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Lip Flush Bitten Lip Maybelline Lip Color

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Perfect for Korean gradient lips

I love love LOVE this lipstick. I was deciding between the RD01 and PK01, and ended up getting the latter because it gives the perfect bright pink Korean idol look. It's an affordable aleternative to the trendy two-tone gradient lipsticks and lip bars from Korean brands, and it's moisturizing, too! To get a really noticeable gradient lip, I pat some BB cream (or concealer) on my lips first, then apply the lipstick with the darkest color on the inner part of my lips.

7 months ago
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This is your lippie if you want a Korean ombre pout without the effort that usually goes into that. Personally, I think that it looks great in photos, but not so much in real life so I just bought one and used it for a regular lipstick look. It has a satin finish and is very moisturizing on your lips, perfect if you need a break from matte lips.

11 months ago
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Im so happy to find out that Maybelline is selling this stuff! This is just like the Laneige two tone lip bar but this product of Maybelline is tritone. This is way way cheaper but excellent! PK01 is perfect for chic look. It glides smoothly on my lips and makes me look younger. 💘 Lippie game to the next level!

about 1 year ago

nice looking lips.

At first I thought it would be weird to have stripes on your lips, but when I used this product, the different shades blend well when applied. It is not that obvious that there are different shades. No, you would not look like a zebra. The lighter shade on the inner part of the lips provide a very good pouty lips illusion.

16 days ago
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I just love how natural this looks on me. Not so pink, not so red and not so pale! Just perfectly natural and korean looking. I also don't need a separate lip balm because this is moisturizing enough. I'm not anfan of matte lipsticks so this is perfect for me. This is really a dupe for the laneige two tone! Worth it!

about 1 month ago

"korean-like" lippy ❤

I ordered the PK01, i'm amaze with the pinky triple shade of the lippy it is so "korean-like" even if I have a morena skintone. My lips is so moisturize everytime i use it i don't need to retouch from time to time because the color stays longer.. I'll rate this lippy 9 out if 10. Thumbs up for this!

about 1 month ago
Certified Buyer

Perfect dupe to get that Kim Bok Joo lips!

If you want to achieve that gradient, lip tint effect, this one's for youuu! Quite similar with the Laneige one but this one's way cheaper but still gooood! A single swipe has already a good color payoff. If you haven't bought this one yet, better buy one for yourself now!

about 2 months ago

Korean look on the go.

So if you want to achieve the famous korean lips i highly recommend ths lippie. I pick the RD02 color. At first my first try i thought its too pinky for my skin tone but after blending it outwards I was surprised i achieved a natural looking korean lips. What i love is,it is very pocket friendly compare to the other leading brands also has natural looking effect! perfect for everyday korean look 👍

2 months ago

Feeling Koreana

KDrama was the reason that made me buy this product. LOL! It did not disappoint! Very moisturizing and the color (PK01) is super flattering on my skintone. It's also easy to use for lazy girls like me coz you don't need to layer lippies just to achieve the Korean bitten lip effect. <3 Will definitely buy the other colors (eyeing on the RD01).

2 months ago

Everyday lippie!

I love this lippie. It doesn't dry my lips and every time I used it, I don't need to apply lip gloss or lip balm. Its good for everyday wearing. It also looks like natural lip color when lasted for couple hours in my lips. Given the price, its a good deal. I've been using PK01 and RD01.

2 months ago
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Gradient Lips!

Dupe for LANEIGE Two Tone Lip Bar. Thats all. Since Laneige is very pricy for that "Korean inspired" make up. This one is for you.. very addictive and super natural ! I love how to complements my Lips and moisturized. Lee sung Kyung wanna be here!The Smell is ok and the price for this is way to cheaper than Other High end Lippies :)

2 months ago
Certified Buyer


Got this lovely lippy and it never fails to give me the Korean-inspired look that I want. I will definitely recommend this lippy especially to those K-drama fans like me who wants to try and make their fave actresses' look as their make-up inspiration without spending much compare to other brands. Plus it is just easy to apply and you can get that gradient look without putting much effort.

3 months ago

Effortless Korean Makeup Look in an Instant!

I'm obsessed with the Korean makeup trend and this product from Maybelline is the perfect lip product to achieve that natural gradient mlbb. It glides on my lips smoothly and definitely saves time in the morning when I'm running late without sacrificing my makeup. It doesn't last long though, especially, after eating but I don't mind re-applying because it doesn't vanish completely; it leaves a subtle stain on your lips which is a plus! :)

3 months ago

The lazy girl's gradient lip

I've been experimenting on the gradient lip for some time now, and it's quite time-consuming if you want it to look perfect. I tried this product from Maybelline to cut the application time by a certain amount, and it does the job wonderfully. It may not look as perfect as the "manual" gradient lip, but for a product this inexpensive and for the amount of time it saves you, it's all worth it. Get the one in PK01--it makes the best gradient. Just smudge your lips gently after application to make it appear more seamless and natural.

3 months ago

Nice color gradient!

I've been reading about the Korean trend on ombre lips and been wondering to how to achieve the look without much effort. Luckily, I discovered Lip Flush Bitten by Maybelline! What I love about this product is that the colors have nice color gradient that you don't see the lines in between colors when you apply it! Perfect when you want an ombre lips! Plus it's affordable compared to other brands.

4 months ago
Certified Buyer


I am in love with this lipstick! Definitely one of my fave! It gave me a korean- ish lips! Similar to what I usually see in koreanovelas! It is light wear and I love the smell! It made me look fresh and younger! I will definitely buy this again!

4 months ago
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I super love this product!!!!

Omo!! I just got mine earlier and I immediately tried it and I super loved it!! (By the way, kudos to BeautyMNL for their super fast service!!) It is easy to apply and I loved how it looks on my lips because it looks moisturized and I also loved it smell!! I can't wait to try other Maybelline products!! Good job 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

4 months ago

No more expensive gradient lipsticks!

I super super LOVE this product!!! Very affordable na, very natural looking pa! I bought the perfect shade RD03 based on my skin tone. I was about to buy a super expensive korean brand but thank god, Maybelline created this product and BeautyMNL released an article about it! Sometimes I accidentally wiped it but the tint is still there and moisturized my lips! I feel so confident and I don't feel uncomfortable while wearing this! Good for every occasion especially when you're not a lipstick lover or not really used on wearing different types of lipsticks. Every woman out there must have this! You won't regret buying this! I swear! ^^

5 months ago

Finally found it !

Finally, I found something that I will love to use everyday . I am not a fan of lipstick because of the dryness that you will feel when you use one. But this one, its definitely moisturized your lips and you won't feel anything that you're wearing a lipstick. Kudos to this product ! Love it ♥♥♥

5 months ago

RD03 is the only shade you will ever need

I LOVE THIS THING. I'm not a big fan of lipsticks, my arsenal consists of nudes and glossse but this is probably the only lipstick I carry around and use all the time. I watched a ton of reviews before making my purchase and I find that the other shades don't have a color pay-off as nice as the RD03. The darkest color comes off more magenta on me which is still really nice but something to take note of if in case you're expecting something more true red. Two thumbs up!

6 months ago