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ColorSensational Creamy Matte Brown Nude Lipstick

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Cant wait to have it..!

I tried the maybelline clay crush before,my friend who went abroad have this and she made me try it because I ask her what lippie are you wearing its soo pretty.Its somehow looks terracotta brown,and the color is really like clay pots,its color is sophisticated.Looks great on my medium skintone.So Im happy that it will be available here in beauty mnl.Cant wait to have this!

over 1 year ago
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Maybelline has been stepping up their lippie game! Shades are super flattering for morena skinned girls. Additionally, for a matte lippie, it's definitely not super drying on the lips. Easy to apply to! Definitely recommend Nude Nuance and Touch of Spice for girls who want a subtle pop of color! Clay Crush for girls who want to go bare with a nude lippie.

over 1 year ago
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I seriously waited for this to be available at exactly 12MN and i thank the Lord i got it finally!!! Thank you BEAUTYMNL for being the fastest COD transaction EVER! Ordered this at 00:04 then came to my door at exactly 11:45 AM, THE SAME DAY ARE YOU KIDDING ME. NUDE NUANCE is the BOMB! I swear to everyone on this planet, don't waste your money over expensive, same formula as Maybelline's creamy mattes then realizing you just spend your money for the name of whoever made it. This is so so much better! Stop buying for the names of the products but spend your money on the formula. The formula of their creamy mattes is unbeatable. I SWEAR I WANT MORE THIS IS THE BEST. PERIOD.

over 1 year ago
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Rocking The Lipsticks Everyday

Clay Crush paired with a peachy blush and a few coats of mascara and you're good to go, sister! I bought Nude Nuance and Clay Crush from the Brown Nudes line and have been using it as an everyday lipstick ever since. Although the lipstick does not last long as compared to other matte lipsticks in the market, but its creamy texture makes up for it! It is very comfortable on the lips and perfect for people who are just beginning to dive into the world of lipsticks since it feels like you're just wearing a lip balm. Nude nuance is also perfect for people who would like to try vampy lips but are still reluctant to go full vampy red/violet/black!

over 1 year ago
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I have a crush on Clay Crush

This is hands down my go to lipstick. It is such a beautiful color on me. It could be my lips but better. It is super perfect for no-makeup makeup looks or even when i only wanna apply lipstick and nothing else. It is so creamy and even if i have to retouch from time to time, it doesnt bother me because it is so easy to apply. This is my backup when i dont feel like applying liquid lipsticks.

6 months ago
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Go to lipsticks!

The pigmentation is amazing to think that it's a drug store product. It is so easy to apply and I love their formulation since it doesn't feel dry on the lips unlike the matte liquid lipsticks. The best shade for me is the clay crush it is perfect for that MLBB thing. What I also love about this collection is that all of the shades are perfect for morena skin.

about 1 year ago
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I bought the shade Clay Crush because it looked phenomenal on KathleenLights. I hesitated initially because I thought it would look too light on my lips, but it is my favorite nude lipstick. The shade is a bit peach-y, but it's what I like about it. I've tried Maybelline lipsticks before and the formula is sometimes comfortable, sometimes a bit drying but it doesn't bother me. It isn't transfer-proof, but reapplying isn't a bother. Definitely recommend this if you're still on the hunt for the perfect nude.

about 1 year ago
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I have to say that this lipstick line is, by far, my favorite line. Ever. The lasting power is okay. The application is very (VERY) smooth. I got the shades nude embrace, clay crush, and nude nuance. Nude embrace is perfect when you just want that "normal" looking lips (no undertones). Nude nuance is a bit bolder (at least for me who got used to the lightest and most natural looking nudes), but not really. It is still "natural" looking, just a bit darker. I honestly got a few compliments when I wore this shade. Clay crush is the perfect in between. An MLLBB, for sure. In terms of favorites, it's a tie between nude nuance and clay crush for me. Can't wait to get more though!

over 1 year ago
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Well maybelline totally went with their best formula on these particular lipsticks. I bought clay crush and nude nuance and they are one of the best go to shades, especially clay crush if- you're looking for that go-to-natural-lips. And of course, the warmth or shade effects varies on the texture or natural color of your lips. Moreover, make sure to apply your lip primer before applying these babies

over 1 year ago
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Love how it matches my skin tone!

