Brush Cleaning Pad by PRO STUDIO Beauty Exclusives

Brush Cleaning Pad

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CLAIM TO FAME: A textured pad that thoroughly cleans bristles

FAST FACTS: Easily rids your brushes of makeup residue, germs, and bacteria; different textures help remove stubborn products from your beauty tools; works with a gentle shampoo or sanitizer

PERFECT FOR: A quick, effortless way to clean your beauty tools

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Brush Cleaning Pad

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Great for deep cleaning

Before purchasing this, I thought that I didn't really need a brush cleaning tool. However, I was having trouble deep cleaning my dense brushes so I decided to give this a try and now I love it! The texture of the pad allowed me to go into the bristles of my dense brushes and clean them really well. Moreover, I love how the pad has different textures for smaller and bigger brushes, thus allowing me to clean 2 brushes at the same time. I also feel like I'm using less brush shampoo as I can concentrate the shampoo onto the pad instead of it going all over my hands. Overall, I think it's a great addition to my beauty tools. Love!

5 months ago
Top Reviewer

Mjust have

I use this whenever I clean my brushes. I can never go back to using my hands for cleaning my brushes after I tried this. It helps get the remaining product residue on the brushes out. I find it easier to clean my brushes and also less time is spent in this routine.

6 months ago
Certified Buyer

Fast and easy brush cleaning

So much product I didn't even know was in my brush came out at the first few swipes! Just a few minutes of swirling the brush around got it oh so clean, without ruining its shape. Probably the only complaint I have is that the suction cup doesn't stick (in fact it flips over on itself? Probably because it's pretty wide), but it's not a big deal for me since the pad as a whole does its job.

7 months ago
Top Reviewer

Cleans my brushes perfectly!

I never thought that such a small thing like this could make washing my brushes a lot easier. This brush pad does a great job at cleaning all my makeup brushes and getting product build up out of them because of the little grooves on the pad. The first time I used this, I was even surprised by how much more foundation I had on a brush that I thought was already quite clean. So I made sure to use this every time since then. It's also quite hygienic too since the material of the pad is silicone. I'm glad that this cleaning pad doesn't ruin their shape and doesn't cause them to fray out or anything like that. It's just the right size for cleaning both big and small brushes.

8 months ago
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no dirty brushes

This product is a must have for those who loves make up and of course brushes. Brushes helps us achieve and blend make up very well. And to take care of our brushes we should clean it once in a while. Together with cleanser i just stroke my brushes and i was amazed. Before i am just cleaning my brushes alone. This one will give you super clean brushes. Very affordable and can be use lifetime.

8 months ago
Top Reviewer

One of my makeup hacks! :)

This mat helped get my brushes super clean and soft. I washed all my face and eye brushes in about 10-15 minutes with this mat! I was simultaneously overjoyed and disgusted by the amount of eyeshadow, foundation & concealer was coming off and rinsed with this silicon mat. Now, I can clean my brushes faster while pampering them!

9 months ago