Born to Rock Detangler by Bedhead/TIGI

Born to Rock Leave-In Detangler & Defrizzer

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Don’t get tangled up in your rocker lifestyle. De-stress, detangle and defrizz your over-partied locks and keep hair looking awesome with this tour-tested and rockstar-approved Born to Rock detangler and defrizzer from Rockaholic.

Net Weight:
200ml / 6.76 fl oz\

Spray into towel-dried hair and comb through for soft, detangled locks.

One of the UK’s most popular hair care brands, Bed Head by TIGI is used in salons all around the globe. Warning: products may cause an urge to laugh at product labels, experiment with different looks and check yourself out in the mirror. Whatever hair type you have, we bet Bed Head has a product that will suit it.

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Top Reviewer

no more tangles and knots!

my hair is a serious mess everytime i shower. there are always tangles,knots and it just so hard to brush through. this product changed everything! my hair is so easy brush through and it smells so nice. i love the packaging. pink is definitely an attention grabber. all in all this product is amazing for hair detangling especially after taking a shower.

over 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Tangle-free locks

I have extremely knotty and tangle loving hair. hat is why I love how this product instantly de-stress, detangle and defrizz my locks after a few sprays. I love how this hair product keeps my mane looking awesome every time. My hair is now more manageable than ever! It also leaves the hair smelling fresh and clean.

over 2 years ago
Certified Buyer

Does the job. Will repurchase.

I have extremely curly and dry hair and brushing it is a pain in the ---. I only comb after shower but even so, I still have difficulty brushing through it. Other leave-in conditioners (and even most shampoos and styling products) give me scalp zits and dandruff, that's why I'm sooo picky with the products I use. I noticed that I'm 'hiyang' with Bedhead/Tigi. I also love the coco smell. I only use it at night though, right after shower and before bedtime. I just notice it leaves a little grease in the hair (which most leave-in products do), but no prob as I usually rinse it the following morning. I just like the way it prevents my hair from further damage when brushing. However, I'm still skeptical to use it during the day when my hair is going to be exposed to heat/sunlight.

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Makes hair easier to brush through

Before I discovered detangling hair brushes, I struggled with combing through my hair. I have so much knots on my hair it takes forever to get rid of them. Then I saw this being sold on a salon, and the "detangler" part got me. It does work! It made my hair easier to run through with any brush and comb. I find the scent just okay, not overwhelming.

about 2 years ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

Waste of money :-(

I expected more in the sense of detangling. I think this product just got the hype because of the brand itself. It doesn't do anything. The smell is good but it doesn't last long. It leaves a sticky residue. It might detangle at first but at the end of the day, the product actually tangles your hair more. I am disappointed. Waste of money!

over 1 year ago