Seche Bestsellers Bundle by Seche

Seche Bestsellers Bundle

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CLAIM TO FAME: Seche’s bestselling dry fast top coat and restore thinner

FAST FACTS: Experience the world’s finest top coat and a thinner, which will make you nail polish last longer. Set includes:

  • Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat: A top coat that penetrates through nail lacquer all the way to the base coat; forms a single solid coating over the nail plate for a much more durable finish; helps keep nails from becoming yellow; leaves nails silky, strong, and resistant to chipping and peeling
  • Seche Restore: A formula that thins a bottle of Seche Vite to its original consistency; will not diminish shine or dull colors; replaces ingredients that have evaporated from the bottle

    PERFECT FOR: Shiny, chip-proof mani-pedis

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Seche Bestsellers Bundle

Famous for producing the world’s finest topcoat, Seche doesn’t just have fans; they have a following. Their patented formulas have been perfected over more than two decades—and it definitely shows. Not only does the brand produce the best basics on the market, but they also have a wide range of absolutely beautiful colors that are guaranteed to keep your tips in tip-top shape.

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Everyone NEEDS this!

I just wanted to buy Seche Restore but this is a great deal because it is bundled with Seche Vite (an award winning and really popular top coat), and you get them cheaper than buying Seche Restore and Seche Vite individually. Seche Restore is a thinner for Seche Vite but you can use the restore for other nail polishes as well! It replaces the ingredients that evaporate from your nail polish. I'm not sure what will happen if you use it for nail polishes that don't have toulene in the first place (like OPI, they started not using toulene since 2006) but so far it works miracles for the current ones I have. Even for nail polishes that dried up you can still restore it with Seche Restore. As long as there is Seche Restore you can keep your nail polishes forever. Just make sure you read reviews and watch videos first so you don't mess it up (the first time I used it I ended up wasting to much of Seche Restore so I thinned out the nail polish too much).

over 1 year ago
Certified Buyer


I've tried a number of (affordable) top coats, but nothing does it better than Seche Vite. Juggling a day job and night classes, it is impractical for me to spend so much time polishing my nails. I'd rather spend my spare time to do my skin care routine, study, exercise, and sleep. Seche Vite top coat allows all busy career girls to do their nails right before you sleep and wake up with a salon-quality manicure. The formula is thick but workable. The drying time is remarkable. My manicure can survive two weeks without chipping! Seche Vite top coat is my HG top coat! I'm almost done with my bottle and it starts to thicken to a melted hot glue stick like consistency. When I found out there is a bundle of Top Coat and Thinner for sale, I didn't think twice! I bought one immediately. I hope BeautyMNL will restock the Seche Vite Professional Kit. Seche Vite is a great investment!

11 months ago
Top Reviewer

Simply Amazing!

I've tried multiple other brand name top coat products and was never impressed. This product is a must have! Dries quickly and prevents polish from wearing/chipping for days. It's not exactly a gel manicure, but it is the best alternative I have found! I'm excited that it's now available at BeautyMNL!

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Must have

This is a great investment. I used to change my nail color three times a week! That's every other day. I don't know anyone who are patient enough to wait for their nails to dry. I used to always ruin my nails after application. When I started using the fast dry top coat, I'm back to typing and doing chores in a matter of 5 minutes! It also leaves a glossy finish. You need the Seche Restore too because the top coat dries about halfway through the bottle. Just use a few drops of the Restore product and the topcoat is back to normal.

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Greal Product Indeed

I am surprise with this small bottle of top coat .I am amaze with what it's supposed to do and I've used it over glossy and glitter nail polishes—both became matte. You do have to make sure that your strokes are even and quick to get a smooth finish. Otherwise, you'll get some ridges. I also love how it's a quick dry top coat. It doesn't say that it is, but it hardens in less than a minute so I can move on to doing other things with my hands. .. Very useful on my manicure and pedicure time at home...

3 months ago
Certified Buyer

Shrinkage is terrible.

I know SV is like the HG taco, but as much as I love the drying time and the glossy gel-like finish of SV, I find that I need to change my polish only after two days of wear because the shrinkage is unbearable. My nails are really thin and brittle so the small space left behind the shrinkage leaves my nails very susceptible to breakage. If you have time to change polish every two days then this could be for you, but if you want more wear time, I suggest to try other brands. Ciate Speed Coat worked for me although it's a bit expensive. But if you get more wear time, I guess it just evens out. Also, Restore is like a must have if you like SV. Because halfway through SV, it'll be really thick.

9 months ago