Miracle Edge Sponge by PRO STUDIO Beauty Exclusives

Miracle Edge Pro Blend Sponge

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CLAIM TO FAME: A sponge applicator that delivers smooth and seamless makeup

FAST FACTS: Suitable for liquid formulations; picks up more color than average sponges for concentrated coverage; blends and buffs makeup all over the face, even in hard-to-reach areas; won’t leave noticeable streaks; suitable for contouring and eliminating harsh lines

PERFECT FOR: Damp or dry application

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Miracle Edge Pro Blend Sponge

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Pros: 1. It doesn't smell like rubber or chemical like other cheap make up sponges 2. It comes in many colors 3. It has a compartment 4. It does a pretty decent job 5. It's fluffy and not 'airy' like other cheap sponges 6. It's cheap! :) I'll surely buy again since mine got damaged when I left it to dry huhu

about 1 month ago
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Fantastic Sponge!

I feel like I've been misled by reviews from people who compare beauty sponges to the Beautyblender but haven't actually tried using a Beautyblender. This sponge isn't too dense (and therefore doesn't feel like it'll bruise you when you tap it on your face), it also expands when dampened, and doesn't absorb too much product. The flat edge is wonderful for baking, and it's really good value for money. These are definitely worth the purchase!

2 months ago
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Excellent sponge

Soft and blends product into my skin very smoothly. The flat edge makes patting in concealer under my eyes a breeze. I just alternate using that edge with the curved one to reach into the concave part between my inner corner of the eye and my nose bridge. Easy to wash clean too. Super glad I bought this. Lastly, the light pink color looks so cute. Sweet!!

6 months ago
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Great sponge

I like this make up sponge because of its shape. It is very flexible due to the fact that it has a flat end for large areas on the face and the other end for hard to reach parts. I also like how it gets bigger when wet so it easier to use.

8 months ago
Top Reviewer

Very versatile

I prefer using this over my teardrop-shaped sponge because I found many uses for its flat part and corners. I use the corner of the flat/slanted edge to blend concealer and foundation on hard-to-reach areas of my face like the base and sides of my nose. I also use the edges of this sponge to clean eyeshadow and eyebrow product and the flat side to precisely apply setting powder just above the jaw and below the cheekbone.

8 months ago
Top Reviewer

My favorite

For some reason I can't really pinpoint, I prefer this shape more than the other types of beauty blenders. It's just easier and so much more can be done especially with both sides having edges. I use it a lot for foundation application as well as for baking my undereyes with powder which is awesome and easier, again, because of the edges

11 months ago