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CLAIM TO FAME: A deodorizing spray with brightening and moisturizing effects

FAST FACTS: Lightweight deo-spray formula; won’t leave a sticky underarm feeling; fortified with Emu Oil, Aloe Vera Leaf, Alpha Arbutin, Licorice, and Mulberry extracts; helps achieve whiter and smoother underarms with daily use; combats unpleasant odors with Zea Mays and naturally sourced Potassium Alum; contains Tea Tree extract and Peppermint Essential oil for an added refreshing feeling

PERFECT FOR: Lasting underarm freshness for the all-natural girl

April 23, 2015
”I was hesitant to try it at first since there is a LOT of underarm whitening products out there and the Underarmour is not cheap! But from the first use, I was impressed. My badly darkened and chicken-skinned underarm is visibly whiter and smoother with just 1 use. Love love this product. One suggestion though, change the spray bottle? It is a bit difficult to make it spray. Otherwise, the product is perfect and worth the price!”
–Cherry (from vnmnaturals.com)

Aug 17, 2014
”Now I’m on my fourth bottle, to think that I started using it last December 2013. I never thought an organic product will be the solution to my underarm booboos. It really smoothens my back then chicken skin and truly whitens. The freshness came with this Underarmour deo is one of the freshest feeling Ive experience ever in a deo!!! Plus plus plus, white shirts no stain!!! Ever!!! Thank you V&M Naturals!!!”
– Reea Leido (from vnmnaturals.com)

WHAT YOU GET: (1) bottle Underarmour
NET WEIGHT: 50ml/1.69oz

For Best Results:
Shake well before using. Pump at least 2 sprays to clean underarms and let dry. Reapply as needed throughout the day.

V&M Naturals crafts all-natural products that can be used by both sexes–in fact, its namesake acronym stands for Venus and Mars! Priding itself on being the first true Emu Oil skin care line in the Philippines, the brand swears by 100% pure recipes that blend “miracle” oils and premium herbs. Its products are based on archaic beauty rituals that are still effective today, and their formulas are free from pre-made bases and strong sulfates, surfactants, and alcohol.

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Top Reviewer

My pits' HG deo!

I stopped using antiperspirant early this year because I realised I had been taxing my body by not allowing it to naturally sweat. Before making the switch to completely natural deodorants, I would detox my armpits with a clay mask--I think this really helped draw out all the toxins from the chemical antiperspirants I used to use, and my transition from antiperspirants to natural deos was 100% funk-free! I mention this because most people are scared of making the switch because they might smell unpleasant during the transition. This fear is easily remedied by a few rounds of clay masks. Anyway, V&M is the first store-bought natural deo I've tried. Prior to this I had been making my own stick deo with natural ingredients, but I found that it took too much time in the morning to massage it into my pits, so I decided to hunt for a spray-type deo instead. I came across a V&M stall in a bazaar one weekend and saw they were selling this for less than half the SRP, so I immediately bought a bottle of both variants! I've been really happy with its performance so far! There's a slight tingle when you first spray them on, which I find absolutely refreshing. It definitely keeps any body odour away, and both scents smell so clean and fresh. You have to wait for these to dry, but it doesn't take too long. I use two to three sprays, and I bring these with me on days I know I'll be sweating more than usual. This is a really great product, tho I wish it was a little cheaper. I'll be repurchasing when my two bottles run out!

about 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

Acai + Mulberry, the best!

I have finished the bottle of Acai + Mulberry. I am very satisfied with this product that even after hours in the gym I still smell fresh. So I tried the other scent Aloe Tea + Licorice Mint but the freshness lasts only few hours after the workout. It did not do the job the same as Acai + Mulberry. I will definitely repurchase the Acai + Mulberry scent.

11 months ago
Certified Buyer

Absolutely the Best Deo, Hands Down. Or Up!

I have been using this for 5 months and to say that I LOVE this product is an understatement. This is absolutely the best deodorant I've ever used. It has significantly improved the texture of the UA (no more chicken skin!) and lightened the discoloration brought about by years of using harsh deos. Unlike other natural/ organic deodorants, this product lasts me the whole day, even after hours of working out! I have no complaints (except maybe the price tag) but hey, this is worth every peso you pay and more!

about 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

Sleeveless ready!!

I've been eyeing this product for some months now but since it's quite expensive, I had to wait for a sale! I finally got to try it and true enough, in just 2 weeks, I noticed how it really moisturizes and smoothens your underarm . The product is in liquid form and the spray bottle is kind of stuck sometimes so I just spray a little on my hands because a little product goes a long way! You will have to wait few minutes to dry it out a bit but it doesn't leave any residue (like other deos in the market) on your clothes. My underarms have long suffered the chemicals in commercial deodorants and this one is not harsh on my skin at all! The chicken skin might even disappear if I continue using.

8 months ago
Certified Buyer

Natural Freshness Around the Clock

I will admit I am not a fan of deodorants that I have to wait for to dry (I'm not a fan of deodorants in general actually) so I was both skeptical of it's results and it's ease of use. I bought a bottle of Aloe Tea + Licorice Mint with a desperate hope that I will find a deo to suit me and V&M did not let me down. Two sprays in the morning and two sprays in the night is enough to keep away any BO. There is none of the dreaded artificial scent that I dislike and it keeps me fresh the whole day even with increased activity. I cant wait to try out Acai + Mulberry too~

about 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

Best Natural + Cruelty-Free Deo!!

This has been the best natural deo I've tried! From local brands like Human Nature or international brands like Alba Botanica or other commercial brands that contain nasty chemicals. It's very effective on deodorizing, no visible whitening yet though. It very comfortable to use and it dries out in a few minutes. At the end of the day, you can still smell the scent unlike others that tend to dissipate and leave you smelling sweaty. I tried the Aloe tea scent and planning to try out the Açaí one.

6 days ago