Perfect Cover BB Cream 50ml by Missha

Perfect Cover BB Cream (50ml)

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CLAIM TO FAME: The beloved BB Cream by Missha that’s reached cult product status

FAST FACTS: Gives you gorgeously natural, lightweight coverage; heals post-acne scarring, dark blemishes, and other imperfections; provides sun protection to prevent early skin-aging; smooth and non-oily in consistency; over 30 million bottles sold worldwide!

PERFECT FOR: All skin types

WHAT YOU GET: (1) tube Perfect Cover BB Cream


WITH YOUR FINGERS: After your basic skin care routine, use a primer for an even base. Pump out an appropriate amount of BB Cream (one pump is usually more than sufficient). Dab product on cheeks, forehead, chin, and nose areas and use the tips of your fingers to lightly smooth product all over face.

WITH A SPONGE: Lightly dab product with a sponge and smooth evenly over face. Build coverage using leftover product by lightly tapping over any problem areas. Set with powder for a matte finish if desired.

Korean brand and local cult-fave Missha has been offering customers high-quality yet affordable products since they started purveying their items through in 2000. Realizing that cosmetics and skincare were no longer a luxury but a vital part of everyday, they decided to make it their goal to create premium products that were inexpensive but worked wonders for the skin. Today, they’ve launched a series of successful product lines for both men and women, and breached the international market, with stores in New York, Hong Kong, Australia, and Singapore.

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Top Reviewer

Caters to any skin type

This Perfect Cover BB Cream by Missha caters to any skin type. This provides a nice satin finish which can be tacky when not set with powder, especially for those with combination to oily skin. For those with dry skin, however, there is no need to set unless you really want a matte look.

5 days ago

Every day, perfect for oily skin BB cream

Great for every day use!! It has a natural finish to it, quite dewy (as most korean cosmetics are) and a light, natural coverage. It also surprisingly controls the oil build-up on the face, which is absolutely amazing for a BB cream on my super oily face. There's also a lot of product in it so it'll (hopefully, considering that I use it every day) last a long while. It is a bit pricey here on BeautyMNL and even in malls but there's better/cheaper alternatives online. I only wish that there were more shades, although #23 worked very well for me, but I know that this is a Korean brand wand Korean makeup is a lot into whitening and is marketed towards paler asian women. Overall, a great BB cream, especially for oily skin!

6 days ago
Top Reviewer

No make up makeup

This is perfect for everyday use. I got mine in the shade #21. I was so excited to try it since i heard it was the number 1 bbcream in korea. The color was perfect for my skintone. I use this with my clean fingers and effortlessly blended it onto my skin. Covered most of my dark spots. And leaves my skin dewy finish that made me look younger and fresh.

about 1 month ago
Top Reviewer

Everyday use

This Perfect Cover BB Cream is my everyday BB cream. I love that this is very easy to apply on the skin, whether you are using a brush, a sponge, or even just your fingers. I can get away with using both the shades 21 and 23. The shade 23 leaves more of a natural finish. The shade 21, on the other hand, has a slight brightening effect.

about 1 month ago
Top Reviewer

Worth it!

I got mine in the shade light beige. I decided to give this one a try since it is labeled as world's best bb cream. I find it on the medium coverage. More of a foundation coverage which is good if you want to have that light makeup for events but can still cover your blemishes. I top it off with my nichido powder and it does the job well. It is not sticky and you only need a small amount to cover your entire face.

about 2 months ago

BB Baby!

I had this way back when I was in highschool. It is such a holy grail. You can never go wrong with missha. I love the creamy texture and plus it is really lightweight :) I love the natural shade too!! :0 And also it didnt gave me a zit! or any allergic reaction. Its a great find! <3

about 2 months ago
Top Reviewer

The best BB cream I've tried so far

I just love this. It has the coverage of a foundation with the benefits of a BB cream--what more can I ask for? A single pump goes a very long way. I just wish there were more shades available. The darker shade blends well on my light skin tone, so I think those with medium and darker skin tones would find it a challenge to make this work.

about 2 months ago
Top Reviewer

one of the best

This is a really great find. The Missha Perfect Cover BB cream is so lightweight with medium coverage. It's semi-matte so it gives you a glowing look without overly looking oily. I love that it makes my skin radiant even when I sweat. I think it's perfect for the hot weather. It lasts long and does not crease.