I bought the Clay Crush color lipstick and it is amazing. I bought it on sale and I regret buying just one. The color suits my skin tone and I use it when I go to school or whenever I feel like it because it's like a my lips but better kind of lipstick. When I used it for the first time, my friends didn't even know I was wearing one. I also love how creamy it is.

over 1 year ago
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Everything you could possibly wish for in a matte lippie

They're the best nude lipsticks ever! I bought Nude Nuance and Clay Crush exactly 19 minutes upon their release, and they go so smoothly on the lips, you won't even feel like they're there, unlike many matte lipsticks that dry out your lips almost immediately after application. I've been using them almost every day, the colors are very lovely. So worth the wait!

over 1 year ago
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Loving MLBB shades

Woke up at 3am to order this last July 29. Glad I did because it was sold out the same day. I bought nude embrace, Clay Crush and Nude Nuance. Nude embrace is so light so it doesn't suit my dark skin but clay crush and nude nuance looks good on me. I've also tried touch of Spice and I also loved it since it has a touch of pink. So far, I'm loving brown nude and creamy matte collection by maybelline. Not 100% matte compared to other lipsticks that I've tried but I like this better because it has a nice smell, the colors available are good and it didn't dry my lips. It can also last for a long time especially the darker ones.

over 1 year ago

nude for all time :)

i bought nude nuance and im so inlove with it sobrang ganda ng color pay off pwede sya sa day or night at sobrang creamy nya when you apply on lips ang lakas maka syala and i cant wait for clay crush kapag nag sale ulit bibilin ko na talaga saya ang galing talaga ng maybeline when it comes to color selection and formula good job!

4 days ago
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Touch of Spice

This lippie cinches my love for Maybelline. I know they’re not totally cruelty free and I’m really sad about that but they produce such great products. I’m still holding out hope that they will become an entirely vegan line.

So this is one of the most beautiful shades of lipsticks I have encountered. Maybelline’s Touch of Spice is an absolute must try for any office girl or student. It’s a beautiful deep mauve that’s perfect for daily wear. It’s an MLBB shade and one that will complement almost any skin tone.

It’s a matte lipstick, I’m not sure if it’s part if the Powder Mattes like Touch of Nude. It’s pigmented but I needed to build it up a couple of times because the product tend to fade towards the edges. It applied smoothly and did not tug at my lips. It didn’t settle into my lip lines so my lips did not look wrinkly or anything. It did transfer a little but managed to stay on for the entire morning. It smudges a little as well so you need to be careful.

6 days ago
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Nude-y goodie

Love love nude line of Maybelline. Perfect for the no makeup makeup look. Yung tipong gandang pulbos at lipstick lang pwede ng rumampa. Bagay na bagay din sa skin tone ng pinay. Hindi siya yung nude na mukhang maputla at patay. Super ok ng pigmentation, does not dry the lips hindi din yung para kang kumain ng litson effect.

10 days ago

Worth it!

This is a good lipstick for its price. I got the shade nude nuance and I fell inlove with that. Although I like powder mattes more, this is still an excellent lippie. It doesn't emphasized the lines on my lips. It doesn't dry the lips too. It's smooth to apply and lightweight. The shades are so good 💕 i just like the finish of the powder mattes more but both of them are worth it for their price. 💋

13 days ago
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Nude Nuance and Clay Crush!!!

For my skin tone, nude nuance is my "strong independent woman" lippie while clay crush is the "dalagang Pilipina" shade. 😍 The formula for the lipsticks is really good and not drying at all. They're not transfer-proof, but they don't fade too fast. And for that price, this is one of the best and affordable drugstore lippies out there! Will totally repurchase!

17 days ago

Clay Crush is my Ultimate Crush!

Clay Crush is my go-to MLBB lipstick. It matches my skin color and doesn't wash me put. I like the texture of this lipstick. It is drying though but there's nothing a good ol' lip balm won't fix. Anyway, the color lasted me for about 5 hours with eating and drinking. For the price, it's a real steal!

18 days ago
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I absolutely loooove nude nuance! it just looks super nice and fancy on the lips, kinda like an expensive lippie without the heavy price tag! great finish and glides on like butter, as expected from a maybelline lippie. this one's a dupe for tons of expensive lippies so i'd say it's a great buy! super pigmented too so you don't need a lot to get a nice color pay-off. get it if you can, it's always sold out!

25 days ago
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Honestly, this is the best I’ve tried so far. I look sophisticated whenever I wear this shade. It looks great on fair skin but still looks amazing on morenas. It looks so natural if you apply a thin layer and does not look OA if you applied more unlike other shades.

25 days ago