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Bam Balm

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Certified Buyer

From chapped, dry lips to soft, plump lips!

After being intrigued about Beach Born's Bam Balm for how many months now, I finally got myself one when I fount out BeautyMNL had them on-hand. I use two different lip balms: Chapstick during the day, and Blistex at night. Bam Balm definitely lives up to it's expectations; I've only used it for one night, since my order just arrived yesterday (btw kudos to the team for the quickest delivery service I've experienced!) and decided to test it out right away before I went to bed. The first time I popped the cap off, I could immediately see the sugary bits on top and confirmed it's exfoliating properties. It was a bit waxy though, but I'm not sure if it's because it was just the first use, I will have to observe further as I use it more along the way. However, I did love the minty sensation it left, it made my lips feel more plump especially in the morning after. When I woke up, my lips were so soft and moisturized, and didn't have that waxy feeling from the residue that my previous night lip balm would always give me. It's also great after a whole day of wearing matte lipstick, it brings back the moisture of my lips and I'm sure now I will never have chapped lips. I will definitely use this as my new night lip balm. Thank you Beach Born for this wonderful product, don't stop producing this lip balm!

11 months ago
Certified Buyer

Lip scrub in a tube? Count me in!

I love matte and liquid lipsticks so the first rule is always, ALWAYS exfoliate your lips especially for people with dry skin like mine. I've used numerous lip scrubs (even using the popular Sara Happ brand but I wasn't impressed at all) and I find using lip scrubs in a pot such a hassle! Thank goodness this is available and it's pretty cheap too! I swear by this now.

11 months ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

Dry lips no-more!

I was unfortunately blessed with the driest lips and they peel all the time. Thankfully, I have tried this Bam Balm by Beach Born and boy was I utterly impressed! I have tried many lip balms from the medicated ones to the scented ones but they never healed by chapped lips. Enter Bam Balm! I love this product so much that I sometimes use this all through out the day instead of my usual lipsticks and glosses. It is so yummy with its minty fresh scent and its cooling effect is remarkable. It also adequately moisturizes my lips, making them plump and healthy-looking!

10 months ago

Lives up to its perfect score review

I have been experiencing extreme chapping and dryness on my lips for days now, to the pain that my lips become painful when left unmoisturized. I have drowned my lips with petrolleum jelly (my fave until this product) but it doesn't help. Upon checking that this balm is part of the beauty awards, I went ahead and added it into my cart. I did not have much expectation about a lip balm, it was just supposed to moisturize my lips but wow did this product exceed my expectation. It actually healed my chapped lips within the first application! I would repurchase this for sure!

6 months ago


What can I say, I am taken by this amazing lip balm, what I adore about this is the minty smell and effect on the lips, glides super uber smoothly on my lips, I use this EVERYday and night. :) I use this after exfoliating my lips, before putting on lipstick and before going to bed. trust me, this miracle works! makes my lips feels soft and smooth. Every girl or boy needs this!

6 months ago
Certified Buyer


Ok, I'm definitely obsessed with Bam Balm! I love how it's a scrub and a moisturiser in one! I use it alone, with a lip tint or sometimes I even I apply it on top of my matte lipstick if it feels a little dry at the end of the day! It refreshes the lipstick, looking like you've just freshly applied a new layer. Plus, the scent is amazing!! I cannot stress it enough, I'm hoarding this when we get a restock.

11 months ago
Certified Buyer

My lips are definitely moving!

As a constant matte lippie user, having dry lips is inevitable. So you always gotta keep em moisturized. I love how this product is a part of my daily routine, after removing my lipstick, I use this overnight to keep them lips soft. Goodbye to waking up with the fear of moving your lips in the morning and having to deal with chapped lips.

11 months ago

Bye dry lips!

My lips are super dry before (dry is even an understatement!). I have this mannerism to bite my lips that's why it becomes chapped. I tried many home remedies such as using butter and sugar or honey (which worked) but I really need a handy product which I can bring with me anywhere. And this is the answer! Will definitely repurchase and try the other balm, which is sun balm.

8 days ago
Top Reviewer


I am inlove with this! I used lipscrubs before finding out about this baby, but because im lazy, i forget to use it, so i rely on my lipbalms to keep my lips soft and plumpy. This baby right here, is a lipscrub and a lipbalm all in one. It gets rid of the dead skin on my lips, revealing pinker and softer lips. I hoarded this baby up bc i was scared for it to be soldout bc its sooo so so good! I use this everyday whenever my lips need moisturizing and whenever i feel like using it as a lip scrub bc its a nice feeling haha. This is also good to use whenever im wearing lipstick. Whenever i feel my lips getting chapped, i remove my lippie then use it, then reapply my lippie to make my lips fresh af again.

12 days ago

I am sooooo loving this thing!

I usually have chappy and dry lips. And soon after I discovered and purchased this product, I am addicted to it. Love its minty smell and works well helping my lips keep its moisture. Its also very light and very easy to apply. Perfect for everyday use. Value for money as well! Will keep using this product and will definitely buy again!