2 months ago

One of the best BB creams

I've always wanted to try out BB creams and I am so glad this was my first! It leaves my face poreless AND blemish-free the first few hours -- without making it feel too makeup-ey! But as the day goes by, it also leaves my face dewy and fresh, just like a Korean superstar! I love this product and I can't go out without putting it on.

3 months ago
Top Reviewer

Love it!

I've been using this for a few months, and it's really great. It has a nice satin finish. It helps cover blemishes well, and helps even out my skin tone. I really enjoy this BB cream, because compared to other BB creams i've tried before, this one lasts a decent amount of time on my face. It also doesn't feel heavy, and it has SPF! I love it!

3 months ago
Top Reviewer

Something to save up for

I only bought a sampler of this because its so expensive! I find though that it's actually really great, especially for oily skin types. It keeps me from oiling up too much and although it has a slight dewy finish, it's not from my skin oils but from the product, and gives me a healthy glow. It doesn't have great coverage but it color-corrects. It also lasts the whole day.

4 months ago
Top Reviewer

Thumbs up!

I would definitely say that this is the best BB cream that I have tried so far! It's so light and dewy without making my face too oily compared to some other brands. It has nice coverage. This is best especially for those who has a really oily skin like mine.

4 months ago
Top Reviewer

Perfect for oily skin

Tried this BB cream because it was given as a sample in Missha before. After I tried it on my face, I immediately fell in love with it. I love the coverage it gave me, and it quickly covered my imperfections plus I love how it lasted on my face for hours. I really recommend this especially for those who have oily skin.

4 months ago


I have this in shade 21 and all I can say is that this bb cream blends really well into the skin immediately without a white cast. I have tried the nature republic bb cream and that product sets on the skin after an hour or so. So, comparing that to Missha bb cream, the latter wins. It's high spf is also a plus!

6 months ago

I love Missha

When I first tried this BB cream, I instantly fell in love with it. Its coverage is really great! My skin looks smooth using this Missha BB cream. It can cover my dark blemishes and even pimple marks. It doesn't feel heavy on my skin unlike foundation creams but I think it works like a foundation. Above all, it blends well with my skin tone.

7 months ago

best bb cream!

This product is really the only face make up I use. I don't really wear a ton of make up, not even foundation and concealer. After I wash my face with a cleanser, I put my sunblock then I apply this BB cream right after and I'm good to go! It gives a good amount of coverage and moisture while protecting the skin from the harsh sun with its impressive spf amount

8 months ago
Top Reviewer

Great BB Cream!

This is the very fist BB Cream that I have ever used and I am still using it up to this day. I am in the shade 21 which is a light beige and it suits my fair skin perfectly. It has a little bit of gray undertones but it blends smoothly on my skin. It makes my skin look healthier and more radiant.

8 months ago

The best BB cream I've used!

The first BB cream that I ever used and bought -- I even bought it secretly for some reasons. BB creams were starting to be a hype here in the Philippines that time so I wanted to try it out to conceal my pimple scars in a not-so-noticeable way and since it's also a moisturiser I thought that it was a really practical product. As a concealer, it did good, because it got to cover some of my pimple scars. But what I liked about it the most is the long lasting effect it had on my skin. It did not only moisturise my face, it also made my skin look and feel healthier, it even helped some of my pimple scars to fade. And up to date, I've tried other brands of BB creams, but this is still the best one for me.

9 months ago


This BB cream is the first ever BB cream that I bought. I suffered from acne during high school and I used to have a lot of pimple marks and dark spots. I heard this BB cream also has healing properties and so I tried it! I used this product everyday and after a month of using, my face cleared up. Since then, I have always been the BB/CC cream kind of girl.

10 months ago
Top Reviewer


Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream is my very first BB cream ever. I remember all the hype about this product that I even went to its very pop up store in SM when this brand was launched. I like how this gives me medium coverage and how it treats my skin from all its imperfections at the same time.

10 months ago