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Bam Balm

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From chapped, dry lips to soft, plump lips!

After being intrigued about Beach Born's Bam Balm for how many months now, I finally got myself one when I fount out BeautyMNL had them on-hand. I use two different lip balms: Chapstick during the day, and Blistex at night. Bam Balm definitely lives up to it's expectations; I've only used it for one night, since my order just arrived yesterday (btw kudos to the team for the quickest delivery service I've experienced!) and decided to test it out right away before I went to bed. The first time I popped the cap off, I could immediately see the sugary bits on top and confirmed it's exfoliating properties. It was a bit waxy though, but I'm not sure if it's because it was just the first use, I will have to observe further as I use it more along the way. However, I did love the minty sensation it left, it made my lips feel more plump especially in the morning after. When I woke up, my lips were so soft and moisturized, and didn't have that waxy feeling from the residue that my previous night lip balm would always give me. It's also great after a whole day of wearing matte lipstick, it brings back the moisture of my lips and I'm sure now I will never have chapped lips. I will definitely use this as my new night lip balm. Thank you Beach Born for this wonderful product, don't stop producing this lip balm!

about 1 year ago
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Lip scrub in a tube? Count me in!

I love matte and liquid lipsticks so the first rule is always, ALWAYS exfoliate your lips especially for people with dry skin like mine. I've used numerous lip scrubs (even using the popular Sara Happ brand but I wasn't impressed at all) and I find using lip scrubs in a pot such a hassle! Thank goodness this is available and it's pretty cheap too! I swear by this now.

about 1 year ago
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Dry lips no-more!

I was unfortunately blessed with the driest lips and they peel all the time. Thankfully, I have tried this Bam Balm by Beach Born and boy was I utterly impressed! I have tried many lip balms from the medicated ones to the scented ones but they never healed by chapped lips. Enter Bam Balm! I love this product so much that I sometimes use this all through out the day instead of my usual lipsticks and glosses. It is so yummy with its minty fresh scent and its cooling effect is remarkable. It also adequately moisturizes my lips, making them plump and healthy-looking!

12 months ago
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Lives up to its perfect score review

I have been experiencing extreme chapping and dryness on my lips for days now, to the pain that my lips become painful when left unmoisturized. I have drowned my lips with petrolleum jelly (my fave until this product) but it doesn't help. Upon checking that this balm is part of the beauty awards, I went ahead and added it into my cart. I did not have much expectation about a lip balm, it was just supposed to moisturize my lips but wow did this product exceed my expectation. It actually healed my chapped lips within the first application! I would repurchase this for sure!

7 months ago
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What can I say, I am taken by this amazing lip balm, what I adore about this is the minty smell and effect on the lips, glides super uber smoothly on my lips, I use this EVERYday and night. :) I use this after exfoliating my lips, before putting on lipstick and before going to bed. trust me, this miracle works! makes my lips feels soft and smooth. Every girl or boy needs this!

8 months ago
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Ok, I'm definitely obsessed with Bam Balm! I love how it's a scrub and a moisturiser in one! I use it alone, with a lip tint or sometimes I even I apply it on top of my matte lipstick if it feels a little dry at the end of the day! It refreshes the lipstick, looking like you've just freshly applied a new layer. Plus, the scent is amazing!! I cannot stress it enough, I'm hoarding this when we get a restock.

about 1 year ago
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My lips are definitely moving!

As a constant matte lippie user, having dry lips is inevitable. So you always gotta keep em moisturized. I love how this product is a part of my daily routine, after removing my lipstick, I use this overnight to keep them lips soft. Goodbye to waking up with the fear of moving your lips in the morning and having to deal with chapped lips.

about 1 year ago
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Love love love this balm! <3

I had this balm for a while and I just started using it for a week. But lo and behold, the difference it made :) It really works! I always, always have chapped lips esp. if it's cold and this lip balm really really works. I used other lip balms before and they didn't do their job even after I used a couple of tubes. But Bam Balm delivers. The more I use it, the more I see that it's effective in making my lips soft and healthy. It also doesn't hurt that it's super affordable and the packaging is pretty neat. Definitely worth buying!

6 days ago
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Bam your way out off chapped lips!

This one small tube of magic is the bomb! I used to have really chapped lips so I decided to try out this product. Also, I have heard alot of good things about this product. I bought it, I tried it, and I was not dissapointed. For just 168 pesos, I have already healthy and smooth lips within the week!

