curiosity in having my brows done in a brow salon.
So I went and had my brows done, and i was surprised with how much better i looked! haha!
The brow technician encouraged me to buy a brow pencil. so that i could make my brows look better - and ultimately frame my face better - by defining them with a brow pencil.
She recommended this brand - Palladio - it has a brow pencil on one end and a spoolie on the other end.
I was so happy with it! It was easy to use and easy to blend. When I ran out, I looked around for another brand to try.
The saleslady at Watson's recommended Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Pen and I'm glad I accepted her suggestion!
Even if this brow pencil does not come with a spoolie, it made up for the brow powder.
I fell in love with the combination of pen and powder! and the shade BR-1 is perfect for me.
I have been using this brow pencil ever since! And totoo nga, kilay is life! haha! :)

26 days ago

Absolutely love this product!

This eyebrow duo brow is the bomb. The pen itself doesn't add much color to the brows and doesn't look like it makes much of a difference. The pen doesn't give of much color, but the powder itself is amazing, It gives you fuller looking brows by just swiping it onto your brows. Overall it gives you natural looking brows.

about 1 month ago
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The last eyebrow product you'll ever need!

I used to circulate around different brands and methods of putting on eyebrows. I used to use just pencils, or just the powder, but even when I thought they looked good, they looked nothing compared to the Duo Pen. First of all, the color is just perfect. You need to get the right shade for you but when you do, it's just really good looking. I used to think my old eyebrow pencils were good but when I compared them to the Duo Pen's shade, I was like GIRL, YOUR EYEBROWS USED TO BE RED. Not only that, mixing it up with the pencil to outline and the brush to fill in gives it such a more natural look. I use a spoolie to finish off and TA-DA! Best eyebrow product, hands down.

about 1 month ago
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No more need for expensive brow products, honestly 💗

I started using this product in August and it lasted me around 4 months of daily use. The color payoff is great and a few strokes go long way. I also love its powder tip, which allows you to set your brows so much faster. On light makeup days, the powder is all you'll need. I've used brow products from Anastacia Beverly Hills and Benefit, and Maybelline's items are definitely at par in terms of pigmentation and smoothness. (High-end products just have finer, more precise tips and slightly longer wear, but value-for-money definitely goes to Maybelline.) Can't wait to repurchase! ❤️ Tip: Even if you're in a rush, don't go heavy-handed on the pen tip as it may cause breakage.

2 months ago

easy to use and natural looking

This Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo is one of those products which can never do you wrong. This product is so easy to use and very subtle looking, perfect for the natural or no make-up look. There are different shades as well which are amazing because there is definitely one that will suit your skin and hair color

2 months ago


This is a game changer for your brows! I have been using this fashion duo Pen ever since Maybelline started its sale. Using the brow pencil is really easy. I just use it to shape my brows and then I use the brush tip to fill in my brows. It is really amazing! It helps me achieve a natural looking brow. Also, it stays for the whole day! I even tried this when I went swimming and guess what?! It really stayed! 2 thumbs up for this product! :D

2 months ago

Fave eyebrow product! ❤

This is my go to eyebrow product! Ever since i tried it i stick with it. ❤ It gives me natural looking brows and it really fills the sparse area of my eyebrows. I love how its easy to use and how it stayed on my eyebrows for hours. Even tho madaling maputol basta you just have to be careful. ☺ and no spoolie needed! Because like what i've said it gives natural looking brows. Good job maybelline!

3 months ago
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Natural looking brows. 💕

This is definitely one of my favorite eyebrow pencils!!! It’s affordable plus it makes my eyebrow looks natural. I always get compliments due to using this one hahaha. Some of my friends ask me sometimes whether I used eyebrow pencil on my eyebrows or not for it looks natural daw hahah. Will buy more of this hahahah.

3 months ago
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Perfect for busy girls!

I was never a fan of doing eyebrows, until I’ve started using this. I know, kilay is life right? But it just takes too much time to do the perfect brows. Not with this eyebrow tool. Now I can prep my brows in less than a minute (30 secs kung late na ko)! This has been one of my makeup staples ever since. Absolutely perfect for busy ladies like me!

3 months ago
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My make-up kit essential!

I always always go back to this product no matter how many eyebrow products I have used. It's so easy to use and even though it doesn't come with a spoolie end, it's kind of easy to blend for me with the powder tip as long as you use it lightly.

4 months ago


It's my first eyebrow product and i wouldn't want to change to other products. I am really satisfied with this baby. Gives me a natural looking brows and very easy to use. I don't really know how to do those kilay goals but with this eyebrow pencil i am satisfied with how my brows look. Very natural, since my shade is also in natural brown. Just be careful with the pencil since madali maputol.

4 months ago
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My go to eyebrow filler!!!

I started using this when it was first launched. I'm now on my third dark brown pen :) before, I was using a Nichido eyebrow pencil and I thought it was already the best. But boy I was wrong! I started getting compliments with my eyebrows using this duo pen. It looks really natural. Back then, I was scared to have this thinking it's kinda complicated but it isn't. I highly recommend this for beginners :))

4 months ago
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Brow staple!

I have this is Dark Brown because I have dark hair. It's my go-to brow product! It's very easy to use and it lasts for a considerable amount of time. It's not exactly waterproof and sweatproof but it lasts on my eyebrows all day if I don't do strenuous activities. I line my brows with the pencil tip (glides easily), and fill in with the powder end. I love the blurring effect that the powder end gives so it's perfect for creating an ombre brow. I've already used two sticks of these and I haven't switched yet, that's how happy I am about it!

4 months ago
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I absolutely ADORE this eyebrow pencil and powder!! The powder though subtle, is still pretty pigmented. The pencil is soft and easy to use and blend. I can use the powder alone for a more natural fill but when used with the pencil, omfg. Eyebrows on fleek! Other than that, it lasts all day. 15/10 would recommend. Would definitely buy again.

4 months ago
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I've been an avid user of the brow pencil of etude and faceshop ever since, those two are the only things that I use for my brows. After seeing this on sale and reading the reviews about it I ordered one for me and my sister to try it out. Surprisingly it did a great job and I've been using it already for like almost four months already, I really like the powder at the other tip which makes it a lot easier for me to fill my brows. I just wished it would also come with a spoolie haha.

4 months ago
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A must for everyday brows!

I already have full brows but when I want to glam them up a bit, I use this one from Maybelline. I love how natural and soft it looks. I prefer this than brow pomades or kits because they sometimes make my brows look too dark and muddy. I highly recommend this for everyday glam brows!

4 months ago