Aloe Honey Lip Exfoliate by Leiania House of Beauty

Aloe Honey Lip Exfoliate

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CLAIM TO FAME: An exfoliating lip treatment for soft, kissable lips in seconds

FAST FACTS: Exfoliates and smoothens dry, rough lips; soothes, moisturizes, and protects lips; formulated with 60% fair trade certified ingredients; 100% edible

PERFECT FOR: Dry, flaky lips

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Aloe Honey Lip Exfoliate
INGREDIENTS: Fair Trade Certified Sucrose (Sugar), Fair Trade Certified Sucrose (Brown Sugar), Manuka Honey, Cocoa Butter, Moroccan Argan Oil, Camellia Tea Oil, Sunflower Oil infused with Aloe, Castor Bean Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Food Grade Orange and Vanilla Cream Lip Flavor.

Generously exfoliate lips in a circular motion prior to application of our ‘Pretty Lips Organic Mineral Lipstick’ or our Butter LipTherapy lip butter. Maybe used day and night. Totally safe, food grade ingredients, you’ll even be tempted to lick it.

Leiania House of Beauty is your one-stop shop for all-natural skincare products that use only plant-sourced ingredients from around the world. These nature-friendly, biodegradable, ethically sourced products make use of organic herbs, botanical and fresh extracts. This results in their handcrafted soaps, moisturizers, hair care, body care, and natural cosmetics. Free of synthetics, each Leiania product is carefully studied, tested, and made with vegetable oil blends so that they are gentle on all skin types—even sensitive, problematic, and delicate skin. All ingredients in the organic soaps are 100% natural with certified Australian organic ingredients, raw fruits, and botanical extracts.

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Certified Buyer

A must for dry flaky lips

I am so in love with matte lippies back then that cause my lips to become dry as hell. At first my lips' dryness is bearable up until I discontinue to use it because of my super flaky lips. I am so brokenhearted that I cant use my matte lipstick because I will look like someone with disease . As I search through the web, I found out steps how to make my supple lips back and then I found this product. The next thing I knew is BOOM! Now I can use my matte lippie back!!!!! It is so good in getting rid of the dead skin on my lips and makes my lips smooth where my matte lippie will glide smoothly. I am soooo inlove with it. plus it has great taste since it's 100% edible. ;)

over 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

read my lips

This product is a major lip-saver <3 I apply this daily before heading out and sometimes even without putting a lippie on, this makes my lips pink, refreshed, and plump. What's also good is that you only need to get a little amount and it will do your lips justice, it's edible as well so keep in mind that this is for lip exfoliation, not a sweet treat :)

2 months ago
Certified Buyer

No more dry, flaky lips!

My lips encountered a huge problem due to the weather and dehydration. My usual lip balm won't do the trick, so I resulted into buying lip balms from other brands and petroleum jelly and tried to apply them hoping to save my lips from cracking up but it turned out to be much more worse. But then, I stumbled upon this product and checking out the positive reviews, I tried this babe and these people were not kidding. The time that I tried it, I immediately loved it! It smells really good (even though you have licking habit, it won't be a problem since it's really yummy too!) and gentle to the lips. I noticed that my lips are smooth and can proceed putting my usual lipstick without those cracks. Did I mention that your lips will turn into a healthy salmon pink after using it? I was really surprised that it did and helps to lighten the dark spots around my lips. It comes in a compact size that you can bring it anywhere you go. I'm giving it 5 stars for this product!

3 months ago
Certified Buyer


When I bought this product, my lips were very problematic, due to the weather and the unbelievable amount of stress that time so I was dehydrated like a desert! Water and petroleum jelly could not save me from this hot (literally) mess but you know what did? This sweet thing right here! It definitely helped me with my chapped lips! After application (which is actually super fun to do! and it's yummy too!), I apply VCO which helped a lot in the healing and they both my lips hydrated and pretty too! I really love this product. I happened upon it while it was on sale but I would definitely buy this product again!

4 months ago
Certified Buyer

It works miracles.

My whole life has consisted of utter frustration with lipsticks. They look so amazing, but I could never pull them off because of my sad, dry, cracked lips. I'm pretty sure I drink enough water, and I've tried a dozen of different lip balms out there, but to no avail. Eventually, I was told by multiple friends to try out a lip scrub, and so I got this one. I honestly never though anything could take out the flaking from my lips aside from my obsessive pulling with my fingers. But this product really came through for me! It does scrub off the dried up skin on my lips and moisturizes them afterwards. It's also taking some time to use up the small tub it came in, so it's well worth the price.

4 months ago
Certified Buyer

This one I love!

I love this product from Leiania House of Beauty. I use this twice a day, and for just a few days, goodbye chappy lips. I usually use this right before I put on some lipstick. And at the end of the day, I also use this as a lipstick remover. I massage my lips and I get to remove the lipstick too at the same time. Heheh. Very handy!

5 months ago