BMNL 2016 Awards Snail Essence Water by Dewytree

Ultra Vitalizing Snail Essence Water

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CLAIM TO FAME: A nourishing toner that rehydrates skin

FAST FACTS: Infused with snail mucus filtrate; conditions and restores moisture to the skin after cleansing; revitalizes, renews, softens, and smoothens; minimizes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars; protects against environmental damage; 3-free system means it contains no paraben, alcohol, and artificial color

PERFECT FOR: All skin types, including mature skin

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Ultra Vitalizing Snail Essence Water

Apply on a cotton pad after cleansing.

A naturalist cosmetics brand, Dewytree taps into nature’s immense healing power by creating beneficial skincare products that enhance the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Utilizing and refining fresh ingredients found in nature, Dewytree helps heal your skin for a healthier, luminous complexion.

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Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

Exceptional Toner/Essence

I used to use the Benton High Content Snail Bee Essence and got good results with it but stopped when I read about the contamination scandal that broke out. I had been on the lookout for a replacement and after testing this essence in the samples that BeautyMnl distributed for free with the purchase of Dewy Tree products, I bought the full sized one. I love this essence. It eliminated skin dullness and made my skin glowy. Makeup and dirt residue that were left over from cleansing were also removed. It also prepped up my skin to receive the serums and moisturizers that were the next step of my skin care routine. This is more runny than the Benton essence but worked just as well, if not better.

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Try it to believe! 😁

I ran out of my usual toner so I was tempted to try this since I got samples from beautymnl. I admit, I was hesitant to apply it however, since there is no strong scent, I tried it and discovered just how mild it is and how it amazingly turned my skin so soft and moisturized. This is definitely worth trying!

about 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

Snail goo Magic

I bought this back in may and i just finished it. I use this for the 3 skin method because it's very light and watery. It absorbs really fast and it works like a charm. I would also use this in my hands when i feel like i've overwashed because it's really hydrating. I also think it helps with flakes and minor cuts because i had a minor wound on my hand before and i used this and the next day the wound was closed! I am now a firm supporter of snail goo magic.

5 months ago
Certified Buyer

Gentle, hydrating, toner that leaves skin plump

I have been using this product as a toner for almost a month now. Before this, I used Son&Park Beauty Water for around 6 months. What I like about this product is that it gets absorbed easily by my skin, and it leaves my skin refreshed, plump, and moisturized after cleansing. The only concern I have with this is unlike the Beauty Water that cleanses and lightly exfoliates dead skin cells off my face, this toner acts more as a hydrating agent. Unlike the Beauty Water where I use a cotton pad, I only use my hands to dab Dewytree Essence Water on my face. It's more of a soupy consistency rather than a watery consistency, so I find that I need to put a bit more product when I use a cotton pad, so I just use my hands. I guess it would depend on one's preference in terms of consistency. But what I noticed is that my skin looked healthier and more plump now than when I was using the Beauty Water. The good outweighs my concerns, so I would recommend this product as a hydrating toner. The box also says pH balancing as well, which is very important for me, that's a big plus. It also leaves my skin less oily and more hydrated, but I also layer on some other products for that as well. Overall, I'm very satisfied with this product.

5 months ago
Certified Buyer

If you want compliments on how your skin glows

I purchased this last January 31, 2017 and until now, it has still around 1/8 left. That was 5 and a half months ago. After using it twice a day since then, I've had better compliments about how my skin "glows" and felt that it always felt sufficiently moisturized and never "too" oily. I have a nicer even complexion now, and none of that dark undertones lurking. Of course, this effect I think has been great with its combination of the snail emulsion and essence from 3W. What I like about this toner is that it hydrates skin but doesn't leave a yucky oily feeling. Will definitely try and repurchase!

7 months ago
Certified Buyer

So far so good...

I just recently bought this along with the Ultra Vitalizing Serum, Emulsion, and Moisturizer. I've only been using it for about a week and so far I'm quite happy with the results. It helps clean up excess dirt that were leftover from cleansing. I love that even though the product seems thick, it becomes watery once applied and it dries up quickly.

7 months ago