Balancing Eyebrow Makeup by Suqqu

Balancing Eyebrow Makeup

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Branded by some make-up mavens as their holy grail of eyebrow products, Suqqu’s Balancing Eyebrow is a three-in-one eyebrow palette that enhances your natural color. Use the lightest shade to define the brow ridge, while applying feathery strokes with the darker two shades for that long-lasting close up-ready look.

Derived from the Japanese word “sukku” meaning “posture with attitude,” Suqqu and its range of sought-after beauty products echoes the Japanese cultural tradition of inner composure and serenity. Japanese beauties believe that the confident woman takes time to take care of herself, enhance her natural beauty, keep her composed style and nurture that sense of inner peace, serenity and well-being — and Suqqu plays a big part in all that.