Ceramide Ultra Lipstick by Elizabeth Arden

Ceramide Ultra Lipstick

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CLAIM TO FAME: Lustrous, saturated lip color

FAST FACTS: Brilliant color and radiant shine; retexturizes lips with Volulip Triple Ceramide Treatment; makes lips smoother, fuller, and younger-looking; moisturizes for up to 20 hours

PERFECT FOR: Plumping up your pucker

WHAT YOU GET: (1) tube Ceramide Ultra Lipstick

Swipe directly on lips or use a lip brush to apply color.

In 1910, Elizabeth Arden opened up her first spa on Fifth Avenue in New York, marked by that famous red door. This started a global phenomenon, making her eponymous label one of the first beauty brands to inspire and empower women. Aside from its philosophy of holistic beauty, the brand is known for elegant makeup, superior skincare, and well-loved fragrances for any age.

- Get (1) Ceramide Starter Sampler for FREE when you buy any Elizabeth Arden item. Freebie is given on a per transaction basis.

EXCLUSIVE: While stocks last!
Get (1) FREE Limited Edition Shoshanna Pouch for every P5,000 spent on Elizabeth Arden items. Valid until July 31 only.

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Top Reviewer

Be gentle

Here's the thing: this thing easily melts so you can't really travel with it or bring it out with you in extreme weather conditions. If you could look past that, these lip tubes give your lips a full pout and shine for at least 4 hours before you would notice the fading. I love it but i have to br careful with it :)

11 months ago
Top Reviewer

Sugar is the perfect neutral nude

I've always struggled to find a very nude lip without any hint of pink or orange-ness to it and I found my match in the shade sugar! It also blends well with other lipsticks so you can use it to lighten other shades which was the reason I wanted to find a light neutral nude lipstick in the first place. Very moisturizing and leaves lips supple too!

3 months ago
Top Reviewer

Fine product!

I usually have my mom lend the Cassis one for me and I am totally in loved at first sight with its shade! It is like a reddish plum in shade and glides really well. Unlike other lipsticks, this one does not dry out my lips. However, I don't like how obvious the shine is that it leaves to my lips. The scent is just fine too, not too overpowering. Would I repurchase? That, I think would happen if the price is a bit lower. Afterall, there are more affordable dupes out there in the market.

7 months ago
Top Reviewer


I have very dry lips and over the years have tried expensive lipsticks as well as inexpensive ones. These lipsticks are very moisturizing and don't settle in lip lines, they stay exactly where you want them. I've been using these lipsticks for just a week and can already tell a difference. Great lipstick indeed!

4 months ago

Great lippy

Nothing beats the gold packaging of this product! I also like the color that it gives my lips. the cassis red is the bomb, and it's very sexy. I also like that it's easy to apply although i find it hard to apply in the inner part of the lips but maybe thats just me. It lasts quite long too.

7 months ago
Top Reviewer

Pick the right color for you.

I think if you are ever going to buy this product, be sure you check the right color for your skintype perhaps through youtube or google because they have a different effect with the coloured people like me. Although formula wise, I think they have a good creamy texture but I don't find it nourishing.

8 months ago
Top Reviewer

Sheer finish

If you like Mac glazes or lustre finishes, you would definitely love this Ceramide Ultra Lipstick range from Elizabeth Arden. I like that this lipstick is super moisturizing to the lips. It is like wearing a nourishing lip balm and then topping it off with a gorgeous lip gloss color.

10 months ago
Top Reviewer


This is my mom's lipstick! She got this as a gift from one of her clients. I can't really say if this lasts on her lips because she always use lip primer to make her lipsticks last longer. But the color she got I think is Cameo and the shade is flattering on her lips. i tried this a few times too and the consistency is creamy and very easy to apply. I didn't notice it melting like others say here but she leaves this in the bathroom inside her room and I always check and use some of her lipsticks but I haven't seen one that melted.

10 months ago
Top Reviewer

Not the best

First of all, I am completely in love with the packaging. Just look at it! I have this in Cassis, which looks a bit of a berry. I have naturally big lips, and I don't see much of a difference when I use this lipstick. It does a bit of a smoothening effect, though. Pigmentation is just okay, not the best out there. I don't regret buying it, but I'm not sure if I'll be giving the other shades a try.

about 1 year ago


While this lipstick truly is as advertised - creamy, moisturising, and plumping - I had just taken mine out from the box and used it for the first time, and within minutes, my expensive magic lipstick had already smooshed and gotten lopsided! I still love it, but minus two stars for the high price and Beckham bending. Please use a lip brush, you guys!

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Ultra Nothing! Average.

Expected more from this because I love Elizabeth Arden, and I was thoroughly disappointed. It glides well on the lips and the pigmentation is okay, but for the price? Well, I could do better spending it on a more effective product. At the very least, its hydration/moisturization is okay—better than some other products around the same price range—but this one's so easy to melt! On a hot, humid day, it just doesn't do its job.

11 months ago