11 days ago
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One of my fave BeautyMNL purchases

I looooove this product so much. I like how it smells, how gentle it is, and how it moisturizes my lips. An exfoliating lip balm is a genius concept, wonder why I've never seen anything like it before. I like it so much that I plan on buying several for my friends this Christmas. Such a good buy, and it's affordable too.

12 days ago
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Happy Lips 👄

My first time to use this product and I must say my lips stopped from cracking & it feels like I'm satistied now. I won't buy any lip balm again, only this!!! I'm so happy that my sensitive lips got her forever buddy! It gives my lips a minty & smooth feeling. Cracked & Chapped lips never again with this Bam Balm. I love you to bits!!! 😘😘😘😘❤❤❤

14 days ago
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I've used the product for more than a week now and YES it is a MUST HAVE! I tried sooooo many lip balms- both high ends and drugstore - with this I am truly satisfied. Plus it tastes and smells like sugar. I am not sure about the plumping effect, but with the softness it gives- I will definitely hoard!

15 days ago
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Search is over. Found the perfect husbalm!!

The best! No need to use your fingers to exfoliate because it is a scrub in a tube. I do not even need to wipe it off since it also serves as a moisturizer as well. That is so neat! Whenever I forget to scrub, I just use this in a go and done Exfoliated lips! I have no regrets in impulsively buying this without knowing it is this gooood <3 Using matte lipsticks everyday, I have been in search for balms desperately. All in all this is the best lip balm/scrub that I tried.

17 days ago
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The best treat for your lips!

I've been reading a lot of good reviews about this product so I decided to finally try it. The first time I tried it, I was really surprised how soft and plump my lips have become in just one use. What I really really like about this product is that it instantly exfoliates my lips, no trace of dryness! Aside from that is the fact that this is very natural and organic, and that unlike most lip balms, it leaves your lips moisturized without that sticky feeling at all.

17 days ago
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Bye bye chappy lips

I tried this product since i read a lot of positive reviews. I'm glad I did since it's super effective. It's affordable and totally worth your money. This is needed if you love matte lipsticks but unfortunately have dry/chappy lips. All in one lip balm and scrub. It helps that it is in a tube so it won't be messy to use. Fresh mint scent is also a plus and has a cooling sensation. Will definitely repurchase this.

19 days ago
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My lips but better ♥

This is my holy grail! This lip balm is beyond my expectations. I love the it most whenever I taste the brown sugar. I use it everytime I have a chance. No more chapped and dull lips. Thank you beachborn and BeautyMNL. Planning to try more products from beachborn soon. 😉

24 days ago
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Chappy lips no more!!

I tend to have really dry and chappy lips but with this product, recommended by my friend, I now have soft lips!! I love love matte lippies but my usual problem is that they make my lips drier. But with this product, I now get to wear them without any hassle! Bonus is this balm's yummy taste! :P

27 days ago
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Moisturized, plump and goodbye white marks on my lips!

I usually buy lip balms and then stop using them after a week because it doesn't work. I've tried Nivea and Maybelline but they leave a white mark on my lips after around 6 hours or so although it does moisture my lips. The white mark is just not flattering and a bit icky for my taste. Using Bam Balm however moisturized my lips PLUS didn't leave white marks! It even plumps my lips which I looove thus bringing a pop of life when I put on lipstick. I love the minty and scrubby effect like I'm kissing minty brown sugar! Yum!

29 days ago
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If you have dull and/or dry lips, this is for you.

My lips are dull and most of the time, dry. I've been using chapstick since my HS days, although it did solved my dryness problem, but it didn't really much help when it comes to dullness. Thank god I've found this new HG of mine, love that it has brown sugar that exfoliates my lips, making it soft and plump. Love the minty flavor and scent. Already on my 2nd tube and will definitely repurchase.

29 days ago
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The solution to your consistently chapping lips

I used to always reapply lip balms. I get chapped very easily. I've tried brushing my lips after brushing my teeth but that didnt help as much. When I finally got to try this, I did not regret at all. It exfoliates your lips while moisturizing them. Doesn't leave them with that oily look that some lip balms do. I sometimes use it before applying lipstick to make my lipstick smoother and have a nice finish.

about 1 month ago