Fit Me Concealer

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The best concealer!!

This is one of the best drugstore concealers! It has a natural coverage that leaves the skin fresh. You can also use this when you highlight your face. This is a dupe to NARS concealer and it is very affordable. I prefer medium or deep for morena skin tone.

almost 2 years ago
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It's my first time to try this concealer, and I really have high hopes for this because this has a lot of good reviews. They say it's a dupe for the Nars creamy concealer, but I can't vouch for it since I haven't tried that yet. This has a very creamy, almost verging on liquid-y consistency and it feels like satin on the skin. I got the medium shade and it's light enough for me to use as under eye concealer and highlighter. It's super easy to blend and you don't need a lot of product to get a decent coverage.

over 1 year ago
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Better than the Instant Age Rewind!!!

SO IMPRESSED! Did not expect it to be this good. I got the shade Sand, which is perfect for my NC25 skin. I have sensitive eyes, and A LOT of concealers tend to dry them out. Plus, the skin in my under eye area is usually dry, so I hate concealers that highlight dry patches. Ugh, this concealer satisfies my needs. Not to mention great coverage?! And that super affordable price point?! (Got mine on sale?!) So much better than the super hyped Instant Age Rewind, which I find too pink-toned and drying for me.

over 1 year ago
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SAND - Love it!

I bought the shade SAND, which i believe is the lightest. Before putting the concealer, i usually put a moisturizer, pore balm, and foundation. After patting the concealer, my face instantly brightens up like you had a complete 8-hour sleep! :) It perfectly blends using a beauty blender, and it does not cake (a little goes a long way, my dear! the concealer covers the essentials in just one dip -- undereye, forehead, nose, and chin). This is my first liquid concealer and will definitely repurchase again!

over 1 year ago
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Best concealer ever!

This is probably one of Maybelline's best so far! I just love this concealer! It applies so easily and does not cake at all. No patchiness either at the end of the day. It's even better than most more expensive brands out there. If you love the concealer from Nars but you are on a tight budget, this is your best bet! You will not regret buying this product

about 1 year ago
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In love with this!

I first bought this in the shade Medium which came out pretty light on my skin but it definitely was still blendable and having to see that BeautyMNL has the deep shade, I opted to buy another one since it fitted my tanned skin way better. When you set it with powder after applying, it lasts all day without creasing!!

over 1 year ago
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Got hooked with this magical concealer!!!

Actually, I dont use concealer on a daily basis, but then there are times that I go out and I do have several breakouts, which makes me a a bit uncomfortable and less confident. At first, i have tried other brands of concealers and they did "good" for concealing my skin imperfections especially my acne scars and pimples..but then this one is really one of my faves since it stays longer and has more coverage compared to others. I cant even feel that I am wearing a concealer since it very light and smooth when applied to my face. :))) A nice kind of concealer!

about 2 months ago
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Super duper love!

This is by far the best concealer i have tried. It is beest for everyday use. It is just the right amount of coverage. It effectively gives me that instant glow which i have received quite a lot of compliments of. I love how it is so easy to apply and easy to blend. Even though it is just a small tube, it kind of lasts a decent amount of time with daily use because a little goes a long way. Flawless!

7 months ago

Lakas maka-fresh! 😉

Being a working student, I rarely get enough sleep. I enjoy make up but since I'm always on the go, i opt for the simple-just-fresh look within 5mins. And this concealer does its job well! 🖒 you can really see improvements on the first layer! Also, I'd rather save for tuition than splurge on make up. #Priorities girl! 😉 It's worth it, no regrets!

8 months ago


It's the best concealer ever! It does cake a little but not as much as my NYX concealer jar. It's a great dupe for the NARS! The only downside was I just think it needs more in the tube Haha! I use it everyday and it's been like 2 weeks and I'm already scooping out of the tube to get some

9 months ago
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Best drugstore concealer!

I love this concealer! It rivals my favorite high end concealer. I'm on my second purchase now. What I love about this concealer is that I can use it to cover my blemishes and brighten my under eye and its really cheap so even if I have to buy again after months, its really fine. I also don't get any allergies or breakout from this product.

9 months ago
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I always look for a concealer that will perfectly match my skin and hide my dark circles for an affordable price, But i always fail because i always find a bad concealer that doesn't work out and hide my dark circles for a huge cost. However now that maybeline fit me concealer is here my worries are no more. It really helps me a lot in my everyday life and makes me save more money. I don't need to put more makeup into my face to hide my dark circles. I only use maybelline fit me concealer sand in just one blend my panda face like turns into a princess.I really love it.... <3 I will be loyal to this product forever because it really do do what it says.

9 months ago

Can't live without this

I got the shade medium which is matched with my skin color so it is very natural looking (i don't use foundation). I set it with my clear smooth all in one light (honey) and it stays approximately 8-10 hours, i just use blotting paper to remove the oil once in a while.

10 months ago
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I love this concealer! I rarely buy concealers because I get disappointed with the coverage, I rarely see a difference between concealers & foundations. But this one definitely covers up my acne scars - I just have to keep building it up (wait for it to dry before applying another layer). Unfortunately, I bought the wrong shade (medium), it makes me look orange-y. But I'll definitely buy another tube of this, hopefully with the right shade this time lol

11 months ago
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Totally in love with this!

An amazing concealer for a a very low price! It can be easily blended and has a great coverage which leaves my face looking fresh. It brightens the area under my eyes, making me look awake even with just 2 hours of sleep. It does not appear cakey on the skin. I have also used this as a highlighter since I got this in the shade of medium. Once set with powder, it can last the whole day! This is one of the best drugstore makeup products out there! A definite must-buy.

over 1 year ago
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Under eye brightener

I am a certified all nighter. I stay up late every night and my eye creams can only do so much. Glad I have my Maybelline fit me concealer in sand. I instantly look more awake and my eyes look refreshed in an instant! Great product for everyday use and finally it's now available in ph and in Beautyml. I don't have to order this on an online shop in instagram which is priced higher than the mall price.

over 1 year ago


This is a really good concealer especially for the undereye area because it is non-drying and has good coverage. However, this creases on me (every concealer does! Haha!) so I just make sure to set it with a good amount of powder, but for the price, the coverage, even the packaging, I cannot complain! HG status!

over 1 year ago

So happy about trying this!

I don't know why, but I really do get dark circles under my eyes - even with 8+ hours of sleep! I am quite new to make up and I was having a hard time concealing these circles even with the use of a 'proven' concealer brand. I saw a lot of reviews regarding this Fit Me Concealer, and I thought why not give it a try, given its price, availability, and the good reviews. I bought this in Medium shade, I tried it and voilaaa! I was so satisfied with it!! The dark circles were visibly gone, far from the result of my previous concealer! Although it doesn't cover up every inch completely (the bags are really dark I guess), I was so happy about it. I am having thoughts of using a orange color corrector underneath next time to improve the coverage. :) Tip: Just bring your old concealer for shade comparison (what I did!)

1 day ago

HG status!

I use this on days when I want something with a lighter consistency than the Instant Age Rewind. These 2 are my HG concealers! Coverage is great and although I still prefer my real techniques sponge, it also blends seamlessly even if I just use my fingertips. Longevity is fine as long as I bake with a loose setting powder (I have really oily skin).

1 day ago

Super Concealer!

This was my 2nd concealer. I thought concealers wouldn't work in me since my first concealer really failed to cover up my blemishes (also a drugstore makeup brand) but then I tried buying this concealer because of its good reviews and they were right! This works like magic! Just put on this concealer and your favorite tint and then you're ready to go! Will definitely buy again

2 days ago