Blue Eyeshadow Pots by Suesh

Suesh Choose Your Own Palette Eyeshadow Pots: Blues

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Take your pick from this collection of beautiful blue shadows for Suesh’s Choose Your Own Palette.

FAST FACTS: Treat this customizable palette as your personal makeup playground. Just select a palette size (small or large) and fill it with any of the available makeup pots–from foundation and concealer to eye shadow and lipstick! You may also order individual pots on their own.

PERFECT FOR: Color-coordinating your makeup to your complexion and personal style, just like the experts do it

Note: Price applies per individual pot. Makeup pots may be mixed and matched in each palette. Palettes will be delivered empty and separate from selected pots.

Established in 2006 by three sisters with a passion for beauty, Suesh Cosmetics’ wide selection of makeup must-haves gives every woman that expert touch. Using prized Japanese and Korean techniques, this brand offers fine-quality, on-trend products that are gentle on the skin and are available at affordable prices. From its customizable palettes for every kind of cosmetic, to its handy brushes, mirrors, and vanity cases, Suesh provides you with all the tools of the trade, so you can get gorgeous every day even if you’re doing your own makeup.

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Unexpectedly Satisfied

I bought two shades of this a few days ago, as I was looking for a cheap and pigmented blue shadow to match my prom dress. I saw the good reviews and decided to buy it. When I swatched the two shades, one was a bit chalky while the other (in terms of pigmentation) was okay. However, when I applied them on my eyelid, they looked even more pigmented than the swatches, and were sooo easy to blend. I'm a fan <3 Will be sure to buy more of these, maybe in a different color (nudes maybe? or purples?).

4 months ago
Top Reviewer

Feeling Blue

Out of the Suesh single eye shadow pots colors the blue shadow pots are definitely the most pigmented out of all the bunch. Just swatching these blue eyeshadows just give me so much happiness. Definitely very pigmented with the least fallout out of all the colors. I am still so in love with shimmery eyeshadows as they are the best formula and the blue shimmery eyeshadows are definitely eye catching with the shine and intensity of the color!

over 1 year ago
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Hooked on Collecting all of these.

These Suesh Choose Your Own Palette Eyeshadow Pots: Blues just go to prove that one does not have to spend loads of money to have a 2016 must-try trend (cerulean/blue eyeshadow). They're pigmented and they're very nice to layer and apply to achieve varying effects. Great to mix with the base shadow and smoky shadow pots!.

about 2 years ago
Certified Buyer

Great pigment for a good price

Such a good product for such a good price! I got shade E046 and though I've only used it a few times, I'm really satisfied with it. The product swatches really smooth and pigmented, and during brush application, the fall out is minimal. You still have to build it up for a great color pay-off, but it's good enough, especially with that really good price.

4 months ago
Top Reviewer

Freedom to choose the shade pot you want

I love buying suesh pots cause its very convenient to choose what eyeshadow color you would like to compliment.Its like a freedom to choose what shades you want just like a pro make up artist does :).Its a good quality eyeshadow,fall outs are minimal and good pigmentation.The color shimmers and so many kinds of blue shades to choose from.

over 1 year ago
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Minimal fallout

My expectation for these eye shadow palettes were not too high since the price point was on the lower side. I bought a couple of these since I do not usually use shadow colors which are other than neutral. These shadows are nice since they have very minimal fall out.

almost 2 years ago