15 days ago
Certified Buyer

Lips Exfoliator

It's worth for its price and this little tube will definitely lasts long.I get rid of the chappy and dry lips ever since I bought this lip balm.Before applying my lipstick, I would swipe this balm first to exfoliate the dead skin cells and it would make my lips smoother.I love the menthol scent as well.

17 days ago

Mmm minty~

This is by far my most fave lip balm! I have been using balm bam for almost a month now and I am so satisfied with the results. I have very pale and chapped wrinkly lips so I tend to bite and lick my lips all the time.. but not anymore! My lips have been less pale and much softer than ever~ I especially love the minty smell it has since it reminds me of my fave ice cream flavor and I tend to smell it first before applying on lips lol

17 days ago

Best lip exfoliator ever. EVER.

I used to be a fan of Burt's Bees because nothing else, not even the famous nuxe de riel, could fix my dry lips. The moment I put liquid lippies on, the countdown to chapped lips and flaking skin starts immediately. Then I discovered this. I didn't want to believe it at first. I had badly chapped lips from wearing NYX Soft Matte lip cream for 4 hours (yes that's how sensitive my lips get) the day before. I decided to use this on my lips for 5 minutes, exfoliating all the dead skin cells. I waited 3 hours, did it again, then went to bed. The morning after, my lips felt better and looked better! Since purchasing over 3 weeks ago, I have continued using this every morning when I wake up and every evening before bed. I also lightly dab it on my lips before placing lipstick during my morning routine. I'm impressed. I have no problems with chapped lips anymore. In fact, my sister who suffers from even worse chapped lips than me borrowed my bam balm for 2 days and her lips went form zero to hero! I have barely touched my Burt's Bees since. The best part about this lipstick is that I can use this to remove patchy lipstick in between applications. This ensures my lipstick retouch is always fresh from morning to evening. It works great as a lip primer too. I used to use MAC's prep+prime but I find this works just as well. I love this product so much, I decided to buy one for my sister, and one for myself to use when I go back to London.

21 days ago

My Holy Grail Lip Balm & Scrub!

This is my go-to lip balm and scrub in one!!! It is all organic and edible too. I sometimes taste the brown sugar. What I do is put it on before applying any lipstick and put it on again before I go to sleep. The result: no chapped dry lips after the all-day wearing of lipstick (esp matte ones which really leave the lips dry and flaky) and plump and super soft!!! I will definitely buy this again. I recommend hoarding this organic product once it goes on sale!!! Thanks to Beach Born!!!

27 days ago

No to boring lips!

I had problems with my lips before. Its freaking dry and so boring talaga. I am browsing beauty manila to find a lip balm to cure these problems, then I saw this Bam Balm Beach Born showing great reviews. What really caught my attention was a certain review saying that this lip balm is also a lip scrub.. sooo without hesitation I bought this and used it right away after receiving the item. After 3 days of using this lip balm, I noticed that my lips were really improving. It became soft and the cracks were now gone. I am really happy that I discovered this product. I can put my lipstick/lip tint without hesitation that it might look super dry on my lips.

about 1 month ago

Chapped and dry lips, no more!!

Certainly worth it! I love trying new stuff and this one is something I always keep with me. I always have dry lips and used to peel it all the time. Because of that I have trouble wearing matte lipsticks, which by the way, I really really love to wear. But with this product, I don't have to worry about it anymore. <3

about 1 month ago

Lip moisture therapy in a tube

This is perfect if you want to reward your lips with moisture after wearing a drying lipstick all day. It doesn't have a weird taste and smell. There's an actual sugar granule on the balm to help with the scrubbing. I apply this before sleeping to prepare my lips for the next day journey.

about 1 month ago

Chapped lips no more!

This s my favorite lip scub! I can use it anytime and anywhere conpared to the ones in jar type container. This is very relaxed ng to use, I love the scent and how it works on giving me soft and suppled lips afterwards. The ingredients listed are all natural so you're sure that you're not hurting your lips

about 1 month ago

2 in 1 Awesome product!

I have very dry lips and they tend to be flaky so i am always in a hunt for the bwst lip balm. I saw here on the site and thoughr i should give it a shot since it looks promising and this did not disappoint me. A great bang for my buck since this doubles as a lip scrub too. Love this!

about 1 month ago

Lip-peeler no more

I have the worst habit in the world. Peeling my lips always made my lips super uneven in color and texture. Not to mention, my lips were always chapped, if not slightly bleeding. No balm has ever done the trick until Bam Balm. See, my problem with other balms was that they smelled and tasted plastic-y. Not Bam Balm. I absolutely looooove using this product. I love the smell, I love the taste, I love the way it makes my lips feel, I love that it doesn't leave an oily feeling on the skin around my lips. After just one week of using the product, my lips became noticeably softer. It's been a month now and haven't peeled my lips since!

about 1 month ago