15-Color Magnetic Palette by Suesh

Suesh 15-Color Magnetic Palette

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This magnetized container for Suesh’s Choose Your Own Palette fits fifteen makeup pots.

FAST FACTS: Treat this customizable palette as your personal makeup playground. Just select a palette size (this, or the small version) and fill it with any of the available makeup pots–from foundation and concealer to eye shadow and lipstick! You may also order individual pots on their own.

PERFECT FOR: Organizing your collection of Suesh makeup pots, whether you stick to the same combo every day or switch it up based on your beauty look!

Note: Palettes will be delivered empty and separate from selected pots. Makeup pots may be mixed and matched in each palette.

Established in 2006 by three sisters with a passion for beauty, Suesh Cosmetics’ wide selection of makeup must-haves gives every woman that expert touch. Using prized Japanese and Korean techniques, this brand offers fine-quality, on-trend products that are gentle on the skin and are available at affordable prices. From its customizable palettes for every kind of cosmetic, to its handy brushes, mirrors, and vanity cases, Suesh provides you with all the tools of the trade, so you can get gorgeous every day even if you’re doing your own makeup.

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Top Reviewer

keeps me organized

If you ever got single shadow palettes, this one is for you. I use this to be more organized and when I have eye shadow palettes and depot them because some are already empty because I hit pan. This one is magnetic so it is easier to store eye shadows, blushes and even foundation refills in one case.

25 days ago
Top Reviewer

Your own personal palette!

I bought this a few weeks ago cause I recently order some individual eyeshadow pots and this truly does keep them all nice and organized. I hate buying eyeshadow palettes because they never have the color combinations I want and having this magnetic z palette, it enables me to bring as many or little single eyeshadow pots I want. Comes handy when travelling!

8 months ago
Top Reviewer

saves space

This is a very portable make up organizer for all my pots. This saves space by putting my pots just on top of my drawer. It can hold all your pots from eyeshadow, blush,powder and even foundation. This magnetic palette is allowing the pots to stay in place and not mix with each other. This looks so lovely on my table and its urging me to collect more make ups.

8 months ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

Perfect for all my Suesh Pots!

Since I began the business of hoarding all the suesh pots that I could find I was beginning to get worried I won't be able to store them properly. Until of course I did a little aimless browsing on the BeautyMNL pages and saw these palettes. I then realized this late in life that I should've studied to become a makeup artist instead of spending all those years preparing for the bar and working as a litigator. Keeps all my finds organized and perfect I think I should get another. Haha.

over 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Perfect palette for all Suesh pots

This 15 Color Magnetic Palette by Suesh, as its name suggests fits 15 pots. I particularly use this for storing my Suesh branded pots from concealers and correctors to foundations to lip colors to eye shadow. This fits all of my pots and ensures that all my pots are free from dirt from air particles.

over 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Highly Recommended!

I like that I can take all my favorite Suesh pots and placed them all in this Suesh 15-Color Magnetic Palette without worrying that my pots would crack or would be damaged in what every way possible. I like that I could see everything in this palette. It is great for traveling.

over 1 year ago