Op aloe vera moisture cream

Aloe Vera Oil-Free Moisture Cream

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Certified Buyer

Perfect for Quenching Thirsty Skin

I love that this product is mild enough for my sensitive skin at the same time very effective in moisturizing the skin. I like that it's literally cool to the touch, it's very refreshing. The price is worth it as a little product goes a long way, the jar can last maybe 3-4 months when used sparingly.

16 days ago

One of the best!

One of the best! After receiving the product, as indicated I refrigerated in a jiffy. After which I used after shower. The consistency is watery (like the real aloe juice) thanks for the cute white scooper! I found it hygienic, cold applied on my face, at first it was stingy but it soothes my skin, mild and I find it moisturizing, also it was quick dry. I liked that my combination skin was supple and soft after a week of use. It’s definitely worth buying.

about 1 month ago

Hydrates skin without the greasy feel!

This is a golden find!!!! I followed the instructions and put this in the fridge before using in the morning, and my goodness (!!!) - It is so good I want to slather the whole thing on my face! :) I have been using this for over a month now and found my skin to be hydrated, more supple and the pores are not as obvious as before. I use this mainly in the morning to take advantage of the oil-free quality. (I have a different moisturizer in the evening.). I will definitely repurchase.

3 months ago

So worth the price!!!

For the longest time I've been wondering if I should get this product because there are cheaper alternatives for oil-free moisturizers, like the Celeteque one that I used to use. I've only been using this COSRX one for a few days, but I already love it so much! It's great for those with oily skin since it's super light but leaves your skin supple and moisturized all day! I'll definitely repurchase this even if there are cheaper alternatives, and I'm also looking to try COSRX's Snail 92 moisturizer.

4 months ago

A+ Moisturizer

CosRx products are probably one of my favorite amongst all the skincare brands out there because they're very direct with solving your skin problem. I was looking for a perfect moisturizer/cream to end my daily skincare routine and I found this! The moisturizer cream comes with a tiny scooper which helps you get the product in a right amount + helps spread it evenly on your face. The moisturizer cream is oil-free so I love how it's not greasy and heavy on the face. It's a notch thicker than water and a bit lighter than lotion. It takes a few minutes for my skin to absorb the product but the overall length of time it keeps my face moisturized is LONG. Perfect for combination skin types because it keeps the sebum in check + keeps the dry areas of your face very moisturized. Highly recommended! (If you refrigerate it as the instructions provide, the cooling effect feels like MAGIC).

8 months ago
Certified Buyer

A great hydrator

I am very pleased with CosRx products. I read that they use few ingredients and that's mostly all actives. Well, they're not kidding. This is actually the 5th product I have bought from the brand but the first I am reviewing. I have combination skin and have to choose moisturizers carefully. Too little and my skin feels parched. Too much and I break out big time. This was just right. I alternate its use with the 92% snail cream as I feel I'll overdo it if I use both. It goes over my skin treated with either the BHA or AHA lotions, and it calms it down wonderfully, and lets the other stuff do its work with minimal irritation. Highly recommended.

8 months ago

Light and refreshing on the skin!

This moisturizer leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated! It comes in a light, gel-like consistency that's perfect for all skin types (especially my oily gals and guys out there). Because it's so light and refreshing, I use it underneath my sunscreen in the morning. Pop it in the fridge so you can maximize the cooling effect that it gives you. If you're a skincare newbie and looking to try out affordable yet effective moisturizers, give this one a go!

about 1 month ago
Top Reviewer

Four stars

I keep this in my fridge and I love how cold it is on my skin in the morning. I almost want to bathe in this lol. This is incredibly hydrating and it has made a visible difference in my skin. It's great for my oily skin as well, perfectly compatible. Definitely worth a try.

about 2 months ago

Great but not HG Level

I bought this coz i had an upcoming beach outing. While i could've bought Nature Republic's Aloe Vera product coz it'waaaaay cheaper than cosRX, i opted to buy this coz i am SUCH A FAN of cosRX products. I put this on in the evening after i get exposed to the sun, or when i just feel the need for moisture on my face. It's super non sticky and absorbs really well. I sometimes even put it on my hair! I cant categorize this as HG coz it didnt transform my skin but at least it relieved my after sun exposure discomforts. I will buy it again if i feel the need but this is not going to be a real staple in my daily routine.

3 months ago

Love it!

I bought this product after getting a severe acne breakout. It really tones down the redness of my skin, and it's very soothing. I place it in the refrigerator, so it's cold when I apply it. It's really great in helping with the healing process, and I didn't get any adverse reactions from the product.

7 months ago
Top Reviewer

Go buy it!

I like this one. I initially bought this for my sister but I ended up using it because it calmed down my irritated skin. I have an oily skin type but this actually helped in controlling sebum on my skin. I use this with my mizon snail cream. I also love its smell! It feels light and cool in my skin. Recommended!

8 months ago