Creamy Bubble Color by Liese

Liese Creamy Bubble Color

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CLAIM TO FAME: A fun and easy-to-use at-home bubble-type hair color

FAST FACTS: Nourishes, moisturizes, and colors; thick and creamy foam sticks to strands 4X better; non-drip foam completely covers tresses for vibrant long-lasting color; mild formula contains a ‘low-smell’ scent

PERFECT FOR: Smooth, lustrous locks

Curious? Click HERE for a how-to demo and watch the magic happen!

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Liese Creamy Bubble Color
Hair Color: 34ml
Hair Color Developer: 66ml
Rinse-off Treatment: 8g

A popular hair styling brand in Japan, Liese (pronounced as “lee-zay”) brings women a range of hair products that include color, styling, and leave-on treatments. Their goal? To help you achieve gorgeous professional-looking hairstyles in their own homes, so you can step out to face the world feeling chic and confident. Have fun with your locks and enhance your strands with Liese at BeautyMNL.

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Certified Buyer

Love this!

When I'm not having my hair done at the salon, I used to use L'oreal boxed dyes (with a helper). Was scrolling through BeautyMNL and came across this product and ordered it after watching a few youtube videos about it and reading reviews. IT IS SO EASY TO USE! I dyed my hair by myself but I ended up with even hair color (which I don't always get from boxed dyes, sadly). The first time I ordered this product, I got the shade ASH BROWN and it was amazing! It faded beautifully. This is my second time, I have PLATINUM BEIGE on my hair right now and it's just a shade lighter than Ash brown.

15 days ago

Makes Dyeing Your Hair Fun!!

I love the foam technology of Liese because it's not your typical "part your hair into sections" which is very much a hassle for independents like me. I had a lot of fun on applying their hair dye. I originally had blonde hair and I used their Ash Brown variant to tone my hair down, and I was surprised to end up with somewhat of a silver hair?? (I absolutely love it though), and I'm placing 4-stars only because my hair went back to blonde just after a few days :(

19 days ago

So easy to use

The last time I dyed my hair was eight years ago. I was very accustomed to traditional DIY hair dyes back when light brown hair was the trend and even with the help of my mom and my housekeeper, people say that my hair wasn't evenly colored. Even worse, the light brown hair dye gave me a very brassy, orangey tone that made not a few strangers annoy me with "Hey, yo! Wassup?!?!" It left me traumatized. Now that I'm my late twenties, I wanted to dye my hair one last time before I get old so I decided to buy two boxes of this product in Rose Tea Brown for my long and super thick hair. I was hesitant that it might give me a strange coloring job. However, I was surprised that it was so easy to use and everyone complimented that the color was evenly distributed even though I did it all my own, a girl who couldn't even braid her hair alone. I left the color for 10 minutes longer than instructed because I had brown black hair with thick strands. It didn't have a pink undertone as promised; instead, my hair became dark auburn, which I loved even more. While it made my rebonded hair a bit drier, it didn't thin out my strands nor made it frizzy. The only drawbacks are the smell and that it stung on my scalp a bit, but it has ammonia, which actually helps in penetrating the color. I still have very few white strands left, but they don't bother me because low to no ammonia dyes typically have difficulties coloring white strands. I don't think this will be the last time to color my hair. I highly recommend this for people who want unique but natural-looking hair.

3 months ago
Certified Buyer

Easy to use

I ordered raspberry brown and I love how easy it is to apply! I normally have my hair colored at the salon, but I decided to give this a try because it looks so easy and the colors are really pretty! Just make sure to apply this evenly in your hair so that the results will be superb. I hope Liese will soon launch more reddish colors in their collection!

4 months ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

For the independent and busy gals! Get that Easy, Even-colored Hair!

I tried the hassle of the traditional hairdye at home (by myself) and I cannot get the parts that are at the back of my head. This made my hair looked so unprofessional. So the next time I dyed my hair I used Liese! It was actually easy and fun! I never enjoyed a coloring like this by myself! #independent After the wash, the color was even and covered most of the previous horrors I have done with my hair. The only downside is that the color also faded easily after 2 weeks but it faded gradually and beautifully (wink wink) (like ombré style). I have purchased another one of this and will be planning to use it when my hair gets longer.

4 months ago
Certified Buyer

Rose Tea Brown is a gorgeous color!

This was my first time ever coloring my hair and I really like how easy it was. It’s literally like shampooing your hair! I let the solution stay for a bit longer than stated on the box. It’s super convenient, and it colors the hair really nicely. I actually find the color gets stronger as more days pass. Almost a month later, the color is still very much even and obvious in my hair. It also made my hair super soft during the first week! There is a smell from the solution that is a bit strong though, but that’s about the only fault I can find.

5 months ago