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Waterproof Brush Liner XP

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Went and left the gym with a perfect cat eye!

When I say it's the best, I mean it. I put this on at 6am, commuted to work, had a workout afterwards, came home via bus-jeep commute, spent the night out with friends, and when my night ended at 2am, the wing was still as sharp and as black as it had been when I first put it on. I came to know of this liner through a friend who, like me, has oily skin. All the way to the eyelids. And I was truly apprehensive about spending on 800+ for a brush liner, knowing that drugstore brands offer that for around 250, and that 800 is just a few bucks shy of the price of liners from big brands like ABH. I should never have doubted my friend. The ink is black, and doesn't budge. When you remove it, it doesn't fade out to give you panda eyes. It adheres to cotton cleanly. And the brush tip itself is just stiff enough (unlike say, Maybelline's Hypersharp Wing, which is flimsy in comparison) that it makes perfect, strokes. Love this product, and I'm not sure I could go back from it! ONE LAST THING: the description doesn't tell you, but it comes with free mascara. Very good mascara, in fact. One that doesn't melt in humid weather like the formulation of western drugstore brands.

about 1 year ago

Fool proof wonder!

One of the best brush liners I've ever used! My holy grail brush liner is still from Kate Tokyo because it's cheaper than this one. However, this is a really close second! I got it in brown, and it is so pigmented and easy to put on. It doesn't last as long on me (about 6 hours max). It dries fast, and doesn't budge. I love how it always looks like I spent minutes on my eyes when really it just took seconds with this eyeliner. If you're a beginner struggling with cat eyes, brush liners like these are definitely ideal. You can't go wrong with this one.

about 1 month ago


I bought this product because Morgan from the Beauty Breakdown swears by it and guys, I'm in love and I mean it. It added volume to my eyes and oh boy it did not smudge. I went swimming with this on and it stayed perfectly on my eyes without rubbing my eyes off, but I accidentally wiped it off but come on, no hate still because it didn't leave my eyes look scary and messy. When it comes to product application, THIS IS THE BOMB! It's so easy to have the perfect cat eye with this even though you are a beginner (I am a beginner myself) so I totally recommend this for people out there who are just starting with make-up. Much better with the Maybelline eyeliner. Trust me it does not dissapoint. I AM FOREVER IN LOVE.

4 months ago
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Natural Look

I love this product, I'm a big fan of Dara Park who introduced to me this product. It's easy to apply and gives you a natural look since the shade is brown. This product doesn't smudge easily. I also have the black one and I've been using this since this product came out to the market.

over 1 year ago
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Four stars

This is great. Great pigment and glides on real smooth. It will not last all day, not on me at least, but I am an exceptionally oily person so I don't think I have a right to complain. This is worth a try despite the fact that it is a little pricey. Four stars.

7 months ago
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Budge proof!

This eyeliner is true to its claims. I wore this when me and my family went to watch a movie and this didnt budge. I mean I was crying like crazy and this thing is still there like nothing happened. The brush point is really good cause you can make sharp deadly lines with this thing. I ll totally recommend this but for the price point its in the luxe side but we re talking about the quality so better get this beofre it out.

about 1 year ago
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Bought this in SG this summer. For such a popular product I was expecting a lot more. Its safe to say that I'm a little disappointed. Sure it stays on and its waterproof but its not smudge proof. When my eye itches I expect to be able to scratch the area. But when I do though the product comes off. For the money I'm gonna say its not worth it.

4 months ago
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Regretted Buying The Most

Tacky expired-looking liquid, created tiny 'pimples' along the lash line. The bristles did not hold its shape at all and made application horrible. Formula was too thin to provide a sleek, pigmented, or even opaque finish. Smudged/disappeared less than an hour after application. Really regret spending almost 1k for this.

about 1 month ago